The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2604 (Charlie Wade)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2604 (Charlie Wade)


 Mike said with a bit of annoyance: “Grandpa, this guy is too bad! I gave him two thousand dollars, and he only sent us here and ran. It’s just such a stretch of road. A normal taxi will definitely cost less than fifty dollars. If you let him run away like this, he doesn’t know how many people will be pitted in the future! No, I have to call the police! 

    Mai nodded and said: “That guy is really too much, but you don’t need to be familiar with him. , Remember, the most precious thing in a person’s life is time. The more successful people are, the more time is worth, and the more failed people, the less time will matter.

    After that, Mai asked him again:’Then if you call the police now, then we will wait here for the police to come over, or take the initiative to go to the police station, and then explain the ins and outs of the whole matter, and remember that person’s The characteristics and license plate number. After the police officers catch him, they will find us to identify and make a record. This time, we will have to wait at least half a day. “

    Don’t say anything else. In the United States, anyone who asks me to see Feng Shui or divination will pay me fifty thousand dollars an hour, but the two of us will spend most of the day in this way for two thousand dollars.” Isn’t it boring for people to be self-confident?”

    Mike couldn’t help but said, “Grandpa, I want to call the police and arrest him, not for two thousand yuan. I just want to teach this person a lesson and let him know that this society is going to talk. Honest and legal! Only in this way can he continue to do evil to the greatest extent.

    Mai waved, seriously said:


    grams, since you are interested in feng shui occult, but also want to be able to study in depth in this area, then you have to keep this in mind. “

    Mike hurriedly asked: “Grandfather, what do you think I need to keep in mind?”

    Mai said seriously: “You must remember, don’t be nosy, remember one sentence: each family Sweeping the snow before the door, don’t care about other people’s frost!

    Mike said dumbfounded: “Grandpa, isn’t this a satire?”

    “Sarcastic?” Mai smiled and said, “This is the true wisdom of the ancestors. Where!

    “Sweeping the snow in front of your door is justified and understandable. No one can accuse you of sweeping the snow in front of your own house.”

    “But if you really manage other people, then I ask you, who do you want to control? ?

    “If you are kind to help your next door neighbor, next door next door that you will ask you, why is whether he?”

    If you put a weak moment, he also tube, and that his next door will not think you should put him out Outside.

    “If that’s the case, wouldn’t it be snow, you have to clean up the entire community and all the snow in front of everyone’s home?

    Mike was speechless.

    Mai continued: “People like us who master Feng Shui fortune should not be overly sympathetic! With

    that, Mai said again: “Like my grandfather, he was the best at looking at pictures. If he walked in Beijing On the streets of China, among the people coming and going, he can see at a glance who will suffer a bloody disaster in the near future, or even have a family destroyed; “

    Sometimes, some people can save his life as long as he holds the other person and clicks.”

    However, he can not be a flood of compassion to a tube, billions of people in this world, you just start tube, it will instinctively feel as though on who has the responsibility, then how can you get through the pipe?

    “This It seems that when we go out to show people the feng shui, on the way to the employer’s house, we may see dozens or hundreds of murderous houses. If we talk about it one by one, can we make it through? And, even if we say it, can others appreciate you? “


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