The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2561 (Charlie Wade)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2561 (Charlie Wade)


Lord Banks respectfully invited Mai to take a seat on the sofa. After sitting down, he sighed and said in pain, “Hey Uncle Mai, this point you want to help me

Mai nodded. , Seriously said: “Since I even have come here, i will be able to naturally do my best, so you want to tell me everything because it is.

Lord Banks replied and sighed: “In the top , I blamed me for being so confused and making some unreasonable decisions

. Lord Banks told fitz and Zara who were kidnapped in Japan. When Xion destroyed the Matsumoto family, and when he himself betrayed Xion and assassinated Diana

, he probably told Mai. then , he looked worried and asked: “Uncle Mai, you said i might It won’t be the retribution.

Mai waved his hand and said seriously: Lord Banks, you’re my life nephew, so I won’t accompany you that tricky stuff. Remember, during this world, regardless of from a principle perspective or a scientific perspective, there’s no such thing as retribution in the least . “

Lord Banks asked in surprise: “Why does one believe the Taoist school of law, don’t you mention reincarnation and retribution?”

Mai shook his head and said, “What you’re talking about is Buddhism. Moreover, our Fengshui metaphysics isn’t a Taoist school. Mai, we are the Book of Changes and Gossip,

Lord Banks hurriedly asked: “Then you only said that there’s no karma, is that this true?

Mai smiled and said: “In my opinion, it’s natural, but it doesn’t matter if you do not believe me. Let me mapped out the views in our principle metaphysics, even as a discussion. “

Lord Banks said hurriedly: “Please tell me.” “

Mai paused slightly and said: I ask you, consistent with karma, those that do evil must be severely punished, and people who benefit are going to be rewarded, right”

Lord Banks nodded: “According to theirs Say, it’s true.”

Mai asked in turn: “Then I ask you, some babies die right after they’re born. He has barely begun in his life. there’s no evil or goodness. Why doesn’t even have an opportunity for healthy growth?

Lord Banks is embarrassed: “I also said that it isn’t good.

Mai nodded and asked: “Then i will be able to ask you again, why some people benefit deeds all their lives, but they need ill-fated destiny.”

Said, Mai sighed during a melancholy, and said slowly: ” once I was young, it coincided with the Central Plains War. My father moved his family from the Central Plains to Eastcliff to avoid the war.”

“At that point , my family lived in Mao’er Hutong, and there was a lady nearby who ate and recite Buddha a day . The thanks to benevolence.

“Her husband died young, and she or he worked hard to get older her three sons and allow them to start a family, but when she got old, none of her three sons provided her for the elderly.

“The three daughters-in-law visited the house to fight for the family property successively , and even whenever they came, they deliberately took away her little rations, and even the cistern had to be smashed before they were satisfied, just hoping that she would die sooner. , So on occupy the old house.

“Although the three sons won’t do anything to her, they’re always cynic and sarcasm once they come across . Even when someone nearby goes to possess a funeral, they point to her nose and scold her why they can’t ask the neighbor’s old man. The same, get acquainted and breathe sooner.

“The old woman not only can’t eat enough, don’t wear warm clothes, but she washes her face with tears all day long. Although she doesn’t cry and blind her eyes, her eyesight is additionally deteriorating. additionally , she can’t light the kerosene . Life is suffering.

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