Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2510 (Charlie Wade)


Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2510 (Charlie Wade)
Chapter 2510

    “How could he let himself stay in the country and become a prisoner?”

    “You know, he doesn’t have more than ten years to live, if he is sentenced to more than 10 years in prison, Then I can only     live in prison in this life!”

    “If that’s the case, why not just escape?”

“As long as he escapes, with his asset level, he can live an extremely rich life anywhere in the world!”

    “If it’s a big deal, I will give up the position of

    Bank family Patriarch , and then retire early and enjoy more than ten years of life in his later years.” “After he died, let his family transport his body back to the country and bury it in the Bank family’s ancestral grave. It can be regarded as the fallen leaves return to their roots. In this case, you don’t have to sit in prison for a day.”

    Corran realized this when he heard this.

    So, he said embarrassingly: “Dad, or you think more comprehensively”

    Lord Wade sighed slightly, and thought to himself: “I have to say that my sons are really intelligent. , The remaining three are really lackluster.”

    Just as he sighed deep in his heart, his cell phone suddenly rang.

    As Lord Wade, there may be no more than 10 people who know his mobile phone number and can call him directly except for his family.

    So at the moment the phone rang, he was somewhat surprised.

    Looking down, Lord Wade suddenly laughed.

    “Haha! It turned out to be Lord Banks, this old guy, who called me so late, I don’t know what the idea was!”

    Several other people were immediately curious.

    You know, the Bank family and the Wade family have almost no contact, especially the Patriarch of the two families, who regard each other as a thorn in the eye.

    Some of the previous negotiations on the division of territories were not discussed by the two in person, but were handed over to their own next generation.

    Now, Lord Banks suddenly called Lord Wade, and everyone was very curious about what Lord Banks wanted to do.

    Lord Wade answered the phone and turned on the speaker. Lord Banks’s voice came from the other end of the phone: “Oh Brother Wade! I haven’t seen you for many days. I don’t know what Brother Wade is up to?”

    Lord Wade snorted and said with a smile, “Oh, Lord Banks. , At this time, don’t engage in polite greetings anymore, just tell me what’s the matter.”

    Lord Banks hesitated for a moment, then he said: “ Okay! Since Brother Wade is so happy, then I won’t follow you too much. Ink, I called, hoping that Brother Wade can do me a favor!”

   Lord Wade

 smiled and said, “Ask me for help? What can I do?” Lord Banks

sighed and said seriously: “Brother Wade, I know that in the past, I It’s really offensive, but this time I did have a little trouble, my brother, so I hope you

can ignore the previous suspicion and help me delete the video about

My Bank family from your short video platform.”

    Lord Wade Surprised and said: “Oh, you want me to delete that video?”

    “Yes!” Lord Banks said hurriedly, “I don’t know if Brother Wade can help? If you can, Brother Wade just ask for a price!”

    Lord Wade He smiled and said exaggeratedly: “Oh, Lord Banks, let me say something to my heart, you are thinking of eating farts!

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