14 Front End Developer Skills That Grow Your Career In 2021

14 Front End Developer Skills That Grow Your Career In 2020

Mainly front end developer skills consist of two types they are 
01. Technical Skills 
02. Soft Skills

Also, Technical and soft skills is an important part of front end development. In this article, we are focusing on front end developer skills. If you want to grow in your career you must focus on your technical skills and soft skills.
To learn front-end developer skills you need to know both Technical Skills and Soft Skills. To get a job or to start a startup you must have to improve your technical skills and soft skills.
First, Understand the technical and soft skills in short.

Technical Skill
Technical Skill means that It is a knowledge and an ability to perform certain tasks that will help you to get a job. To acquire technical skills, it is necessary to follow courses or join colleges to master them. These technical skills are mainly required in the fields of IT, science, and also in other fields. Many industries and companies also want to acquire employment with some extra technical skills.
For example, technical skills are programming languages, mechanical equipment, or tools, etc.
Nowadays there are many online platforms to learn technical skills.

Soft Skills
Soft skills are personality development skills that combine interpersonal, social, communication, and other skills. To learn soft skills, you must interact with other people. If you are good at soft skills, it will help you get your first job and start your career. Nowadays, there are many platforms for learning soft skills techniques. The best free platform is YouTube.

The front-end developer's work is to create a complete front-end part of the website and Front-end developers also called web designers. If you study more advanced then you can become a UI Designer.

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How can I improve my front end skills?

To improve your front end development skills, you need to learn both technical and soft skills. These skills will help you get your first job or to start your first startup. There are many online and offline platforms for acquiring these skills.
Let's look at the technical and soft skills to become a successful front-end developer.

What skills should a front end developer have? ( Technical skills )
There are a lot of technical skills for front-end developers, but here is the list for beginners. To get your first job in a company.

front end developer skills
Technical Skills

1. PhotoShop
front end developer skills
Adobe Photoshop

PhotoShop is the basic primary requirement. PhotoShop helps to convert PSD files into real websites and also get some idea of designing. There are many platforms to learn PhotoShop. They are paid and free courses online.

Go for free courses because free courses are enough at the beginning stage.

The platform you can learn Photoshop Completely free :
01. Alison (Videos)
02. Youtube (Videos)
03. Adobe Photoshop Tutorials (Videos)

front end developer skills
HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. HTML is the basic requirement for every front-end developer. HTML is used to create a web page Structure and it is easy to learn. There are many online platforms for learning HTML. The latest version of HTML is HTML5.

The Platform you can learn HTML5 for free:
01. Youtube (Search for “HTML tutorial”) (Videos)
02. Alison (Videos)
03. W3schools (Article)

3. CSS
front end developer skills
With only HTML markup, our website looks ugly to make our website beautiful and user attractive we will CSS.

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. CSS is used to style the structure of our web pages, to give the website a beautiful look, and to provide an incredible user experience to our users. CSS is easy to learn there are many platforms to learn CSS.

The Platform you can learn CSS3 for free:
01. Youtube (Videos)
02. Alison (Videos)
03. W3school (Article)

4. Javascript
front end developer skills
HTML and CSS will make our website beautiful and attractive, but HTML and CSS will create static websites. To add dynamic features, we will need Javascript.

Javascript is a client-side programming language that allows you to create dynamic websites. It is also the most demanding language. Javascript is very important to learn in 2021.
There are many free and paid platforms to learn javascript. But if you are a beginner, you can go for the free platform.

The free platform to learn javascript
01. Youtube (Videos)
02. Alison (Videos)
03. W3school (Article)

After learning HTML CSS and javascript. You need to learn the frameworks and libraries of CSS and javascript.

5. CSS Framework and Processor.

(A) Bootstrap
front end developer skills
Bootstrap is an open-source CSS framework oriented towards first mobile responsive front-end development. It contains CSS and javascript-based design templates for navigation, buttons, forms, typography and other interface components of the website. 
Bootstrap will make our job easier and reduce our code lines.
To learn bootstrap there are many free and paid platforms 
Platform to learn Bootstrap for free.
1. Youtube (Videos)
2. Alison (Videos)
3. w3schools (Article)

(B) CSS Preprocessors

Once you have learned CSS and Bootstrap perfectly, Now it's time to learn more.
Processors make your CSS with more functionality. There are many options, such as SaaS, Post CSS, Stylus, LESS, etc.
You can choose anyone and learn.
If I were picking, I will go for Sass, it is gaining more popularity. Again there are many platforms to learn any processors.
A best free platform to learn
1. Youtube (Videos)
2. w3schools (Articles)

6. Javascript libraries

(A) Jquery
front end developer skills
Jquery is the javascript library designed to simplify the HTML DOM, event handling and CSS animation. It is an open-source software using the MIT license. It's easy to learn, but by the ending of 2019 Jquery is not very important to learn. If you are a beginner, you must learn this javascript library.

(B)  Angular
front end developer skills
Angular is an open-source javascript library. It is the most popular javascript library. You can learn from anywhere online or offline. There are many free online sources to learn angular.

(C) React
front end developer skills
React is a javascript open-source library. It is used for building the user interface. React also a popular library. There are many free online platforms to learn to react.
There is a more popular javascript library.
There are free platforms to learn Javascript libraries.
1. Youtube (Videos)
2. Alison (Videos)
3. w3cschools (Article)

7.  Debugging
front end developer skills
As a beginner, you need to develop your debugging skills. Debugging means solving an error in your code that occurs unexpectedly. To learn this skill, you must code more and more, because if you code more and more, you will get an error and you will learn how to debug. Then you can Improve your Debugging Skills.

These are the front-end development skills for a beginner. If you acquire these technical skills, you will be able to apply for a front end developer as a fresher.

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What skills should a front end developer have? ( Soft skills )
As you know soft skills are important for your professional and personal life. Here we will discuss the professional life soft skills to make you more productive to get your first job.

Soft skills-Front End Developer Skills
Soft Skills
There are many soft skills but in this article, we are listing soft skills for beginners to improve your professional career. But these skills are important for everyone to grow in your career.

1. Communication

front end developer skills
It is a very important skill for everyone. Especially for all front-end developers, because to boost your career, you must know communication skills. The best way to develop communication skills is to communicate with others. There are many offline and online platforms to learn the communication skills technique.

2. Time management

front end developer skills
Time management
It means planning and controlling the time you spend on each activity. Good time management makes your job on time, away from stress, and helps you succeed in your career.
Time Management is very important in our life. Incorporate word time management plays an important role. Without knowing your time management skills, it is difficult for you to pursue your career. You can learn this skill online from any platform.

3. Honesty Integrity

front end developer skills
Honesty Integrity
Honesty and integrity mean to consist of being truthful and having strong moral principles. This allows the employer to know that we can trust you if you make a mistake, you will be honest. This skill help peoples to trust on you.

No legacy is so rich as honesty

4. Emotional intelligence

front end developer skills
Emotional Intelligence
Emotional intelligence helps you to manage and control your emotion and also help to understand and manage other emotion. Emotional intelligence is a very important skill in leadership It is said to have five main elements, such as self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills.

5. Critical Observation

front end developer skills
Critical Observation
The critical observation is an important soft skill in the corporate sector because with this skill employees can observe problems before it even on the horizon. There are many other aspects to develop your critical observation skills.

6. Leadership

front end developer skills
Leadership is the most important skill. Leadership is about leading a group of people or leading an organization and motivating them to work and develop their skills according to their needs.

In leadership, there are more secondary leadership skills to become the best leader. This skill will stimulate your career and help you progress in your personal and professional life. There is an online and offline platform to learn leadership skills.

7. Teamwork

front end developer skills
Working together cooperatively on the same project with the same vision with different skills is called teamwork. To work with a team you need to know communication, time management, emotional intelligence, and a critical sense of observation skills.

Teamwork is a skill you need to know in the corporate world and business world because of many moments come in your life to work with a team. Develop your teamwork skills.

These are the soft skills that you should know to get your first job. If you learn these soft skills you will grow in your career.

At the end of this article, we have learned front end developer skills to grow a career, If you develop your technical and soft skills you will get your first job in a well-reputed company as a front-end developer and you will be able to progress in your career.

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What are the skills required for UI developers?

The Skills required for UI developer (Front End Developer) Technical Skills and Soft Skills

Technical Skills
01. PhotoShop
02. HTML
03. CSS
04. Javascript
05. CSS Framework and Processor.
    (A) Bootstrap
    (B) CSS Preprocessors
06. Javascript libraries
    (A) Jquery
    (B)  Angular
    (C) React
07.  Debugging 

Soft Skills
01. Communication
02. Time management
03. Honesty/Integrity
04. Emotional intelligence
05. Critical Observation
06. Leadership
07. Teamwork

This is the UI developer skill or Front End Developer Skills.

Why do you want to be a front end developer?

Front End Development is an amazing and exciting profession because it is constantly evolving and developing. If you are looking for a creative career and love coding, then front-end development is the right choice for you.
There are some reasons you should know to be a front end developer
01. Front-end web developers are in demand
02. It’s a lucrative career
03. Flexibility
04. Creativity
Click Here for more knowledgeable information to be a front end developer

Is Front End Developer a good career?
Yes, a front-end developer is a good career.
It depends on your interest if you are interested in coding it is a good career for you. Front-end development is a consistently growing career and having more demand in the market. If you master in front-end development you can get more salary.

What does a front end developer do?

The work of the front-end developer is to make your design into the website. The front-end developer is also known as a web designer or user interface designer. Front end developers work with different markups and languages. To create a website front end developers using HTML, CSS, and Javascript, and other more frameworks and database languages.

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can”
Arthur Ashe

Happy Learning 
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