I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 183

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 183

Chapter 183

Of course the waitress dare not neglect. Quickly lead a couple of people to an outsized private room on the side.
Soon a couple of people were seated, and therefore the waitress first respectfully put the menu ahead of Ethan, and said politely, “Sir, please order.”
The action of the waitress is understandable, after all, at this table, she only recognizes Ethan, knowing that his identity is extraordinary.
So it had been only natural handy over the menu to Ethan.
But this move immediately made Linda’s cousin, who was sitting opposite Ethan, upset.
She slammed a group of exquisite porcelain tableware ahead of her, and said very upset: “You female child , are you new here? Are you sick?”
The waitress looked surprised, she couldn’t find out why she was scolded again.
Since I just greeted them entering the door, until now, there’s nothing wrong with doing it. Instead, the mother and daughter sitting opposite Ethan are aggressive since they met.
They didn’t seem to be here for dinner, but rather as if they came here to fight.
Moreover, the waitress also secretly noticed that the mother and daughter had been whitening Ethan and Linda since they sat down.
The waitress certainly doesn’t know the rationale behind this, but she isn’t stupid.
On one side are Ethan and Linda, who treat themselves gentle and humble, and on the opposite side are aggressive mothers and daughters who swear at every turn. it is easy to ascertain who is more polite and deserve their respect.
What’s more, i used to be scolded twice for no reason, albeit i used to be within the industry , i could not stand this type of grievance.
The waitress looked a touch ugly, but still had a smile on her face, and asked Linda’s cousin back: “Madam, may I ask, what is the matter?”
Linda’s cousin was directly exploded by this question. She pointed at the waitress and cursed: “What’s wrong with you? Are you mentally retarded? I asked you, we are all sitting here together. Why are you? Give him the menu first? Who does one consider us? you’re a touch waiter, who does one look down on?”
Linda’s cousin’s voice is louder and stronger. Where did the waitresses have seen such guests? in any case , this is often the Empire Hotel. The people that come here are basically celebrities. they need never been so arrogant.
The waitress was suddenly cried by Linda’s cousin, tears running in her eyes.
“This… this gentleman is sitting within the main seat. I should give the menu to others. What did I do wrong?” The waitress cried out extremely aggrieved, and checked out Linda’s cousin a touch unreasonably. i would like to ask the opposite person for an evidence .
The waitress thought to herself, it’s not fake to be a waiter by herself, but she also has self-esteem. If you talk like this, you don’t consider yourself as an adult.
When the waitress said that Ethan was sitting within the main seat, Linda’s cousin quickly took a glance , only to seek out that Ethan was sitting within the main seat, and even the design of the chair was a touch different.
As a result, she became even more unhappy.
Why does one take the lead? Are you worthy?
Linda’s cousin stared at Ethan angrily, and asked, “What does one mean? I ask you, who made you sit here? does one know what rules are?”
“Huh?” Ethan obviously didn’t understand the opposite party’s logic.
What’s the point of me sitting here? I’m the host, I’m the hostess, if i do not sit here, could it’s you?
However, Ethan still considered Linda’s face anyway. He didn’t use these words to confuse him. He just asked sternly, “Excuse me, i do not understand the rules? Do I even have a drag sitting here?”
Of course Ethan has got to ask to know , he’s doing things consistent with the principles , right? Is it possible that you simply guys still want to return to the top?
“Of course there’s a problem!” Linda’s cousin arrogantly said, “What is your identity, don’t you’ve got any points in your heart? Why are you able to sit here, don’t make an error about your own generation!”
After speaking, Linda’s cousin hurriedly pointed to her mother and said fiercely: “You hurry up and walk off . this is often where my mother should sit. What qualifications does one need to sit? Don’t weigh how light you are!
After speaking, Linda’s cousin made a gesture to signal Ethan to go away quickly.
Hearing this, Ethan checked out Paula Grecic, but still didn’t mean to go away .
In Ethan’s view, Paula Grecic is an elder, but what about she is an elder? First of all, we’ve to ascertain if she seems like an elder?
Anyway, from the primary meeting to now. Ethan had already seen it through, Paula Grecic did not have it in the least , and he didn’t need to be an elder.
In that case, why should I hand over my seat to her?
Besides, i’m the master today, and that i should sit here.
And Ethan felt that albeit he wasn’t sitting here today, Paula Grecic wouldn’t have the address sit here, because there was someone more suitable to take a seat here than Paula Grecic.
Ethan thought of this and said, “Cousin, if you would like to order, you’ll order whatever you would like , but I definitely won’t let this position today, but don’t be concerned , I won’t sit.”
After Ethan finished speaking, he glanced at his mobile and dialed variety .

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