The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2600 (Charlie Wade)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2600 (Charlie Wade)


Mai smiled and said, “I use a car within the city limits. It is estimated that one or two hundred kilometers is the most in one day.” The

    taxi driver blurted out: “Then you can give two thousand dollars! British

    two thousand. “!” The Mike on the side exclaimed, “Your price is a bit too dark, right? You can’t watch us come out of the train station, and you subconsciously want to kill us!” The

    taxi driver blushed, and then hurriedly said: ” Yes Not one thousand and five?”

    Mike still wanted to talk. Mai interrupted him at this time and said indifferently: “Just two thousand, Mike, give money.”

    Mike subconsciously said, “Grandpa, he just said a thousand. Five.”

    Mai said categorically: “Forgot how I told you? Two thousand, give the money.

    Mike suddenly nodded, counted twenty hundred yuan bills from his wallet and handed them over.

    In fact, he is not stingy, nor can he afford two thousand dollars. It’s just that the feeling that others are obviously slaughtering himself makes him a little unacceptable.

    However, when he thinks that his grandfather has said that he will avoid arguing with others, he immediately replied. After passing by, he willingly paid out the money. The

    driver happily took the money, counted it carefully, and hurriedly said: “Two of you, please get in the car!

    Mike helped Mai into the car and walked around to the other side. He also sat up. As the

    driver drove towards the exit station, he asked, “The two of you should be from abroad?”

    Mike asked curiously, “How do you know? The

    driver smiled and said, “Who can bring something in China? Thousands of dollars in cash to go out. We are all electronic payments, which is safe and

    easy . Mike nodded and said: “This is true. Domestic electronic payments are indeed very good, much more advanced than foreign countries.

    The driver proudly said: “Of course, a cashless society! You see, after we implemented electronic payments, there are fewer thieves than before.

    So saying, he asked: “The two first stop going?”


    Mike opened his mouth and said, “

From last night to the present,

 Charlie has been thinking about ocean transportation.

    He also realized that this is an excellent development opportunity, but he has never thought about who should come. Trader.

    Charlie has self-knowledge. He reads few books and knows little about international trade, import and export trade, and foreign exchange collection and settlement. If he is allowed to trade this project himself, he has no way of starting.

    Therefore, he has to enter. In this industry, the first task to solve is to find a suitable person.

    Claire didn’t know what Charlie was up to. After washing up, she could not help but ask Charlie when she woke up and was still lying in bed in a daze. What did you think about in a daze early in the morning?

    Charlie came back to his senses and smiled: “I, thinking about starting a business.”

    “Starting a business?” Claire asked in surprise, “Do you want to start a business?”

    Charlie nodded and said with a smile: “I have this idea, but I haven’t found an entry point.

    Claire hurriedly said: “My husband, I think you don’t think about starting a business. “

    Charlie asked curiously: “Why?

    Claire said seriously: “Our family is not short of money now. You usually don’t make less money by showing Feng Shui to others. If I implement the Emgrand Group project, Our family’s money can’t be spent, why bother to work hard to start a business?

    Charlie said seriously: “But my wife, aren’t you working hard to start a business yourself?

    Claire sat down beside Charlie and held him. He said seriously: “Husband, starting a business is really hard, and it’s the kind of bow without turning back, so I don’t want you to work so hard.”

    With that, Claire said with emotion: “In the past few years, you have not only taken care of me, family, and Aunt in the orphanage, but also been under the command of my parents and looked down upon by my parents and grandma. It has been hard enough. Yes, now I can finally relax, why bother to start a business?


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