The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2689 (Charlie Wade) Part 1

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2689 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2689 Part 1


   When Charlie and Ziva Hank hurried back to Aurous Hill without stopping, Hunter (Hamid) also hurried back to the valley in northern Syria.

    At this time, his subordinates were talking about it, and everyone didn’t understand why Hunter (Hamid) had to send a hostage out suddenly.

    Moreover, in addition to the woman hostage, there was another guy that everyone had never seen before. He didn’t know where he came out, and then he followed Hunter (Hamid).

    At any rate, it is also a heavily guarded military garrison. Someone unknown to anyone will appear inexplicably. This kind of weird and even strange thing happened here for the first time.

    So after Hunter (Hamid) left, everyone couldn’t wait to know what happened just now.

    Hunter (Hamid)’s deputy went to the cellar in person, looking for someone to ask what happened, but Musa and others, who were loyal to Charlie, took advantage of the fact that the cellar had only a

 narrow entrance and an iron gate that was easy to defend and difficult to attack. Defeated inside the iron gate, not allowing anyone to enter.

    Hunter (Hamid)’s deputy did not expect that Musa would betray, and in his desperation he wanted to explode directly with a bomb, but when he thought that there 

were seven hostages who might be exchanged for the ransom, he temporarily dismissed the idea.

    However, he was also very clear in his heart that although the cellar was easy to defend and difficult to attack,

 the cellar itself was also a dead end, so as long as he guarded the exit, Musa would surrender in no time.

    As a result, he immediately deployed nearly a hundred additional armed forces in the yard, with all his

 guns aimed at the exit of the cellar, to ensure that anyone coming out of it would be beaten into a mess in an instant.

    At this moment, the helicopter roared in the sky, making everyone nervous.

    Everyone recognized that this helicopter was the one that Commander Hunter (Hamid) had just taken.

    But no one knows now whether Commander Hunter (Hamid) will step out of the plane after the plane has landed.

    The helicopter descended slowly. When Hunter (Hamid)’s deputy saw that the helicopter was about to land in the yard, he immediately ordered the soldiers around him: 

“Everyone quickly get out of the way and make room for the helicopter to land!


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