The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2541 (Charlie Wade)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2541 (Charlie Wade) 

Chapter 2541

    Fitz  has secretly loved Stefanie for many years, but only told his sis Zara about this.

    The reason why he didn’t dare to say it was because he know that the Bank family could not allow him to be with Stefanie.

    Lord Banks has always been above the top Fmly, and he has never looked down upon these families in China.

    Moreover, he has always been eager to make major breakthroughs in overseas Business.

    Therefor, he especially Hope that Fitz , as the eldest son of the Bank family, could marry a daughter of a top Asia and America’s family, or a European royal Queen.

    In this way, the Bank family can exchange resources with each other.

   Aneyway, if you find a family with a weak overall Power than the Bank family to marry in the country, then it is clear that others will take advantage of the Bank family.

    Because of this, Fitz  dare not make any relevant disclosures.

    However, he never dreamed that his visionary Lord banks would take the initiative to encourage him to pursue Stefanie. This was simply great news for him.

    However, Fitz  didn’t know that Lord Banks easily analyzed his true purpose from his sponsorship of Stefanie’s concert.

    Saying that now, it’s just a matter of doing what you need.

    Lord Banks deeply understands a truth, this truth has only six words: Need Need everything.

    If you want to make the best use of a Man, you must Know  where he needs are.

    Lord Banks understood Fitz ‘s deep desires, so he chose to do what he wanted, supported him in pursuing Stefanie, and directly Link her firmly in his camp in one step.

    Therefore, when Fitz  expressed absolute shock at what he said, Lord Banks said in a serious manner: “Knowing wrong, the most important thing about choosing a spouse is the price/performance ratio. 

22The girl of the Sun family, whether in appearance, ability, Both of them are of good .Although Sun’s strength is slightly inferior, she is better than Orrin Sun’s only daughter. 

If you really marry her, it will be a very cost-effective thing! So if you really want to pursue her, I Of course it is the agreement with My both  hands raised.”

    Fitz  immediately said excitedly: “Thank you, Lord Banks! I can rest assured with your words!”

    Zayne on the side, this is the first time that his son actually likes the Sun family. Stefanie.

    He frowned and said earnestly: “Knowledge, you like Sun’s girl, and Dad doesn’t object, but you have to know that Sun’s family has always had fight against Bank family, especially Orrin Sun, who was Bruce back then His brother-in-law, since I established the Anti-Leaf Alliance, he has completely drawn a line from the Bank family. If you pursue Stefanie, the first thing you have to pass is his level.”

    Fitz  nodded and said, “Dad. , I have considered all of what you said. 

The old Mater between my parents are indeed a relatively large influence, but I still believe that feelings are the first thing. If I can really make Stefanie like My words, then I believe I can also make Stefanie’s father accept me.”

    Zayne sincerely sighed, “I’m afraid it won’t be that easy!”

    Lord Banks couldn’t help but keep his lips shut. He said: “! Oh it’s something I feel no need to draw a conclusion so early, Fitz was 26 years old this year, even if the 36-year-old married not too late, so he had plenty of time to get him to change his attitude to Sun.”

    said, He couldn’t help but said with a little anger: “I heard that Orrin Sun had pancreatic cancer and he was about to die. 

If that’s the case, he would have lost a stumbling block if he wanted to pursue Sun’s girl, but who knows why this guy suddenly He was healed inexplicably. He is alive, and the difficulty will indeed be much Beater.”

    Fitz  said at this time: “Lord, since you support me, I will definitely pursue Stefanie, as long as she is willing to be with me, I believe her father can’t stop us from being together.”

    “Yes.” Lord Banks smiled. He said: “You can rest assured to pursue it boldly. Lord banks has one hundred or one thousand support!” With

    that, he said very seriously: “If Orrin Sun was unwilling, forgive us for the’Anti-Leaf Alliance’ thing back then. , Then let your father personally come to the door and beg Him to plead guilty.”

    “If it still doesn’t work, then my old bones will personally go and apologize to Sun! For the life-long happiness of Lord Banks, what is such a small matter?”

    Lord Banks’s attitude, Fitz  was immediately moved.

    Comparing this with the unquestionable personality that Lord banks said before, it has changed drastically.

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