Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2517 (Charlie Wade)

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Chapter 2517


Lord Banks’s call was received, Zayne felt that it was both reasonable and unreasonable.

He reassures his son a few words quickly, then hung up the phone and turned on Lord Banks’s call instead, and couldn’t wait to figure out Lord Banks’s intentions.

As soon as the phone was connected, Zayne said nervously, “Dad, why are you calling me so late?”

Lord Banks sighed on the other side of the phone, and said, “Hey, Zayne, Dad called to say something to you.

Apologize.” As

he said, he asked, Have you  already watched

the videos circulating on the Internet?”

Zayne said truthfully: “Yes, Dad, I did.” As

soon as the voice fell, Zayne said again.

Quickly add one Line: “Father, I know you must have Fight  with Deana

, but I believe you will definitely not have any bad intentions towards Zara.

James and that John Garrett must be coerced by others, so they are in the video Talk nonsense, pour dirty water on you!”

Zayne’s words instantly moved Lord Banks’s heart deeply.

He really not  expect that his  son, at yhat time, could be so rational and objective,

and he even brk the truth of what he wanted to speak out most in his heart!

The truth of this is: “I f**cking really never thought of k*ll my own granddaughter! I want to kill

only Deana alone!”

“But,  with John Garrett and my  son, both identified in the video.

My guilt, all the black pots and unwarranted charges, were thrown on me alone, and it was seen by more than a billion people across the country.

I am so f*cking uncontested!”

Human emotions are so subtle.

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Even if u are prej udiced against a per son,

when you are not understood by anyone and only

this man can unde rstand you, your attitude towards him will definitely change 360 degrees.

Because he is your only soulmate.

Lord Banks felt this way at this time!

Unexpectedly, it was impossible to understand his eldest son, who would break the secret in a single word, which not only moved him, but also made him a little surprised.

Zayne’s words are actually intentional.

He actually hated Lord Banks very much in his heart, because even if Zara was not caused by the old man, Xion always has no quibble?

Moreover, Zayne himself was buckled in a sh*t basin and thrown into Australia, which was also done by the old man himself.

In this case, Zayne’s hatred for him would not diminish at all.

But he still cleverly concealed all the negative emotions,

and from the very beginning expressed a complete understanding

of the old man, and this time he won the deep heart of the old man.

The old man sighed and said:  you know me, Zara is my most beloved granddaughter, how could I be cruel to her? The outsiders are really confused! Just listen to the villain. the framed! ”

Then he hurried and said:”! Yes Conservative, now

home to so many major incidents one after another,

you can not continue to remain in Australia enjoying a person, you must come back to help it ride out the storm dad ”

When Zayne heard the old man’s words, his expression was even worse than eating sh*t.

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