The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2534 (Charlie Wade)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2534 (Charlie Wade)

Chapter 2534 


    Servent  truth fully replied: “Master, the influence of This Long  video is still expanding. 

Now it has gradually spread from China to Out side World. The overall public opinion situation is extremely detrimental to our Bank family.”

    “Besides, Lord Thorne of the Thorne Family has made no less than 10 calls. I didn’t dare to ans.”

    “Several leaders of Eastcliff also asked people to call for ques

. They  was very angry about this matter and Told that the Bank family must To give a clear Ans, I pretended that you were feeling  ill and dragged for a while, 

but they told us to give us a clear statement within 48 hours.”

    Lord Banks sighed and gritted his teeth: “The short video platform is in In the hands of the Wade family,

 I think it’s impossible for me to engage in this public relations. As for the Thorne Family, we don’t care about him. Lord Thorne will do whatever he wants. I won’t see him NOW.  I won’t see him in my life.”

    The housekeeper hurriedly asked: “Master, the leader is thre.”

    Lord Banks sighed, “This is the Tate Landry that I am most worried about. 

He Was  even tied explosives to hold hostages. The impact of this kind of thing is really not good. Now it’s all exposed, and I have to memorize all the pots.”

    Lord Banks said in law voice : “You will give feedback to the leaders on behalf of me, saying that I am recuperating in a foreign country. Immediately go to them and plead their     sins !”

    “Ok lord”

Lord Banks rubbed his temples, and asked with some faint voice, “By the way, which family is the strongest in southern region here?” The

    Servent seriously said: ” The strongest is probably the Webbb family, but a lot of things happened to the webb family some time ago, and their strength was lost by nearly half. They were originally the first family in the southern region, and now they are no longer in the top three.”

    Lord Banks nodded and said: “The Bank family has been focusing on the overseas market in the Last few years, and has not deeply plowed the domestic market. Now is the time to Fast  regain the domestic market and network resources, 

and I may want to It’s more convenient to stay in southern region for a long time and get acquainted with the big city family. It’s better to use this Webbb family for your own use. That’s even Good.”

    He said, he asked: “ By the way, when will Zayne land?” The

    Servent checked the time and said, “

    Young Master should land at around two or three o’clock in the afternoon.” Lord Banks gave a hum, and ordered: “In this way, you will meet Webb for me. People at home, 

just tell them and say that the Bank family wants to invite them over for dinner at evening, but don’t reveal my identity, don’t let people know that I’m  here , do you understand?” The

    Servent  nodded immediately and said: “OK master! I’m going to contact the Webb family!”

    At the same time, Zayne was flying over the Western Pacific in a private jet.

    Although he didn’t close his eyes overnight, he was a little excited about his fater.

    And Fitz , lying in his car in a complicated mood, with three pictures constantly rotating in his mind.

    The first picture is the mother Deana

    in the car accident ; the second picture is the sister Zara who was also in the car accident; the

    third picture is the self after becoming the head of the Bank family.

    Originally, these three pictures were one after another, one after another, and one after another, they were considered evenly matched.

    However, with the passage of time, the first two pictures gradually became a little thin, and the third picture began to firmly occupy the main position.

    After talking on the phone with his father Zayne, Fitz  discovered that the position of the Bank family Patriarch and the wealthy people that this position can control is too temptation for him.

    With a wave of your hand, you can command a Rich family with assets of more than one trillion $. This feeling of pointing the country is simply the  Super ultimate power that all businessmen desire!

    He analyzed the current situation carefully, and he couldn’t help being more excited, because he felt: “That James has disappeared, and his grandpa’s reputation has completely stinks in the Chaina.

 In That way, the possibility of father inheriting the Bank family is much greater, father. There is only my son, which also means that my chances of becoming the head of the Bank family in the future are much greater!”

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