The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2566 (Charlie Wade)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2566 (Charlie Wade)


He checked out Mai and asked: “Uncle Mai, what proportion influence will this so-called Dragon inherit the planet will wear me”

“This, i can not say that.” Mai is truthful. Said: “The other party’s fate is just too strong, i can not see through.

Lord Banks asked with a somewhat unconvinced attitude: “Is this man’s fate better than me?”

Mai nodded and solemnly said. “This quite fate is that the strongest. The three words describe it as strong and invincible. It is

absolutely impossible for anyone to beat him in fate. Lord Banks is horrified, and he can not help but mutter in his heart: “I are skeptical before. there’s a high probability that Zara and Deana are still alive, and it’s very likely that they were saved by the mysterious expert in Japan. Now, Mr. Mai said that the dragon descended from the planet , could it’s that he”

thought of this, Lord Banks was panicked, if this Everything is as I guessed, then this mysterious expert will certainly become himself, and even the good enemy of the Banks family, in a

panic, he suddenly thought of Donald webbb, and hurriedly asked the Bank’s Butler: “Where is Donald webbb?”

Bank’s Butler He hurriedly said: “Master, Donald webbb has arrived. i will be able to arrange for him to rest within the front room and

await your instructions. Lord Banks blurted out: “Call Donald webbb over . Butler said during a hurry

: “Good master, I’ll do that . to

, Lord Banks for wheat said: “Mai Shu, Donald webbb this is often Southaven local patriarch of an outsized family, their home a while ago something very strange things

said, the Kian webbb Lord Banks the fantastic deeds at the time explained to Mai.

After hearing this, Mai’s expression was extremely horrified, and he blurted out: “There really is such a thing.

“Yes.” Lord Banks said: “I didn’t believe it initially , but after watching the video, I believed it. His mother goes to form me sick.

Mai frowned analysis: consistent with sense , albeit an individual has undergone some changes, subject to certain psychological destruction, attack them but he also should be random, there are often such a strict uniform frequency

is ah “Lord Banks said: “That’s why i think that 80% of this is often behind this, but that Donald webbb himself has not acknowledged , so i would like you to point out him Uncle Mai to ascertain if you’ll find any clues, and whether these clues are often found. Merge and unify. “

Mai nodded lightly, and said, “Let me try it. At

this point , Bank’s Butler walked in with Donald webbb.”

Lord Banks immediately greeted Donald webbb and introduced: “Mr. Webbb, this is often the famous principle master within the us . Mr. Mai,

Donald webbb respectfully said: “Good Master

Mai nodded slightly at him, then He went straight to the subject and said: “Mr. Webbb, has your son’s current situation improved.

Donald webbb shook his head and sighed: “There is not any improvement, it’s still an equivalent as before.

Mai Road: “So, you bring him here to let the wife to ascertain eye.

Donald webbb delight, quickly said:” wait a flash , I’ll tell the people reception , and quickly send him here

aside Zayne hurriedly pulled him aside and exhorted: “Mr. Webbb, remember to inform your family to possess a meal before letting your son leave . Don’t

say Donald webbb embarrassedly ahead of Mai : “Okay President Banks, don’t hesitate to

talk, he hurried to the side, took out his phone and called the housekeeper.

Ten minutes later, a helicopter slowly landed within the courtyard of the lakeside villa. Kian webbb, who had just finished eating, was helped by his brother Sean webb and walked off the helicopter.

Bank’s Butler handed Kian webbb a mask and a bottle of chewing gum, and instructed: “Chew this bottle of xylitol, and do not leave any of them, then placed on the mask before getting into .

Knowing that the opposite party disliked him, Kian webbb was depressed, and didn’t dare to delay any time. He hurriedly opened the bottle and poured the entire bottle into his mouth.

After chewing hard for an extended time and chewing until the cheeks hurt, Bank’s Butler greeted: “Hurry up and placed on the mask and follow me in.

Kian webbb can only placed on the mask obediently, and walk into the villa together with his brother Sean webb.

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