The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2661 (Charlie Wade) Part 2

CHAPTER 2661 / 2

and we have a large number of civilians here. If they send planes to attack indiscriminately, they will surely arouse public anger, and they will oppose our opposition. More favorable. “

    Charlie nodded slightly.

    The war he was understanding was a modern war based on the Gulf War.

    The core of modern warfare is the air force, with the navy and the army as a supplement.

    Just like the United States fighting Iraq, the two armies do not need to engage in short-handed combat. 

First use fighter jets to fight and seize air supremacy, and then use bombers to carry precision-guided bombs to destroy the enemy’s key defense forces and military industry. After the opponent is completely paralyzed, 

a large number of ground troops directly rush in, and they can directly occupy it.

    However, it now appears that in places like Syria, the method of warfare is basically the same as that of World War II. 

The two armies mainly rely on the ground forces to fight head-on, and the air force can have little influence.

    Charlie remembered that Musa was the captain of the armored brigade, so he asked him: “Musa, since 90% of the wars here are ground wars, then your armored brigade must have an extraordinary identity and status? “

    Musa nodded and said truthfully: are the most important of the two forces, one armored brigade, one is” flying brigade, battalion flight but only four helicopters, so the main fighting force or rely on my armor brigade.

    Charlie asked curiously: “Musa, since you can be the captain of the armored brigade, then you yourself should be ranked higher in this armed force?

    Musa hurriedly said: “Actually, my armored brigade During the war, it was completely under the command and dispatch of the commander himself. 

The reason why I was able to be a captain was also because I knew more about tanks, so I acted more as an instructor and didn’t have much real power.

    Charlie gently Nodded, since the armored squadron is the core combat power here, it is reasonable to be directly under the command and dispatch of the commander.

    Under the leadership of Musa, Charlie and him came to a courtyard wall of loess. The yard is full of voices, and the communication between people is basically by shouting.

    Moreover, Charlie found that they speak different languages, some people speak English, some people speak French, and some people say that he doesn’t speak at all. The language he understands should be Arabic.

    Charlie asked Musa: “Do you have a unified language here?

    Musa shook his head: “The unified language should be Arabic, but the composition of our opposition soldiers is more complicated, so many of us don’t speak Arabic.”


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