The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2542 (Charlie Wade)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2542 (Charlie Wade)

Chapter 2542

    He thought it was impossible for Lord banks to allow himself to pursue Stefanie, but he did not expect that Banks would support himself so much.

    This instantly increased his confidence in pursuing Stefanie countless times.

    So, he immediately stated: “Lord banks, in that case, I will go to Aurous Hill now to see if I can bring out the black hands behind the scenes by preparing for the concert!”

    Lord Banks nodded in satisfaction and smiled: ” I sent someone to invite the Patriarch of the First Family, Donald Webbb from the southern region Webbb family. I guess he should be here in a while. Don’t leave in a hurry. It’s not too late to leave after dinner.

    ” Good!”


    At this moment, Aurous Hill Hotel.

    Zara was bored in the hotel room for a day, feeling anxious and impatient.

    At 7o’clock, Isaac Cameron’s men knocked on the door on time, and two female bodyguards walked in with a food  buket. One of them respectfully said: “Miss Banks, Ms. Thorne, dinner is ready, please take a step. Dining in the restaurant.”

    Zara couldn’t help asking: “When on earth your master would like to Come here? I have been waiting all day…”

    The female bodyguard said very politely: “I’m sorry Miss Banks, our young master didn’t come here today he is busy with something .”

    Zara asked, “Did he say when he would come?” The

    female bodyguard shook her head: “Master never said it.”

    Zara didn’t give up and asked again. “Then can I ask you to call your young master, just say I want to meet   him.” The

    female bodyguard smiled slightly: “You can tell, I am not qualified to talk to the young master directly, so I don’t have the young master’s. contact No..”

    “This…” Zara’s eyes were flushed red and choked up: “Then what does your master mean? It took so much time to save us and settle us here, but he kept hiding. Don’t show up…If he really doesn’t plan to show up, then let me and my mother leave here!” The

    female bodyguard said apologetically, “Miss Banks, the master really didn’t mean me. Those who dare to speculate, as for what you said to leave here, I can’t do this. The young master has ordered us to make sure that you two stay in this suite and never go outside . Please forgive me.”

    Zara suddenly felt a strong grievance in her heart, and tears flowed out.

    Seeing this, the female bodyguard said apologetically: “Miss Banks, the food is ready, please help yourself with Ms. Thorne, and we will go out first.”

 Deana hurried forward and took Zara in his arms. Soothing gently, they said to the two female bodyguards, “Thank you so much!” The

    two hurriedly left the room with a polite sentence.

    As soon as they left the room, the two of them came to Isaac Cameron’s office. After knocking on the door and entering, facing Isaac Cameron and Charlie sitting on the sofa, they respectfully said: “Young Master, President Isaac, Miss Banks was a little excited. “

    Isaac Cameron hurriedly said: “Tell me, what exactly is the excitement method?” The

    female bodyguard said the situation just now.

    After listening, Isaac Cameron nodded and said: “Okay, you have worked hard, go down and rest.” The

    female bodyguard bowed and retired.

    At this moment, Isaac Cameron looked at Charlie and couldn’t help asking: “Master, are you really not going to meet her?”

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