The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2693 (Charlie Wade) Part 2

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2693 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2693

Seeing Ziva Hank entering the room, Charlie opened the door of his room.

Isaac Cameron saw that they both went back to the room to rest, so he immediately returned to his office.

Charlie entered the room, the first thing was to lock the door, then took off all his clothes, stepped into the bathroom, and took a cold shower.

After cleaning himself, Charlie sat on the bed, feeling the spiritual energy in his body, and seeing that the spiritual energy was almost exhausted,

his heart was also very painful.

At the beginning, he discovered the existence of spiritual energy in the piece of peace and wealth that he bought from Dr. Simmons.

It’s a pity that the aura in that stone has been absorbed cleanly by me. Since then, although I have seen many treasures of heaven and earth,

I have never encountered anything that contains aura.

Moreover, among the high-rise buildings in this city, there is almost no trace of aura, and it will take at least a few months to replenish the aura.

This also gave him a sense of crisis in his heart.

Reiki is fast to use, but it is far from easy to accumulate.

If there is no lasting and effective way to replenish Reiki, I am afraid it will be more difficult in the future.

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but recall the content of the “Nine Profound Sky Classics” in his mind.

In the “Nine Profound Heaven Scriptures”, a kind of pill that is higher than the rejuvenating pill, called Peiyuan Pill, is recorded.

Regardless of the name of the Peiyuan Pill, it seems that it is not as arrogant as the Rejuvenation Pill, but this kind of medicine is directly higher than the Rejuvenation Pill.

Rejuvenation pills can make ordinary people live longer and resurrect from the dead, but it does not contain aura.

After all, aura is the most refined and pure energy between heaven and earth.

It is the most powerful kind of power.


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