The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2583 (Charlie Wade)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2583 (Charlie Wade)


When Jacob broke his leg with Matilda on the riverside, Charlie was only the previous couple of kilometers faraway from Moore’s manor within the outskirts of Aurous Hill.

At this point , within the banquet hall of the Moore Family Manor, the daddy and daughter of the Ito family, Emi Ito and Koichi Tanaka, were amid Jasmine, chatting with Mr. Moore.

Although the Moore family’s cooperation with Nippon Steel relied on Charlie to cure Nippon Steel’s chairman Shinwa Watanabe, it had been also because of Ito Yuhiko’s matchmaking.

Moreover, after Jasmine had an accident in Japan and was rescued by Charlie, it had been also because of the care of the Ito family.

Therefore, Mr. Moore was very kind to the guests of Ito’s house.

As for Ito Nanako, she was busy chatting with Jasmine about whispers between women. the 2 kept whispering, often laughing out of control, as if they were an honest sister.

and therefore the Akita dog that Nanako Ito brought was lying on her feet obediently, looking around curiously with a pair of round eyes.

Just in time, Mr. Quinton and Aurora also received Moore’s house one step at a time.

As soon because the father and daughter entered the banquet hall, Jasmine hurriedly got up and waved to Aurora: , come here!” When

Aurora saw Jasmine and Ito Nanako, she also waved to both of them.

Seeing Ito Nanako, Aurora felt a touch bit embarrassed in her heart. After all, she inadvertently injured Ito Nanako very badly within the previous game, plus she was tons weaker than Ito Nanako. Charlie’s pill was only ready to counterattack, so she felt even more ashamed.

Immediately afterwards, she saw the Akita lying at Ito Nanako’s feet. She was immediately attracted by the puppies’ naive appearance and screamed: “Wow! Is it Momotaro?! My goodness, it is so amazing. It’s cute!! She

ran over

as soon as she said. Her bluff attracted everyone’s attention.

Mr. Quinton was a touch embarrassed and said to Old Man Moore and therefore the other members of the Ito family: “Sorry everyone, this girl has no rules on weekdays, she always fussed over,

and was close to scold Aurora twice, but Aurora had already arrived. ahead of the Akita Inu, he squatted down and stretched his hand to tease the dog.

Mr. Quinton shook his head helplessly, and Mr. Moore said with a smile at this time: “Mr. Quinton, come and sit down and introduce you to Mr. Ito from the japanese Ito family. “

Mr. Quinton hurriedly walked. Going forward, shaking hands with everyone within the Ito family one by one, said sorry to say: i used to be so embarrassed just , the small girl likes to tease cats and dogs all the time, please bear with me.

Ito Yuhiko smiled and said: “Mr. Quinton you do not need to be so polite. Little girls are like this. Your Aoxue is about an equivalent age as our Nanako. Although they’re in their early twenties, they’re still little girls in their bones. i can not understand this state better. “

Mr. Quinton nodded and smiled: Indeed, the youngsters of our two families are all about an equivalent age, and that they all love martial arts. Hey, I sometimes worry about it. You said this tiny girl doesn’t like piano, chess, calligraphy and painting, so i prefer it. I danced with knives and guns, kicked sandbags reception a day , and kicked both of them during a week. does one think you’ll stand this?

Ito Yuihiko chuckled and said, “I wont to wish to supervise children. Not only let children practice martial arts, but also children. Studying piano, chess, calligraphy and painting, and even chanoyu arrangement , always want to cultivate her into a true lady. “

Speaking of this, Ito Yuihiko sighed, and said: “But now i would like to know . As long because the child is happy and happy, and doesn’t go crookedly, it’s enough, and let her explore the remainder by herself.

” Yes.” Mr. Quinton nodded and smiled, and said, “I can’t control her now, so i do not bother to regulate it.

Here, Aurora’s attention is nearly all attracted by the Akita dog.

She stroked the Akita dog’s head, while at an equivalent time. Looking expectantly at Ito Nanako, she asked, “Nanako, is that this dog really for me?

“That’s right!” Ito Nanako nodded and smiled, and said seriously: “It’s called Momotaro. he’s a touch boy. Although he’s a boy, he features a excellent temper and good humor . From now on, he will ask for your care!”


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