I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 188

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 188


Ethan didn’t move, he didn’t even check out the opposite person.
Ethan was stuck in his heart, and he was brooding about the opposite party, how could it’s at her mercy.
Seeing Ethan’s position still, Linda’s mother hurriedly got up, picked up the menu beside her hand, put it on the turntable, and passed it to Linda’s cousin.
Linda’s cousin glared at the previous contemptuously, and while learning the menu, she mumbled: “And, you’re everywhere, why are you prominent!”
After speaking, she checked out the menu for herself.
“Tsk tusk tusk, it really is that the best hotel in Buckeye, the dishes look so good!” Linda’s cousin said proudly, “husband, what does one want to eat, hurry up!”
After speaking, she leaned into Roy’s ear and said with a coffee smile: “A little costlier , let me see how this kid will end up!”
Vanden understood what his wife meant, and nodded with a smirk, trying to find the menu.
“This… this looks good, and this one, i would like it!”
In a moment , Linda’s cousin and Roy ordered seven or eight dishes.
And once they were ordering food, they also calculated in their hearts that the worth of numerous dishes was about 20,000 yuan.
Linda’s cousin smiled meaningfully, and pushed the menu next to Ethan, and said, “Come on, aren’t you the host? Let’s order two more.”
Ethan inquired about the waiter, just they both ordered what dishes, after getting a reply, Ethan nodded silently.
To be honest, the dishes ordered by cousin Roy and Linda just aren’t too expensive, and in terms of the dishes in Empire Hotel, they’re considered to be middle-class.
If it had been to ask the three people across to eat, Ethan felt that it had been enough, because he hated these three people considerably .
But today, Linda’s mother is here. it’s estimated that this is often the primary time the old man has come to dine in an area like Empire Hotel. Of course, he can’t be negligent.
So Ethan checked out the menu, and at the top , suddenly his eyes lit up and his eyes fell on a dish named Sanpin.
The waiter hurriedly explained to Ethan, saying that this is often the signature dish of Empire Hotel, how the ingredients are exquisite, and the way demanding the chef is.
After hearing the reason from the waiter, Ethan decided immediately that he wanted to order this dish.
Although this dish may be a bit costlier , a full dish costs on the brink of 20,000 yuan.
But Ethan believed that Linda and her mother would really like this dish, as long as they love it , what if it’s costlier .
Ethan ordered a couple of more dishes, and eventually got twelve dishes before returning the menu to the waiter.
But at this moment, Paula Grecic, who hadn’t said a word for an extended time, suddenly spoke.
“Wait…” Paula Grecic flushed and said, “Um…I haven’t ordered yet? Why did you come back the menu to her?”
Paula Grecic’s tone was obviously a touch unhappy, but it had been a touch hard to precise .
Ethan was stunned when he heard the words, and pointed to Linda’s cousin, “Just now…didn’t you finish ordering?”
Paula Grecic heard the words: “They ordered it. i have never ordered it yet, therefore the menu is for you! what is the matter, you treat a meal, i can not even order a dish? That’s how you treat guests? Right, Linda.”
Linda didn’t say a word. Anyway, she felt that there was enough food.
If five people eat twelve dishes, they’re going to definitely be endless, and can be wasted within the end.
But Linda really didn’t want to speak to those people, just slightly turned his head to the side.
Upon seeing this, Linda’s mother hurriedly said, “Second Sister-in-law, check out the five folks , and ordering numerous dishes, it should be enough? and that i think the food here should be delicious, so…the key point is It’s an excessive amount of , isn’t that a waste?”
Linda’s mother was naturally afraid that Ethan would spend money.
She just glanced at the menu secretly, and she or he was shocked. a standard dish here costs two to 3 thousand.
Just now, Ethan and Linda’s cousin ordered a dozen dishes, wouldn’t it cost tens of thousands?
Linda’s mother is employed to being poor. For fear of paying money, albeit she knows that Ethan is rich, she still feels a touch reluctant to spend money in her heart.
But her words, sort of a spark, directly ignited Paula Grecic’s powder keg.
When Paula Grecic heard the words, she jumped up and pointed at Linda’s mother, “What does one mean by the last name? What’s wrong with my order of two dishes? Why is it your address lookout of me? What’s your own situation? does one count? you continue to want to regulate me? Are you worthy?”
When Paula Grecic pointed at Linda’s mother, she was so upset that her daughter had just robbed her of her seat. Now Linda’s mother hit her muzzle directly. It’s strange that she will let it go!
And Linda’s cousin, after hearing Paula Grecic’s words, hurriedly interrupted and said, “Ho ho, it’s really poor. it had been finally difficult to ask us to possess a meal here, but the ultimate order wasn’t possible. Isn’t it scary for a while? Can’t afford to shop for the order? Hoho, it is so funny, it’s too poor…”

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