The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2558 (Charlie Wade)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2558 (Charlie Wade)


Kawana said: “Zayne really said that, and also said that in terms of specific proportions, there’s still some room to speak about. I personally feel that albeit it’s 30, the Banks Family won’t have any opinions.

Ito Nanako After a flash of silence, he said, “Kawana, don’t reply to him about this matter. I always feel that the Banks Family really lacks a basic moral limit to try to to things. If it’s not a final resort, it’s better to not cooperate with this type of family.

“Okay” Kawana didn’t persuade him much, and immediately replied, “Then i will be able to leave him alone. After

hanging up the phone, Ito Yuhiko on the side asked, “Why did the Banks Family come to figure with us?”

Yes, father .” When Ito Nanako came to speak about business, she became sort of a subordinate ahead of Ito Yuhiko. He respectfully said: “The Banks Family’s shipping license has been revoked, so now i would like to cooperate with us and wish an answer . .

then, the Soviet Union put the house out of the conditions probably introduce a touch .

sitting within the co-pilot of Megumi Ito exclaimed: “If you actually can make a profit in order that Su 30, which for us is certainly a With the large extra income,

Yuhiko Ito shook his head and said indifferently: “The essence of the Banks Family is a particularly selfish family. In their logic, only he makes other people’s money, and nobody else makes his money. Now this At that point , they were willing to form such an outsized profit. It can only prove that the issues they’re facing are very serious. Once we help them bridge over the difficulties, they’re going to definitely turn their attention to the a part of the profit that’s transferred to us. they’re going to definitely do everything possible to urge the cash back with interest.”

“Yes.” Nanako Ito nodded in agreement: “My father and that i have an equivalent opinion. For a family just like the Banks Family, we make certain to stand back for

half an hour.

A Gulfstream G650 plane took faraway from Tokyo Narita Airport.

Nanako Ito, father and aunt, flew to Aurous Hill together.

At an equivalent time, Lord Banks stood on the terrace of the lakeside villa, overlooking the calm lake, with a chilly expression.

He checked out Zayne beside him, and asked during a cold voice, “Why, the Ito family hasn’t responded yet

” No. “Zayne answered truthfully: “I contacted Nanako Ito’s assistant. She said that she would feed back things to Nanako Ito. Maybe Ito Nanako must believe it again.

Lord Banks shook his head: “There is nothing to think about about this type of thing. If Ito Nanako is basically interested, of course, she is going to contact us immediately to debate the small print of the follow-up cooperation. If she isn’t interested, naturally it’ll be like now, she is going to sink in. Don’t respond any longer .”

Zayne said hurriedly, “It’s also possible that they only wanted to hold us intentionally , then take the chance to talk with us lions

.” Lord Banks said coldly, “Even if they’re trying to catch, they’re going to a minimum of accept it on the surface. , First establish a smooth channel between one another , like this one who doesn’t respond directly once they come up, most

likely the opposite party isn’t interested in the least . As they were talking, the housekeeper walked over and whispered “Master, Mr. Mai’s plane will arrive here in one hour. “

Oh” Lord Banks raised his eyebrows suddenly and blurted out: “Quickly, tell the kitchen, press the prepared menu, and immediately host a banquet for Mr. Mai to select up the dust, and also notify Donald Webbb to let him come quickly.”

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