Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2529 (Charlie Wade)

Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2529 (Charlie Wade)

Chapter 2529

When Donald Webbb was still asleep, he was woken up by Isaac Cameron on the phone.

On the phone, Isaac Cameron told Donald Webbb that Charlie asked him to require his son to Aurous Hill immediately by helicopter.

Donald Webbb dared not delay, got up quickly, took his son straight to Aurous Hill.
At ten o’clock within the morning, Donald Webbb’s helicopter approached Isaac Cameron’s hotel gradually.

As the helicopter continued to descend, Donald Webbb couldn’t help but remember the scene of the daddy and son being shot directly by Isaac Cameron’s people last time here.

That time was the foremost humiliating day of Donald Webbb’s life.
Not only his man and lots of other Webb family masters, but also very humiliating sentences were engraved on their foreheads, and even themselves and their son were beaten out by Isaac Cameron.

Looking back at that moment, Donald Webbb’s fist was clenched involuntarily.
However, he suddenly thought of the Eight Heavenly Kings buried at the foot of Changbai Mountain.

Thinking of the tragic death of the Eight Heavenly Kings, he couldn’t help fighting a chilly war.
It was precisely due to the death of the Eight Great Kings that he realized one among the foremost crucial facts: Charlie had enough strength to kill himself, even his whole family.
The Eight Great Heavenly Kings took their own orders against Charlie. Charlie killed them, but didn’t want his own life.

This was already his own luck .
In addition, he now knew Charlie’s true identity, so he became a touch more scared of Charlie.

At this point , his son beside him said with some worry: “Dad, what does one think Charlie is trying to find with us?”

Donald Webbb hurriedly scolded: “Assh*le, are you able to call Master Wade’s name too?”

His son said aggrieved: “Dad, aren’t we talking in private? Why are you so sensitive…”
Donald Webbb blurted out: “I’m afraid you are not stupid! what is the identity ofCharlie ?

Master Wade, a top master! you’ll kill the Eight Heavenly Kings by one person! Don’t provoke him, albeit you call him directly behind your back.

It’s easy to urge angry!”
He curled his lips: “Dad. Are you a touch too sensitive?”

“Sensitive?” Donald Webbb asked him back: “Did you watch the video on the short video platform yesterday?”

“No.” his son said: “Since the incident of beating my brother two bastard cross talks were transmitted to the short video platform,

I stopped playing the short video platform, but I did receive it. The news feed probably knows the entire story.”

He held back his anger and asked him: “Then you think that , besides Charlie, who else is capable and courageous in Aurous Hill?

Dare to directly traffic jam the second son of the Bank’s Family?”
Donald’s SON thought for a short time , his expression couldn’t help but said nervously:

“This…Dad, consistent with you, the second son of the Bank’s Family was engaged by Wade son?”

Donald Webbb said: “In my opinion, within the whole Aurous Hill, Charlie has this ability to try to to it, apart from him, nobody can play…”

“I’m going…” Donald’s son couldn’t help but exclaimed: “Why did Master Wade suddenly act on the Bank’s Family?!

Isn’t it about declaring war with the Bank’s Family?!”
Donald Webbb shook his head: “I do not know exactly why, but as far as i do know , the Wade family and therefore the Bank’s Family have always had feuds. Maybe Charlie wants to avenge his father.”

Donald’s son shrank his neck and sighed: “Master Wade acted too fiercely. As soon because the second young master of the Bank’s Family arrived in Aurous Hill, he was engaged .

he’s not scared of revenge after the Bank’s Family finds him… “
Donald Webbb said earnestly:

“Judging from his ability to kill the Eight Heavenly Kings by himself, he tied the second young master of the Bank’s Family, but it had been as simple as a cat catching a mouse.”

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