I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 225

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 225


Luna was a touch unhappy. At this point , Linda even dared to barter terms with herself.
But she believed that Linda couldn’t get the tickets.
Finally, Luna smiled disdainfully, and said calmly: “Okay, what are the conditions? Let’s mention it!”
Linda glanced at Mira and said, “Mira, I hope you’ll give me a sworn statement . i do not want anyone to cheat by then!”
Mira was stunned when she heard the words, and she or he could hear that Linda was really moving.
But this silly girl, where did she come from? Is it possible that she really has the first-row tickets for Samira’s concert?
But at now , Linda himself said so, and Mira naturally had nothing to mention .
She nodded, took out her phone, and said, “Good , i will be able to record everything between you during a moment. Who will deny me once I see it!”
Luna appeared to be a touch impatient for an extended time, and snorted, “Okay, i would like to ascertain who denies it for a while! what’s the request, let’s talk quickly!”
Linda said: “My request is extremely simple, that is, if I can get a ticket later, you want to apologize to me and also to my boyfriend!”
Luna sneered when she heard the words, without taking it seriously, and said, “That’s it?, it’s ridiculous, yes, yes, I promise you. But…I even have an invitation , does one agree or not?”
Luna felt that she was sure to win, so she smiled and said, “That is, if you cannot get the ticket, you’ll kneel down and say 3 times that i’m wrong!”
The more the words came to the top , the more arrogant Luna’s tone became, and it felt like she was getting to put Linda to death.
Linda didn’t feel anything, and said calmly: “Yes, it is a deal!”
Upon hearing Linda’s words, Mira on the side jumped during a hurry and whispered: “Linda, aren’t you stupid? How are you able to promise her? You…”
Hearing that Mira was getting to be more nosy, Luna stopped doing it immediately, her face immediately became gloomy, and pointed to Linda and said: “Okay, stop talking nonsense, i will be able to bother you people. Doing things is boring, hurry up. i would like to ascertain what quite tickets you’ll come up with. Huh, don’t you even know what the tickets look like?”
After speaking, Luna giggled into a ball.
Linda wasn’t convinced, and hurriedly took out the phone and called Ethan directly.
On the opposite side, Ethan was already getting to sleep, and therefore the phone rang again.
Ethan was a touch surprised when he saw Linda, but he picked it up without hesitation.
“Hey Linda, what’s wrong?”
Linda couldn’t help but feel a touch embarrassed when he heard Ethan’s tone a touch tired: “I’m sorry Ethan, you… are you asleep?”
“No, how am i able to attend bed so early, what is the matter with You?”
Linda was a touch embarrassed, and he hesitated for a short time before speaking, “That… am i able to ask you for a favor? I…”
Ethan sat up, thinking that something had happened, and suddenly became nervous: “What’s the matter?”
“No, nothing an excessive amount of , do not be nervous!” Linda heard Ethan’s nervousness and quickly explained, “I just want to ask, can you…can you give me the concert tickets first? ?”
Ethan was surprised: “Why? what is the matter?”
Linda hurriedly said, “No…it’s okay, I…just want to ascertain .”
Ethan glanced at the time, it had been already past nine o’clock within the evening.
He considered it, and he agreed in one fell swoop: “Well, wait a moment , I’ll let Sister Maggie send someone to deliver it, and I’ll deliver it to you later.”
Ethan originally wanted to finish the decision , but suddenly he thought of something, and hurriedly said, “Oh, by the way, Linda, aren’t your cousin and brother-in-law also in Buckeye? How about that? I rotated and asked Sister Maggie. See if you’ll get a couple of more tickets. Let’s go and check it out. After all, Morita is here, and that i learned about this afterwards. it’ll definitely not affect you or the aunt.”
Although Linda’s cousin and Roy had an equivalent attitude towards them today, in Ethan’s view, they were Linda’s relatives in any case .
It doesn’t matter if you are feeling wronged, but if these people have a touch conscience, they will talk more about Linda ahead of the many relatives, and that they won’t waste their efforts.
Linda hesitated a touch when she heard the words, but she didn’t expect this.
But now that she considered it, she felt that Ethan was right.
Perhaps this is able to cost a touch extra money , but a minimum of they didn’t lose their affection, and that they would haven’t any reason responsible themselves once they turned back.
“Well, you’ll ask Sister Maggie, if there are extras, give them a couple of by the way.”
Ethan responded and ended the decision .
After finishing the decision , Ethan had some doubts why Linda wanted to ascertain the tickets within the middle of the night, but he still called Maggie.
“Hey, Sister , are you continue to working?”
Maggie said, “Now, is still asleep?”
Ethan gave a hesitant hmm, and continued: “That…Sister , am i able to trouble you with something?”
Ethan paused and continued: “Actually, there are two things. the primary thing is that i would like to invite two more tickets. does one think you’ve got any extras on hand?”
Maggie smiled and said, “Oh, just this matter, what proportion does one want Ethan? i will be able to tell the organizer later, I even have as many as you would like . Then, Ethan, what is the second thing?”
Ethan smiled awkwardly: “That is, Sister , are you able to send me the tickets right now?”
Maggie glanced at her watch in surprise, “It’s nine o’clock, it’s in the dark , why does one want tickets, Ethan?”
Of course, Ethan can’t directly say that Linda asked for it, so he just made up a reason and said, “Oh, that’s the case. Is it possible that there’ll be a holdup along the way…”
Maggie also believed this reason.
She nodded: “Well, I’ll have someone send the tickets to You during a while, four, right? If it isn’t enough, you’re calling me.”
Hearing this, Ethan breathed a sigh of relief, then repeatedly thanked: “Enough is enough, many thanks such a lot , Sister …”

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