The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2565 (Charlie Wade)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2565 (Charlie Wade)


came to the planet .

Lord Banks was horrified, and at an equivalent time he was a touch questioning.

He secretly thought: “What quite dragon came to the planet , this word doesn’t feel reliable,

but he’s very It quickly occurred to him that Mai tossed the coin several times just , but within the end it had been all heads up. It couldn’t be a coincidence, so he felt that something was wrong again.

So, he tentatively asked Mai: “Uncle Mai, why do I hear so mysteriously what’s the birth of a dragon?

Mai may be a little trembling everywhere , and he said: “If you follow this hexagram Judging from it, the

birth of dragon means in your fate, there’s an enormous figure with the fate of dragon. Lord Banks frowns: “Then is that this great figure an enemy or a lover to me?”

Mai said seriously. “At present, it seems that the likelihood of being an enemy is way greater than that of a lover .

“How could it be?” Lord Banks blurted out: But i have never provoke a strong person recently. Why is there such an enemy suddenly?

Mai shook his head. Said: “I can’t see this anymore. Maybe it’s because I’m not ok , or my life isn’t ok . i can not see through the remainder . “

Speaking, Mai said again: “But from the attitude of this hexagram, it’s really bad for you. it’s very likely that each one the issues you’ve got encountered recently originated from this.”

Lord Banks was still a touch unbelievable. He pointed to The copper coin in Mai’s hand asked, “Does it mean that the so-called dragon came to the planet as long because the coin has its head up?”


Lord Banks asked again: “Will the hexagram be wrong?

Mai said seriously: “The hexagram is like this, it cannot be wrong.

Lord Banks didn’t hand over , and said: “Uncle Mai, am i able to trouble you to throw the coin a couple of more times, if the word is the wrong way up , does it mean that the difficulty has gone away or disappeared”

Mai sighed and said: “I tossed it a couple of more times, and therefore the result was an equivalent .

After speaking, he grabbed the Coins and threw it upward again.

Everyone stared at the coin, but the coin was still the wrong way up .

Lord Banks gritted his teeth: “Thank you Uncle Mai to undertake again


Mai didn’t speak, picked up the copper coin and threw

it again this point , but the result was still his head .

Mai sighed: “Lord bank, this is often fate. The hexagram may be a sort of fate. It just displays your fate truthfully. If you would like to vary the fate, you want to solve the matter fundamentally. It can’t be solved by tossing a couple of copper coins.

Lord Banks is already sweating coldly.

He can’t help muttering, “It’s really fucking wicked. this is often obviously a probability of fifty-five. How can it’s all prefixes five times during a row? “

Face up” , he flashed a fierceness in his eyes, rushed over to grab the Tianju Tongbao, then threw

it forward. This time, the copper coin was spinning on the bottom for an extended time. When it finally stopped, Lord Banks was excited. said: “this is that the word the word the wrong way up the wrong way up

wheat MAi helplessly shook his head and said:.” is played, only that counts I throw, you throw is meaningless

spoke, he picked He picked up the copper coin and threw it out. The

copper coin still had the top up

Lord Banks’s heart was a touch hairy.

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