The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2587 (Charlie Wade)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2587 (Charlie Wade)

Chapter 2587

Seeing Charlie coming, Mr. Quinton took the cause get up and respectfully said: “Master Wade, you’re here! We are talking about you!”
Charlie smiled and said, “I heard it. Didn’t you say you would like to drink a couple of more glasses with me later?”
Mr. Quinton hurriedly smiled and said, “I actually need to drink a couple of more glasses with you, but I definitely don’t mean to drink you.”
Charlie smiled, then said to Mr. Moore: “Mr. Moore is okay recently?”

Mr. Moore nodded repeatedly and said respectfully: “Master Wade, because of you, the old man is in excellent health.”
Charlie nodded. At this moment, Ito Yuihiko beckoned to Charlie, and said respectfully: “Hello, Mr. Wade, we meet again!”
Charlie had already guessed that Ito Yuhiko must be here, but he naturally had to pretend to be very surprised and said: “Oh, it was Mr. Ito, I didn’t expect you to be here.”

After speaking, Charlie checked out Emi Ito and Koichi Tanaka beside him again, smiled and said, “Ms. Ito and Mr. Tanaka are here.”
Emi Ito hurriedly stood up and bowed ninety degrees, “Hello, Mr. Wade!”

Hiroshi Tanaka slipped his lower limbs, and will only put his hands together and said, “Hello, Mr. Wade!”
Charlie nodded slightly, and Ito Nanako, who was chatting with Jasmine shortly away, said with a blushing face: “Charlie, don’t come here all right!”
Charlie checked out Ito Nanako, and saw that she was still soft and soft, and said with a smile: “Nanako, I even have heard Jasmin to mention that you simply are coming to Aurous Hill to observe a concert, but I didn’t expect to return so early.”

Nanako Ito said shyly, “Charlie, I just happened to be not that busy recently, so i would like to require this chance to return to Aurous Hill to relax and take an opportunity .”
Charlie nodded, and smiled and asked her: “Why didn’t you tell me before you came?”
Ito Nanako pursed her mouth and whispered: “I…I…I wanted to offer Charlie a touch surprise, so I said, please do not be angry… “
Charlie smiled and said, “How come, but next time you’ll consider telling me beforehand , then i will be able to prepare the reception for you.”
Ito Nanako hurriedly said, “Okay Charlie, next time i will be able to tell you in advance!”

Charlie nodded slightly, and Jasmine smiled and said, “Master Wade, does one think we would like to take a seat in now?”
“Okay.” Charlie said with a smile: “I’m sorry to allow you to await me for therefore long. The journey may be a bit distant . I just happened to ascertain my father-in-law again.”
Mr. Moore stood up at this point and said with a smile: “Master Wade, you’ve got seen something outside. We just started talking and have a couple of words. Come, please take your seat first!”

Charlie smiled and said: “Old sir, you’re the master, in fact you’ve got to require a seat first.”
Mr. Moore still wanted to shirk, but Charlie insisted: “Come on, sit on the most seat, and that i will sit next to you.”
When Mr. moore saw this, he didn’t refuse, and said quickly: “Then you’ll do as Master Wade ordered!”
At this point , Aurora, who had just rushed his face with cold water, also came out of the toilet . Seeing Charlie coming, she ran to the front excitedly and said excitedly, “Master Wade, you’re here!”

Charlie checked out her and nodded and smiled: “Aoxue is here too.”
“Yes.” Aurora said happily, “Nanako gave me an Akita dog and let me pick it up.”
As she said, she was busy again and said, “Master Wade, are you getting to tease it?”

Mr. Quinton blurted out and scolded: “Aurora! Did you see that everybody was getting to erode the table? Just knowing to be foolish, and quickly sit down next to me.


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