Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2509 (Charlie Wade)


Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2509 (Charlie Wade)

Chapter 2509

After hearing the news of James’s disappearance , Lord Wade immediately summoned his sons and Stephen Thompson for a meeting overnight.

    In this meeting, Lord Wade and his sons were very excited.

    The Bank family’s loss was indeed heavy this time.

    The eldest son was sacrificed in the last round and the reputation of Lord Banks was preserved, but in a blink of an eye, the second son also folded in, which would surely make the entire Bank family army upset.

    Moreover, the shortage of manpower is the next most serious problem for the Bank family.

    But at this moment, Stephen Thompson suddenly received a message. He looked down at his mobile phone and said with excitement: “Master, it seems that someone has exposed Bank family on a short video platform! Now the discussion among netizens is very intense!”

    “Oh? !” Lord Wade hurriedly asked: “What content was exposed? Let me take a look!”

    Stephen Thompson immediately opened the short video platform, and ranked first in the algorithm recommendation, it was the video uploaded by Charlie.

    Everyone hurriedly gathered around, and just watched it for a few dozen seconds, and everyone was excited with nothing to add.

    After watching the video, Lord Wade was a little trembling with excitement: “This, this is really God helping me too! God helping me too! Lord Banks, the old immortal, hasn’t been slammed on the ground this time?! Banks family is over this time! Hahaha!”

    Charlie’s uncle Corran couldn’t help sighing: “As soon as this video came out, the Bank family basically had no room for return. Not only would the people across the country attack them, but the police would also attack them. They, the 

Thorne Family will not let them go!” “Yeah!” Myles (Wade – Second Child – Son Brenden(Eldest) ) said with a smile: “In my opinion, it won’t be long before the Bank family’s strength will be weakened in many ways. Maybe we don’t need anything. If you do, you will become the first family in the country again in a few days!”

    Lord Wade nodded and said: “This time, things are extraordinary. This old thing, Lord Banks, dares to make fun of the lives of hundreds of people. It is impossible for the people above to forgive him easily! It’s getting burned!”

    Boss Corran couldn’t help asking, “Dad, how do you think the above would punish the Bank family?”

    Lord Wade said seriously: “Such a major matter, and it has caused such a big public outrage, how can the Bank family Someone has to bear criminal responsibility, otherwise it would not be good to give the general public an explanation.”

    Corran exclaimed: “Criminal responsibility?! Could that old man Lord Banks go to jail?”

    Lord Wade shook his head and said, ” Lord Banks is already in his seventies or eighty years old, and he is basically unlikely to go to jail. Even if he is sentenced, he should be executed outside prison.”

    Corran asked again, “Dad, then do you think Lord Banks will be arrested this time .” Are you arrested and sentenced?”

    Lord Wade smiled: “It depends on whether Lord Banks can find a scapegoat this time.”

    Having said that, he couldn’t help but smiled and said: “But I think, if Lord Banks still pays back this time If you want to find someone to carry the scapegoat, all the people cannot agree. After all, he has already had a precedent for throwing the pot to Zayne. In this case, even if he pushes another son out to top the bag, the people will not buy it.”

    Corran smiled and said, “If you say that, Lord Banks will be in a disaster this time.”

    Lord Wade nodded and said, “This time it must be impossible for him to dump me, but you can do this. I know that people were not killed by him. Besides, Tate Landry was already dead. There is no evidence for this kind of thing now. If Lord Banks quibble at that time, he bit to death and said that he just wanted Tate Landry to help teach Deana, and did not instruct Tate Landry to kill. , Then it is impossible to directly convict him of intentional homicide.”

    After speaking, Lord Wade added: “After all, the Bank family still has strong strength. Lord Banks must have a way to help himself out of crime and reduce punishment as much as possible. In addition, he is indeed very old. He may really be sentenced to a felony, so I estimate that he is likely to be sentenced to a serious crime and then sentenced to a few years in prison. He is indeed very old. When the time comes, he will apply for another sentence outside prison. Even if it’s over.”

    Corran couldn’t help sighing with emotion, “Hey! It would be great if Tate Landry hadn’t died. If he was captured alive, and then let him tell the truth in court, then Lord Banks would not be able to hide from death. “Fall.”

    Lord Wade smiled slightly: Corran, you, in front of Lord Banks, it’s still too naive.”

    Corran asked puzzledly : “Dad, what do you mean by this?”

    Lord Wade said lightly, “If Tate Landry really didn’t Death, Lord Banks may have fled the country overnight!”

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