The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2580 (Charlie Wade)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2580 (Charlie Wade)


Although Matilda did not have any appetite, she thought of getting to replenish energy and nutrition when she was sick, so she forced herself to open her mouth and ate a spoonful of millet porridge.

What surprised her was that as soon because the millet porridge entered her abdomen, she felt a unprecedented flow of warmth , flowing into the stomach along the esophagus, dissolving within the stomach, then making her feel the entire body. Warm.

This warm current is extremely rare for Matilda, who has been feeling cold all the time. She felt tons easier in a moment . She couldn’t help but exclaimed: “Jacob, this millet porridge is basically comfortable to drink!

Jacob laughed “That’s it! I don’t study all types of health care knowledge at ordinary times. I have already got experience! You wont to stay within the us often. it’s possible that your lifestyle has been Westernized. Americans are all five and three. once they are really sick, they’re going to Knowing to require medicine, how am i able to know to drink a bowl of millet porridge, this is often the wisdom of our ancestors in China!”

He said, he handed the soup spoon to Matilda’s mouth, and said with a smile: “Matilda, hurry up Eat two more bites!

Matilda nodded. The bite of millet porridge just made her feel that the spirit of her whole person has been restored to a particular extent, so she took another bite without hesitation.

It stands to reason that the effect of this rejuvenation pill is indeed very strong.

A rejuvenating pill can heal people that are dying on the spot, and it’s simply a peerless remedy for healing and saving lives.

Therefore, to affect Matilda’s fever and cold, it’s simply an anti-aircraft gun hitting mosquitoes.

However, although the effect of Pill was very strong, Charlie also deliberately controlled the dosage.

He just scraped off a touch little bit of powder from a rejuvenating pill and put it into the porridge. the quantity of drugs was originally small. Then it had been diluted by a bowl of porridge, and therefore the effect of every bite was really edible. In fact, it’s minimal.

But however , having two mouthfuls of porridge made Matilda easier .

As a result, Matilda’s physical and psychological state became better and better before she knew it, and her appetite improved. After a short time , she drank a bowl of porridge completely.

Seeing that Matilda had eaten such a lot porridge, Jacob’s complexion improved tons . He sighed with great satisfaction: “Matilda, i feel your complexion has improved a lot!

Matilda asked: “Really? I feel good too. A lot of

Jacob laughed and said, “Don’t tell me, this millet porridge is effective. because the old saying goes, whole grains are the foremost nourishing! With

that, he thought of the bath with water within the bathroom, and hurriedly said, “Matilda, you As soon as I finished a bowl of porridge, I took a slow time in bed. I visited see if the water was ready. I’ll come to assist you within the bath.

Matilda nodded: ” Okay , you go, many thanks jaCob!” “What are you polite.” Jacob waved his hand with a smile, quickly put down the tableware, and stepped into the toilet .

As soon as he entered the toilet , Jacob rubbed his hands in excitement.

I couldn’t help feeling: “Oh! It’s almost thirty years since Matilda and that i are separated! Thirty years, today I can finally relive the old dream with her!

Thinking, he strode to the bath , and therefore the water within the bathtub Already half full, he reached bent test the temperature of the water. Whether it had been cold or hot was good .

So he hurriedly rotated and walked out of the toilet and said happily, “Matilda, the water is prepared , you ought to go soak immediately.


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