The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2572 (Charlie Wade)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2572 (Charlie Wade)


Charlie didn’t expect that Jasmine’s remarks clothed to be that Mr. Moore wanted to ask herself to dinner, and never mentioned Ito Nanako. it had been estimated that Ito Nanako wanted to surprise herself.

Thinking of that lovely , generous, gentle and quiet, Charlie inevitably missed him a touch , and for a short time , the scene of walking together with her on a snowy night in Kyoto came to mind.

After a flash of contemplation, Charlie said to Jasmine, pretending to be confused: “Since it’s the old gentleman’s invitation, i can not refuse it. Please tell him that i will be able to be there tonight.”

Jasmine saw Charlie comply with it, too. He said happily: “That’s great, do i want to drive over to select you up”

Charlie smiled and said, “Don’t bother, my father-in-law happens to be reception , and that i will drive his car over in

a short time .” Jasmine said with joy, “Then i will be able to await Master Wade to return here reception .” After

saying goodbye to Charlie, Jasmine bid farewell to Charlie and ended the decision .

Nanako Ito, who was already dancing excitedly at this point , hugged Jasmine’s waist and said happily: “Sister Jasmine, you’re so good.

Jasmine smiled and said, “Don’t patronize and thank me. i do know this is often the primary time Jasmine has lied to Master Wade. once you see Master Wade later, you’ve got to elucidate to Him why I lied to him.

Ito Nanako smiled and said, “Sister Jasmine, don’t worry, i will be able to definitely inform Charlie. My sister has helped me such a lot , how am i able to let my sister carry a black pot on behalf of me

again. Said: “By the way, Sister Jasmine, please help me make a meeting with Aurora. I picked an Akita for her from home and was with the accompanying bodyguard.

Jasmine smiled and said, “That’s great. Aoxue doesn’t skills much i prefer the Akita you gave me. As long as I post the small guy’s photo to the circle of friends, she is going to definitely love it and leave a comment. Now, I’ll let her know”

Ito Nanako hurriedly reminded: “Then you want to tell her to stay Charlie a secret before coming, and do not disclose the news of my coming to Aurous Hill to Charlie beforehand .

Jasmine nodded: “Don’t worry, i will be able to ask her. “

At this point , Charlie saw that it had been almost time for dinner. Claire said hello beforehand and didn’t come for dinner tonight, so after finishing his work, he returned to the villa.

Elaine was already at this point . After making a couple of dishes, when Charlie came in, he hurriedly said, “Oh, my son-in-law, the items within the kitchen garden are

finished. Charlie nodded

: “I’m already done. Elaine hurriedly said, “Oh, it’s really hard for you. The meal is prepared . Go and wash your hands and eat.

Charlie said, “By the way, I even have a dinner in the dark , so I won’t erode home.

Ah” Elaine asked in amazement: “Why are you going bent eat all of a sudden, Mom, this meal is nearly ready, and that i will provides it to you.” Stewed a prairie lamb chop” as

he said, Claire walked downstairs and said hurriedly: “I won’t erode home tonight. Charlie has got to join me and attend the Calligraphy and Painting Association. People eat together

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