I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 169

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 169

Chapter 169

Thinking of this, Paula immediately changed her face. She smiled at Ethan and
said, “Kid, just now… | was joking with Linda. You… tell her to not mind, and… You
get her out. | want to apologize to her…’

Paula’s sudden change of attitude caught Ethan off guard.

He was close to yell at Paula, but together with her showing apology, Ethan didn’t know
what to try to to together with her anymore.

Ethan was reluctant to simply accept the apology,
Paula’s words earlier were way too insulting.

If she would wish to place on an apologetic act at the instant , why hadn’t she been
a little less rude earlier?

Ethan didn’t buy any of their words, and was still infuriated.
However, he tried to calm himself down. After all, Paula was Linda’s relative.

Although Paula had been extremely rude to Linda, Paula was trying to be polite at
the moment. If Ethan refused to simply accept her apology and scolded her, it might cast

a negative influence on Linda back to her hometown.

Ethan knew if he chose to not ease the strain with Paula, she would say bad
things about Linda when she came home, like Linda being arrogant after
having a boyfriend.

Thinking of this, Ethan couldn’t help but sigh.
He decided to let it go. For the sake of Linda, Ethan had to down his anger.

He took a glance at Paula and shook his head. Without saying a word, Ethan got into
the Volkswagen.

At this moment, Linda was still crying.
Linda’s grievance wasn’t only from Paula’s humiliation earlier.

Paula’s attitude brought back Linda’s memories of how she was badly treated by
her relatives back in her hometown.

When Ethan came the car, Linda quickly wiped her tears and turned her head away
from Ethan.

Ethan handed Linda some tissue for wiping her tears.

“It’s alright . Don’t cry, Ethan comforted her, “| know you are feeling terrible, but she is a component
of your family. Besides, they came all the way here. Let’s just trying to be nice to
her for now?”

“But they…” Rushed by emotion, Linda almost told Ethan the story about the house
and the debts, but she stopped in time. Linda still looked unwilling to forgive

Linda thought that she was not staying at their places, but why should she
keep being bullied by them?

She was uninterested in Paula’s abuse, and it made Linda feel horrible to let Paula keep
doing that at the instant .

But she had a reconsideration when she saw Ethan’s face.

Linda could tell Ethan had been pushing down his anger towards Paula and her

She knew that Ethan endured all this for her.

Linda thought that she was the rationale that Ethan had to travel through the awful
situation. She blamed herself for dragging him down.

In Linda’s mind, Ethan had suffered an excessive amount of for her, so she did not have the proper to
complain about being treated badly.

Moreover, Linda also knew that her stubbornness would also bring a negative
influence on Ethan.

According to Linda’s understanding of Paula, if Ethan gave her even the slightest
hard time, she would slander Ethan’s name when she went back home.

Linda still had a few of friends in her hometown. She didn’t want Ethan to possess a
bad reputation among them.

“Let it gal”

Linda thought that she had been under their abuses for quite a decade. What
harm it might cause if adding a few of more days?

She could tell that she would never got to affect them during a few days.

Linda promised herself that she must have a successful career and be better than
all of her relatives in order that they couldn’t insult and humiliate her anymore.

But for now, for the sake of Ethan, Linda must prefer to down her anger and
endure their bad treatment for a few of days more.

“All right!” Linda gave out an important sigh. watching Ethan affectionately, she lowered
her voice, “I’m sorry, Ethan. | made you worried about me again. I’m really sorry you
have to hear their insulting language toward you.’

Hearing Linda finally decided to forgive Paula for the nonce , Ethan breathed a
sigh of relief.

All Ethan wanted was for Linda to be .

He chuckled and said, “Silly girl, what are you sorry for? they’re them, and you’re
you. | know you’re different from them. you’re so kind and generous, but they…”

Ethan checked out the three people shortly faraway from the car and smiled, “They are
whatever they’re . | don’t care.’

Linda nodded and said, “Well, let’s get out of the car and talk things out with them.
And | think we should always go now. My mom just called me. She has left the hospital
and is waiting within the hotel now.”

Ethan nodded. “Okay…”
Paula, Roy, and his wife were discussing something during a low voice,
Roy told his wife his concern.

However, his wife didn’t care about it. She insisted on being rude to Linda and her

She said, “D*mn, treat her better? Does she deserve it? check out her hillbilly
boyfriend which crappy car! Such an inexpensive car. Roy, what’s it? Volkswagen

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