I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 695

Chapter 695 Get Out (Fourth)

Ethan laughed but didn’t say anything. After hesitating for a while, he looked at the old man and replied casually: “You can figure it out, I am not very clear about the time, but let me talk to Lin Yan again.”

Suddenly, this good friend is about to become engaged. Ethan doesn’t care. He has a thick-skinned face anyway, but he is a little worried that Lin Yan will not want too much.

Just as Ethan was meditating here, the old grandmother’s unceremonious voice suddenly came from a distance and said: “Oh, I thought it was the noble son of someone’s family, and the relationship is a bad doctor.”

Ethan frowned slightly when he heard this, and turned his head to look at the old grandmother who was being helped by someone to walk over in silence.

He had heard Lin Yan briefly said before about the Lin Family’s affair. The last time he saw the Lin Family’s grandmother, he thought she could barely be fair to people and things.

However, not only did Lin Nan not be expelled from the Lin family, but the fact that he was transferred to a subsidiary made Lin Yan quite uncomfortable with this old grandmother!

“Our Lin family’s invitations are not something ordinary people can hold, but I’m very curious. Where did you dare to go to the door of my Lin family!”

Having said this, the old grandmother sat down unceremoniously, and then frowned at Old Man Lin and said solemnly: “It’s not that I said you, please invite everything else at home in the future. You have to get it dirty. Let people wash.”

When Mr. Lin frowned, he looked at Ethan apologetically and nodded, and said in a deep voice, “You are almost enough!”

After hearing the words, the old grandmother poured herself a cup of tea without delay, put it in her nose and smelled it, and said with a pity: “It’s a waste of such a good tea. Feeding the wrong person.”

Mr. Lin’s face was a little bit awkward. Today, he wanted to talk to Ethan about Lin Yan alone.

But who would have thought that the old grandmother would come over by herself without saying anything, and even insult people like this! Where does this put his host’s face?

“I said you are almost enough. I have something serious to talk to Xiao Norman, so don’t get involved here!”

The old grandmother looked at the look of old man Lin with a slightly unhappy expression and said, “What is there to talk to him? I won’t let people clean him up. It’s me already!”

Ethan drank the tea without surprise, as if he had heard nothing, completely treating the old grandmother as nothing.

But it was this attitude that angered the old grandmother even more, seeing that Ethan didn’t pay attention to herself at all.

The old grandmother sneered and looked at Ethan, “Look at what you are. How much is a poor doctor’s monthly salary? Are you worthy of our Lin Yan?”

After saying this, the old grandmother couldn’t help but think of her marriage with the Norman Family, and her heart was even more angry!

“If it wasn’t for your little bastard to intervene and disrupt our marriage with the Norman Family, why would the Lin family be in such a big trouble!”

Elder Lin looked at the old grandmother and said angrily: “You said enough!”

“Not enough! I can’t understand him! He has to act like a savior after doing bad things, and he has to be married to our family Yan’er. What a thing he is!”

Hearing this, Ethan couldn’t help but a wry smile appeared on his face.

God knows that he was also pushed back, but Ethan didn’t resent Lin Yan in his heart because he felt that every girl has the right to pursue her own happiness.

Even Ethan didn’t care about the Norman Family’s grudges at all. He was just worried that if he married Lin Yan, her reputation would be affected.

Seeing the old grandmother’s words getting more and more excessive, Ethan took a deep breath and couldn’t help but said, “I really don’t know about this matter. Please don’t talk nonsense.”

Elder Lin glanced at Ethan apologetically, and then whispered, “Xiao Norman, or go back first. We’ll talk about this after two days.”

Ethan looked at Mr. Lin and nodded, but he just got up but didn’t expect the old grandmother to yell at him: “Go away! Never step in here again! Our Lin family doesn’t welcome you!”

With his back to the old grandmother, Ethan took a few deep breaths before forcibly suppressing his anger!

Ethan is the number one person no matter where he is. He has never been so despised and looked down upon!

What Ethan didn’t know was that just outside the back garden door, a young girl was clenching her teeth and clenching her fists, as if she was afraid that she could not control herself.

Listening to the old grandmother’s increasingly excessive words, the girl finally couldn’t help it!

She directly stood up and looked down at the old grandmother and said, “I didn’t expect the grandmother of the Lin family to be like a shrew. Today is an experience!”

Hearing this, the old grandmother was slightly taken aback and said: “Where is the bitch…”

After the old grandmother and the old man Lin saw the people, they all looked at each other in surprise!

Especially the eyes of the old grandmother, there is a trace of panic in the eyes of the other person!

But Ethan smiled bitterly at the person who came, thinking that she had been thrown away, but he didn’t expect her to follow.

“I advise you to speak more politely. Your Lin family is strong, but my family is not weak. What do you think?”

Sally looked at Ethan and smiled, then Kuan Kuan walked over and put her hand directly on Ethan’s arm, and said with a somewhat ambiguous expression: “I told you to wait for me. Why are you walking so fast? Look at me. How about the changed skirt?”

Ethan frowned helplessly. He couldn’t help sighing as a fairy when looking at Sally, who had a beautiful and delicate makeup.

But he opened his mouth and said, “I didn’t invite you again, so why don’t you follow along to join in the fun?”

When Sally heard this, she glanced at Ethan a little bit aggrievedly, then turned her head and smiled at Old Man Lin and said, “Mr. Lin hasn’t seen him for a long time, is he still healthy?”

Old Man Lin looked at Sally and then at Ethan, then was silent for a while, nodded and said solemnly, “Fortunately, the old bones are still healthy. I wonder if you have anything to do when you come here today?”

Sally looked at Old Man Lin and smiled, then looked up at Ethan who pretended not to see anything.

“It’s nothing, I just saw that he received your invitation, thinking that I haven’t visited for a long time, so I just came to join in the fun.”

As soon as the voice fell, Sally put away the smile on her face, then gloomily looked at the dark-faced grandmother who didn’t dare to speak, and said, “But I didn’t expect to be lucky enough to meet the Lin family’s grandmother this time. What’s the real face.”

Looking at Sally, the old grandmother couldn’t help it for an instant, and she said angrily, “Presumptuous! Don’t think there is…!”

“Enough! Isn’t your old lady making enough trouble, get out of here!”

Before he finished speaking, Old Man Lin let out a low roar!

The old grandmother turned her head stiffly, and then when she looked at Sally again, she came back to her senses and understood what kind of big mistake she almost made!

So he let his subordinates support him, and went on silently.


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