The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2563 (Charlie Wade)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2563 (Charlie Wade)


The words of Mai made Lord Banks and Zayne and his son dumbfounded


actually , they didn’t believe

old man Banks’s disbelief in gods, immortals, karma, or principle secrets.


there’s just one he believes in, which is true

. The Banks Family has encountered various troubles frequently recently, which made him feel that he could be retribution.

But taking note of Mai’s analysis, it seems that it’s nothing to try to to with retribution.

Therefore, Lord Banks couldn’t help asking: “Uncle Mai, i would like to ask more specifically, what’s the rationale for our Banks Family recently, and that we have encountered various problems one after another.

Mai didn’t say anything, but recruited his great-grandson Mike. He beckoned.

Mike walked immediately. He came forward and handed a compass to Mai. He also handed a couple of dice made from animal bones and joints and a couple of old mottled coins to Mai..

Mai stood up and paced back and forth within the front room . Lord Banks and Zayne hurriedly followed by them, watching his every move nervously, but didn’t dare to interrupt.

Mai searched for a flash and pointed. watching the Bogu shelf wont to partition the space on the side of the hall, he opened his mouth and said, “Mike, move this shelf away.

Mike walked up immediately and reached out and moved the Bogu shelf made from solid wood to the side.

Mai placed the compass on the bottom where the Bogu shelf was originally located, then re-adjusted the compass’s direction consistent with the size and position on the compass.

Afterwards, he opened his mouth and said: “Lord Banks, tell me about your birthday character

“I”. Lord Banks said embarrassingly: “I do not know


“Then say that the year, month, day and therefore the approximate time of birth,

Lord Banks recalled for a flash and reported his birth date to Mai.

Mai pinched his fingers and calculated for a flash , and said indifferently : Judging from the birth date alone, your life is roughly it’s relatively smooth, but the birth date alone isn’t enough to be detailed. After all, there are numerous people within the world, and there are many of us with an equivalent birth

date . this will only guess a general direction. Lord Banks hurriedly asked: “Uncle Mai, what about so as to be more detailed,

Mai said seriously: “I just said that within the gossip, everything within the world follows a group of invisible and intangible rules. There are many factors that affect this rule. The horoscope is merely one among them. additionally , there are your own bones, the principle of your Banks Family’s yang and yin houses, and even the horoscopes of your spouse and youngsters . they’re all vital .”

Lord Banks asked puzzledly: “I see tons of principle . The master uses a compass to calculate. Why is it so troublesome to return to you”

Mai wasn’t angry, and said lightly: “Most people’s fate and fate are constantly changing, which is why some people the primary half his life was so hard that he couldn’t eat, but the last half of his life was thunder, steep and rich. this is often because his fate has changed. it’s going to be that he married a wife of Vanves. it’s going to be that he gave birth to a birthday. The son who brought him great wealth, these are unpredictable by ordinary people.”

“It’s like land . You develop a residential district during a certain area of a city. The market value of this building is 50,000 yuan. However, if at some point , the subway is opened, the worth may rise to 60,000; another day, a well known school sets up a campus nearby, the worth may rise to 70,000; if it can meet other huge benefits Policy, housing prices can even break through 100,000 and better all the way, put it on people, the subway may correspond to an honest wife, a well known school may correspond to an honest son, this is often good.

Lord Banks asked hurriedly: “Then The bad direction,

Mai said: “The bad direction has more possibilities. If you’re taking land as an example, you’ll also repeat the mistakes of the many so-called ghost towns.

Originally, you thought that the town was very developed and you desperately built tons of land , but then, it’s possible that local resources will begin to dry up, the local economy are going to be frustrated, and house prices will fall; it’s going to even be that local resources are suffering from the market and therefore the prices continue The decline caused companies to travel bankrupt and house prices fell; it’d even flow from to the emergence of other competitors that caused the whole city’s industry to suffer a blow. “

Speaking, Mai said again: “You should have heard the story of Detroit. it had been originally the most important automobile city within the us . it had been extremely brilliant, but within the end it had been depressed to the extent that an outsized number of individuals fled. The local land even shrank by quite 90, but it really Who defeated this city? Toyota and Honda from Japan, Mercedes-Benz and BMW from Germany, all of those are factors which will change the pattern.

Lord Banks suddenly realized, and hurriedly asked: “Uncle Mai, just tell me what information you would like , i need to know everything.

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