The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2650 (Charlie Wade) part 1

CHAPTER 2650 Part 1

 After the plane entered Syrian airspace, Anthony used a tablet to open a map of northwestern Syria and said to Charlie: “Master, it is cloudy today. Although the visibility is not high, it is still easy to be spotted by the other party during the day. The scheduled landing place is here.” As

    he said, he pointed at a location on the screen, and his fingertips drew a red circle on it, and then another arrow pointed to a valley: “And here is yours The destination, your drop point is about five kilometers away from your destination. After you land on foot, it is safer.”

    Charlie waved his hand: “It was originally a mountainous area. across two hills, do not know how long it takes, there is no better way? “


    . “This,” Anthony hurried look to Vasily

    Vasily some embarrassing opening: “Master Wade, if you are too close to the impact point parachuting them, it is likely you have not landed, they had your eye on, so This is also for your safety.”

    Charlie said lightly: “It’s okay, I have a way to

    prevent them from discovering me. Anthony had no choice but to take out an engineering plastic box from under the seat. After opening it, there were two dark ones inside. Pistols, a bunch of bullets, a tactical dagger made of stainless steel, and a few grenades, said to Charlie: “Master, you should bring all these weapons and equipment in case you need them.

    Charlie shook his head and said: “I don’t know how to use a gun.”

    Anthony exclaimed: “You don’t know how to use a gun?! How can you defend yourself when you go this time?”

    Charlie smiled and said, “I dare to go alone. Naturally, there is a way of self-defense, but it is not just using a gun.

    Charlie knew clearly in his heart that one individual would sneak into the quarters of thousands of native soldiers, and it would be impossible to solve the problem with a gun. This kind of thing can only be wise.

    If you want to rescue Ziva Hank alive, you can only go in quietly and come out quietly, and you must not go to war.

    Otherwise, it is very likely that you will be stunned and even take your own life into it.


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