Dragon Husband Chapter 1 – 10

Dragon Husband Chapter 1 – 10

Chapter 1 The Wind Goddess

“Sign the divorce agreement, and follow Feliicity to the Civil Affairs Bureau tomorrow.”

Wiliam raised his head and saw Rebeca, his mother-in-law, throwing two pieces of paper in front of him in disgust.

And a woman with a pale face and a pale face stood behind Rebeca.

She is Wiliam’s wife, Feliicity.

No one in Q City ( Qena City ) knows the name of the Feliicity.

Born to be beautiful, but marrying is bleak.

No one in Q City ( Qena City ) knew that she was married to a useless son-in-law.

Seeing Feliicity’s coldness, Wiliam’s heart ached, and his hands trembled to accept the divorce agreement.

This day, after all, has come.

When Feliicity saw Wiliam accept the agreement, his expression darkened, and he turned away.

She was completely desperate for her husband who had guarded her for ten years.

Wiliam, I still remember Feliicity!

Ten years ago, a snowy night.

You are in ragged clothes and holding a wooden stick. In order to protect the stranger, I was bitten by a stray dog, but you refused to retreat.

With sticks as swords, heroes fight justice!

From then on, I began to worship you.

You are the brave hero in my heart.

But, I still remember your courage, too!

Over the years, you have thrown away all your blood and courage…

Look at how you are now, talking softly every day, I can’t fight back or scold me, do you still live like a man!

I really don’t want to see you like this…

I have waited for you for ten years, and you have let me down for ten years.

Today, you face this divorce agreement, but you dare to say a word!

I, Feliicity, dare to depend on you in this life!

Unfortunately, you dare not…

You have lost even the courage to catch your wife.

It’s good for us…

Thinking of this, Feliicity couldn’t help the tears in her eyes anymore and turned to leave.

But Rebeca looked at Wiliam in disgust, feeling extremely proud.

Ten years ago, my own stupid daughter rescued a kid, and she just kept him at home for ten years.

Even three years ago, he rejected all opinions and married him.

This incident almost caused a sensation throughout Q City ( Qena City ).

The Bai family, who was supposed to take the Feliicity to the next level, was also reduced to a laughing stock because of this incident and never recovered.

The beauty of the allure, married to a poor wanderer.

This joke has been circulated in Q City ( Qena City ) for three years, and it has lasted for a long time.

Now, my daughter finally wants to understand.

As long as she divorces this kid, her daughter will be able to regain a new life in Q City ( Qena City ) with her unparalleled appearance.

By the way, Fernando, who was struggling to pursue the Feliicity before, seemed to be good. The family had money and power. It just so happened that our Bai family wanted them from the Lin family.


“Quickly sign! My daughter will go on a date with Fernando tomorrow.” Rebeca cursed angrily, seeing Wiliam lingering.

Wiliam sighed, put away the divorce agreement, but said coldly: “Let’s wait a moment, I’m making soup for Feliicity.”

Rebeca looked at Wiliam contemptuously, hum, for the past ten years, this kid has always put on a stinky face, as if he didn’t put the Bai family up and down in his eyes.

Only the Feliicity can make him smile.

Who do you think you are!

Forgive you for not not signing!

Rebeca urged again and left the kitchen.

After they left, Wiliam suddenly smiled bitterly, eyes full of sourness.

He looked at the bubbling soup pot, his eyes were burning.

Feliicity, do you know why I haven’t beaten back, or scolded…

Because you are sick.

You are born with a cold body and cannot be greatly stimulated.

At the end of each month, the toxins invade and become cold.

How can I bear to stimulate you again…

If it weren’t for me to boil this pot of soup with medicinal herbs at this time of the month, you wouldn’t be able to survive 15 years old…

You will be cured in one year.

Unfortunately, one year…

Why can’t you give me another year!

Are you really so disappointed with me?

Do you know my true identity!

I need someone to accompany you because of your sentence. It will be ten years to stand by your side!

Thinking of this, Wiliam was heartbroken.

But at this time, his cell phone rang.

He picked up the phone number and frowned slightly.

This is a phone number that has not appeared in ten years.

Is it at home…

“Hello.” Wiliam immediately connected the phone.

On the other side of the phone, an old and mournful voice came, “Little master, old man, the Old master passed away last night…”

In a word, like thunder, Wiliam was completely dull.

Grandpa, is gone…

Wiliam was born in the Lu family of North.

His parents died young, and he was jealous of the rest of the family because of the prodigious talen.

Only Grandpa, alone loves him.

But in the end, in order to keep him safe for his whole life, grandpa cruelly let him feign death, and completely sent him out of this intriguing home.

It was also the first night living on the street, he met Feliicity, this girl who had distressed him all his life…

“Little young master, in fact, the old man has been paying attention to you silently over the years, and has been cultivating influence for you. The old man has a letter to you, I will pick you up now.” The phone choked.

Wiliam agreed. After hanging up the phone, he sat directly on the ground.

That grandpa who often carried himself on his shoulders and liked to pierce my face with scum…

The grandfather who sneaked into my room in the middle of the night and taught me medical skills, knocking on my head when I dozed off…


Wiliam Lu realized that his face was full of tears.

It wasn’t until a burning smell and thick smoke that Wiliam’s mind was reawakened.

Oh, the soup is burning!

Wiliam quickly got up, but it was too late.

At this time, Rebeca rushed in directly from the outside, clutching his nose, and yelling: “Damn! Are you sick? Are you deliberately trying to avenge our Bai family? You want to burn our Bai family!”

“Why is your heart so vicious!”

“Feliicity is blind to marrying you!”

“Divorce! Sign me an agreement right away! I can’t wait for a moment!”

The Feliicity behind Rebeca’s eyes were gloomy, but he didn’t speak.

Wiliam, will you cry too?

Are you crying because our fate is over?

Unfortunately, it is not useful.

Ten years, do you understand my heart?

I need you to shed for me, not for helpless tears.

What I want you to shed for me is the blood of a stick as a sword, life and death without regrets!

You dare to live for me, I dare to die for you…

You do not understand……

And Wiliam’s head had already begun to blur.

Great grief and pain, cold words, pierced Wiliam’s heart fiercely!

His head bounced and his eyes started to give birth for ten years!

First touch!

He raised his head and looked at Rebeca and Feliicity.

One, arrogant, mean and ruthless!

One, frosty, gentle and unfeeling for ten years!

This kind of Bai family, I am Wiliam, disdainful!

Don’t regret it!

The world loves me, loves me, and cherishes me who cherish me, but my grandfather is the only one.

And I, Wiliam, disdain for sympathy, no need to pity, here is enough for one person!

Thinking of this, Wiliam suddenly got up, grabbed the two divorce agreements on stage, and signed them directly!

After signing, he glanced at Feliicity again, and walked out of the kitchen without looking back!

And it was this look that caused Feliicity’s heart to be shocked like a stormy sea.

This look…

Cold and arrogant and domineering!

Like a wounded but stubborn lone wolf!

Seeing him walking away, Feliicity had an illusion!

It’s like, every indifferent look in his eyes just now, like arrows, splashed a handful of blood on him!

It’s like, every step he leaves, walking on blood, step by step away from death!

This look, this figure!

Didn’t it happen that Wiliam saved her wounded figure ten years ago?

Now, he is not hurt, and his heart is sad…

Thinking of this, Feliicity’s tears fell, and he rushed directly outside the door!

When Rebeca saw that Feliicity actually went to chase Wiliam, he yelled and hurried out!

Feliicity saw a cold and proud Wiliam at the door.

He seems, what is waiting…

Are you waiting for your retention…

Feliicity originally wanted to go up, but suddenly her heart was sore, and she withdrew from her steps.

Own, why keep him…

Rather than look at each other and dislike each other, it is better to break each other’s arms, and from then on, one is different and two wide, and each is happy…

But Rebeca rushed straight up, pointing to Wiliam and cursing, “What a crazy kid! You dare to give us a face! For so many years, our Bai family has been feeding a dog and knows wagging the tail! You eat our drink! Ours, even if we get married, we can’t get a dowry gift. Did my daughter say anything? You dare to pose in front of me!”

Seeing that her mother was still so unwilling to give up, Feliicity hurried up to dissuade her.

But Rebeca sneered: “Feliicity, don’t you know the virtues of this kid? Do you think he really wants to leave? He is a trash, penniless, where can he go? He just pretended to be pitiful on purpose. look, win your sympathy.”

“I’ve seen him through!”

Feliicity couldn’t bear to see Wiliam being so insulted and not retorting it, sobbing, “Mom, don’t say it, you also know that he is penniless, and we are good to get together. You have money in your pocket, can you get some? give……”

Rebeca looked at Wiliam, who was silent but with red eyes, and felt extremely happy!

Ten years, after ten years of enduring him, it’s finally over!

I’m going to let this kid starve to death on the street penniless!

Let him know that there is no charity from my Bai family, he is outside, not even a stray dog!

Feliicity saw that Rebeca refused to help Wiliam last, sighed, and turned around to get money back inside.

Rebeca suddenly stared, and quickly pulled Feliicity.

At the end of his eyes, a black line appeared slowly.

“Feliicity, look, is that a Rolls-Royce Phantom? It’s the first time I’ve seen it. The lines are so beautiful!”

“I don’t know which rich brother drove it. If Feliicity sits on it, it will be Cool. You should live this kind of life, do you know.”

Feliicity stared at the wiliam closely, not even looking at the luxury car.

However, Rebeca suddenly yelled out!

That Rolls-Royce stopped at their door!

Rebeca thought about it again, and the whole person became excited!

“I know, I know! Fernando must have sent you to pick you up for candlelight dinner!”

“I told him today that you are going to divorce this trash, he must be happy.”

“I just didn’t think that his family is so rich, Feliicity, your happy day is here!”

Feliicity’s face suddenly became ugly when she heard this.

My mother is too much.

Wiliam is still here, wouldn’t she make Wiliam even more embarrassed by saying these words!

Seeing Feliicity’s eyes on Wiliam, Rebeca suddenly let out a cold snort, but took out a stack of money and stuffed it directly to Wiliam!

by! Count me Rebeca stepped on shit and lost a thousand yuan!

It’s better to give him alms to a beggar!

At least the beggar still knows to be grateful!

“Go away, I heard nothing! My daughter is going on a date with her new boyfriend.”

A driver with white gloves was already standing by the car, opened the door, and made a respectful gesture in Wiliam’s direction.

Seeing this gesture, Rebeca pushed Feliicity excitedly, urging her to go to the appointment quickly.

Wiliam was stuffed with a thousand yuan in his hand and suddenly sneered.


LOL in the world is all think about money.

The hustle and bustle of the world is all for profit.

What is money!

I, Wiliam, want money, it’s a rich one!

I, Wiliam, have the power to rule the world!

But I disdain!

All I need is a white-headed grandfather and one more…

We grow old together…

Thinking of this, Wiliam sneered, and suddenly tore it!

Ten bills were thrown into the air, and there was bloody snow.

He strode towards the car, Rebeca was about to scold him, but he saw an extremely shocking scene!

The driver bowed respectfully to Wiliam.

Wiliam, opened the door and got into the car without looking back!

Chapter 2

Rebeca and Feliicity, their faces were full of incredible!

This car was not sent by Fernando to pick up Feliicity?

I’m here to pick up Wiliam!

That’s the Rolls-Royce Phantom!

A luxury car worth tens of millions!

How could Wiliam get in such a luxury car?

Where does he get the money, where does his contacts come from?

Where is his qualification!

You know, Wiliam is at the Bai’s house, saying that he is the son-in-law, but his status and status are inferior to the housekeeper and nanny!

For ten years, he has been staying at the Bai’s house and there are few friends, let alone money.

Another most important reason for Feliicity’s unfeeling towards Wiliam is that at the end of each month, Wiliam would cheekily ask her for money, as he should.

And now, with no money and fate like a cheap dog, he was greeted by a Rolls-Royce Phantom!


The two looked at each other, their eyes filled with shock!

Feliicity suddenly looked at the torn banknotes on the ground, and a strange feeling suddenly appeared in her heart.

My husband, like a trash, seems to be extraordinary!

Wiliam was in the car with red eyes.

Grandpa passed away, his beloved wife, also at this moment, put aside himself.

The whole world is suffocating unfeeling.

I don’t know how long it took, the car stopped in front of a half-hill villa, Wiliam looked up, but saw a strange unicorn pattern carved on the door of Wang’s house.

Blood unicorn?

As Wiliam was thinking about it, he saw an old man with gray hair but sad eyes. One of his feet was a little uncomfortable, and he walked over tremblingly.

He is one of Grandpa’s most trusted subordinates and the rich man in Q City ( Qena City ) now, Harper.

Ten years ago, his grandfather sent Wiliam to Q City ( Qena City ). By accident, Wiliam entered the door of the Bai family.

And Harper came to Q City ( Qena City ) to develop under his grandfather’s order, also to protect Wiliam secretly.

When Harper saw Wiliam, his eyes were red, and his tears fell, “Little Master, I’m sorry…”

Wiliam resisted the tears and followed him into the villa.

In the room, Harper immediately took out a letter and a simple box, choked up and said, “Little Master, you can read this letter first.”

, the first sentence, Wiliam tears fell.

“Wiliam, I’m sorry, grandpa is gone, but whether you are in poverty or staying in the world, watching you suffer will make you feel like a knife…”

Grandpa’s letter is very long.

He looked like he wanted to tell Wiliam about his guilt and helplessness over the past decade.

Wiliam had already burst into tears after reading it.

After a long, long time, Wiliam held back his tears.

“Elder Wang, why did my grandfather die?” Wiliam asked suddenly in silence.

At this time, Harper also burst into murderous intent, gritted his teeth and said, “Master, he was poisoned to death! The Lu Family Patriarch and several elders joined forces to interrupt the hands and feet of the old man, and then feed him with poison! It made the old man become pus. Wailing for forty-eight hours before he died!”

When Wiliam heard this, tears came out again!

Grandpa is the genius doctor of the world!

Unexpectedly, before he died, he had endured such painful humiliation!


Forty-eight hours!

Thinking of this, Wiliam clenched his fist, pierced his fingernails into the flesh, unforgettable!

Lu family!

Harper gritted his teeth and said, “For the “Impermanent Medical Classics.”

Wiliam was taken aback.


“Isn’t “Impermanent Medical Classic” the Lu family’s handed down medical skills? Why?” Wiliam asked.

At this time, Harper looked at Wiliam deeply and said a word in a low voice, causing Wiliam to get goose bumps all over his body.

“By coincidence, your grandfather has actually completed the second half of the “Medical Classic of Impermanence” that has been incomplete for thousands of years!”

Wiliam’s heart trembled suddenly.

That’s it!

“Impermanent Medical Classics” is the medical classics handed down by the Lu family in North, a thousand-year-old fragment, and only the contents of the catalogue are missing in the second half.

The first half is the virtuous way of saving the world and helping others.

The second half is the killing way of slaughter and death!

For thousands of years, countless seniors of the Lu family have tried to make it up, but they couldn’t help it.

Unexpectedly, his grandfather would actually complete it!

No wonder the Lu family wanted to torture Grandpa so cruelly!

It must be to threaten Grandpa to hand over the completed “Impermanent Medical Classics”.

The grandfather has a proud personality. He sees through those people in the Lu family that they are not right in their minds.

Therefore, I was tortured for a full forty-eight hours to be free…

“Little Master, “The Medical Classic”, here is the only one.” Harper clicked on a simple box.

Wiliam looked at the box, feeling extremely sad.

“Little young master, before the old man is dying, he left a last word, I will dictate it to you.”

“The old man knows that you are arrogant and kind-hearted. He expected that you will avenge him after hearing about his death.”

“But, Lu Family, you can’t shake it now.”

“The old man gives you two choices.”

“One, take away 100 million from me, you have no worries in this life, and a peaceful life.”

“Second, it is to inherit the Scripture of Tranquility and from then on, you will become a Buddha with one thought and become a devil with one thought. However, two conditions must be met before the father allows you to go to the Lu family.”

“One is that you have to make hundreds of billions, and the other is that you have to learn “Impermanence Medical Classic” to

Chapter 5!”

When Wiliam heard this, his brows frowned slightly.

When Harper saw Wiliam frown, he sighed.

The latter two conditions are clearly the threshold set by the father in order not to let the young master get revenge.

One hundred billion, he is a poor boy, afraid that he will not be able to achieve this in this life.

It is even more impermanent to learn the fifth chapter of the “Impermanence Medical Classic”.

You know, there are ten chapters in the completed “Impermanence Medical Classic”.

Ordinary people, even if they are talented and intelligent, can comprehend Chapter 4 in their entire lives, and they are already reincarnation geniuses.

chapter Five……

Not only must be talented, but also have opportunities…

“What your grandfather meant is that you want you to make your first choice.” Harper said sincerely.

How could Wiliam not know the painstaking efforts of grandpa.

The Lu Family is too powerful.

It is so powerful that it reminds me of a sense of suffocation of helplessness!

Knowing the danger of revenge, Harper handed a bank card to Wiliam sadly and said, “Little Master, I hope you will be safe for your life, so I will feel at ease.”

“I will incinerate this box immediately, without leaving a trace of luck to the Lu family!”

Wiliam received the bank card blankly, his wrists trembling.

He walked outside blankly, as if he had made a choice.

When Harper saw this scene, his heart became sour.

This hatred is really too difficult for the young master.

fair enough……

The young master is finally a reasonable person, knowing what to take and what to give up.

Harper muttered the eulogy silently in his heart, took out the lighter, and prepared to burn the box in one fell swoop.

At this moment, he suddenly heard a clear hum!

He turned his head, but his pupils shrank!

Wiliam, who was still sluggish before, actually broke the bank card with one hand!

A terrifying chill suddenly burst out of him!

Eyes are like a knife!

The body is like a devil!

“Grandpa…If I’m not reconciled to my fate, I won’t succumb to others!”

“Heaven and earth!”

“The “Impermanent Medical Classics”, with one needle, one thought moves, life and death are impermanent, and heaven can’t decide.

“Then, let me, Wiliam decide!”

Chapter 3

When Harper heard these words, his whole body burst into blood, tears burst into his eyes!

This little master!

Young and frivolous, do not know what death is, do not know how precious life is!

I was so mad, I wanted to scold him harshly!

It’s so crazy, I think–

“Harper, I would like to make a great wish for the little young master, and burn the whole body!” Harper knelt directly towards Wiliam with his legs, and there was an old man’s zeal as a young man!

Before seeing Wiliam taking the bank card, Harper was just astonished. He knew that this choice was the most wise for Wiliam.

I feel sad, and regret even worse.

That is the old man’s hatred and wish, I am afraid that it will be immortal and will not be clear…

And now, seeing the young master knowing that there are tigers in the mountains, he prefers to travel to the tiger mountains, even if he knows that this is too risky and too dangerous, but it is to make him want to follow his life and pay for his life!

Young master, the old man did not misunderstand you!

Now that you have chosen the road of thorns, the old body is willing to overcome the thorns for you until the blood burns!

Harper tremblingly handed the box to Wiliam.

Wiliam opened the box. There were three things inside.

A yellowed handwritten scroll, written ““The Scripture of Tranquility’”.

There is also a set of cold shining silver needles, the upper part of each silver needle is a faint red color.

Wiliam’s eyes were red.

This is the silver needle that Grandpa has carried with him for decades, a total of one hundred, one hundred, long live one hundred!

Long live

Then use Grandpa’s silver “Long live safflower” to pierce the soul of the entire Lu family!

When Wiliam looked at the last thing, he was taken aback.

It was a simple and generous ring, and the pattern on the ring was exactly the same as the blood unicorn on the Wang’s gate just now.

“This is a unicorn ring. Your grandpa wants to protect you, so he secretly cultivated a force for you very early.”

“Those who carved the blood-stained Qilin on the
gates of their houses, all over this world, will bow
to William as their king!”

Harper choked up.

Wiliam feels sad, grandpa, these years, the kid has made you worry…

“Young Master, since you have made your choice, according to the old man’s will, I am afraid I can’t help you in earning hundreds of billions…” Harper waited for Wiliam to cherish his memory before saying apologetically.

Wiliam looked at Harper’s old face, but suddenly smiled.

“No, you can help!”

After Wiliam finished speaking, he suddenly took the silver needle directly and pierced Harper’s thigh meridians a few times!

After a few stitches, Harper’s cold sweat broke out.

Young Master, this is…

I saw Wiliam’s silver needles flying around, just like a snow butterfly meteor.

After a while, Wiliam drew out the silver needle and said to Harper: “It’s a job to change money, the sky can’t say, the earth dare not complain!”

Harper was stunned for a moment, and he suddenly laughed when he felt that the leg that had been lame for more than ten years had a strange appearance!

He laughed, not because his legs were better under Wiliam’s silver needles.

What he laughs is that the young master has inherited the old man’s medical skills since he was a child, and he is no longer Novice!

What he laughed was that the young master used this hand to tell him that he would follow his fate, and Wiliam would not let him go!

What he smiles even more is that the young master is so intelligent and eclectic!

At the end of the road, Silver Needle opened up territory and opened up a world with one stone and three birds!

Actually healed his leg problems and earned the first pot of gold!

“Okay! I, Harper, is also a man with a face in Q City ( Qena City ). I am fortunate enough to be given a needle by the genius doctor Lu., and I will repay him with courtesy!”

“I gave you a medical clinic that I just established two years ago as your first battlefield!”

Harper’s mood was extremely agitated.

Young master, your strength, your wisdom, will sooner or later pass through the clouds and win the stars, and become the overlord!

Wiliam nodded, holding the silver needle in his hand. This is his strongest reliance on both doctors and kills in the future!

“Tomorrow afternoon, please go to the Genuine Care Medical Center to go through the handover procedures. My grand Daughter Melissa is the host there, and there will be a business to discuss tomorrow. From now on, she will only follow you!” Harper said.

“It’s a pity, you’re married, young master, otherwise, my grand daughter…” Harper looked at Wiliam, the more satisfied he looked, he couldn’t help feeling.

But this sentence changed Wiliam’s expression.


At the end of this month, Feliicity was supposed to boil a bowl of medicinal soup.

She is yelling today, if the heart disease that has been suppressed for ten years breaks out at this time, maybe…

Thinking of this, Wiliam’s heart suddenly became anxious.

Although the relationship between the two of them is exhausted, the company of ten years has made Wiliam unable to sit back and ignore it.

Wiliam said goodbye to Harper and hurried out.

At this moment, the stars are all over the sky, and they are not so beautiful as to be in the world.

But at the Bai’s house, Feliicity was suddenly on the bed, covering her heart with one hand, and a lot of sweat came out along her forehead!

She was shocked!


Your own cold poison, didn’t it happen again after five years of age?

I thought I was cured, why now…

“Wiliam!” She couldn’t help calling a name in panic.

After shouting, she suddenly realized that this name, ten years old, has been unforgettable!

At the moment of life and death, what he called out was his name.

Unfortunately, he has…

The severe pain, coupled with the unspeakable grief at the moment, made her stiff and she fell into a coma on the spot.

When Wiliam rushed to Bai’s house, he found that the lights of Bai’s house were completely black.

After opening the door with the key, he went directly to Feliicity’s room.

As soon as he entered the room, he noticed that the Feliicity were strange.

not good!

Wiliam quickly took out the silver needle, followed the medical skills taught by his grandfather, punctured several key points in Feliicity, and used impermanence techniques to force Feliicity to take a breath!

As long as this difficulty is over, this month will pass.

Feliicity, you must stand up!

Wiliam guarded Feliicity, until he saw Feliicity’s face gradually become ruddy, his heart was relieved.

He was about to pull out the needle and leave. At this moment, his hand was gently held.

Wiliam stiffened, feeling the softness in his hands. It was half a step, unable to move away.

“Wiliam, don’t go…don’t go…” Feliicity said lightly, making Wiliam feel uncomfortable.

However, he found that Feliicity was still in a coma and should have just called out his name unconsciously.


Wiliam felt distressed when he looked at the sweetly sleeping beauty close at hand.

Feliicity, this is the only way, and only at this moment, you are willing to be so close to me…

It’s a pity that my hand can touch your face, but I can’t touch your heart…

Wiliam suddenly had a strong impulse.

He wanted to be like this, protecting Feliicity all his life.

He can no longer bear to see her unaccompanied in the middle of the night, sickness unknown…

But at this moment, there was a sound of footsteps at the door.

Wiliam’s eyes dazzled, he gently put down Feliicity, quickly pulled out the needle on her body, then opened the window and jumped out in one step!

Fortunately, she lives on the first floor of the villa. After Wiliam jumped out, she looked at the window reluctantly and left with strides.

Feliicity seemed to have had a long-lasting dream. There was no wind or snow in the dream, and some, she was with a man with a wounded eye, staying together for the rest of her life.

When she opened her eyes, it was already bright.

Two people stood before her eyes.

One was Rebeca, and the other disappointed Feliicity.

It was Fernando, a man who was struggling to pursue her.

not him……

Rebeca breathed a sigh of relief when she saw Feliicity wake up, and said with lingering fear: “Feliicity, you finally woke up, do you know that your heart disease broke out last night and you almost died.”

Feliicity nodded, but suddenly remembered in a daze, it seemed that a man saved herself…

His hands are warm…

His heart is very cold…

who is it……

At this time, Rebeca pointed to Fernando and said, “If it wasn’t for Fernando and I to have something to ask for you, I wouldn’t know that something happened to you.”

“Thanks to Fernando’s shot this time, he used Silver Needle to help you renew your life. You really have to thank others!”

Chapter 4


Last night, Fernando rescued me?

That in my dream…

Feliicity suddenly looked very ugly.

It turned out that it was a dream after all.

Woke up from the dream, that person also left…

Fernando looked at Chu Chu’s poor Feliicity, his eyes flashed with scorching heat, and said with a sincere expression: “Feliicity, do you know that you are very ill, if it weren’t for my aunt and I arrived last night, the consequences… “

“Thank you.” Feliicity forced a smile and thanked.

Rebeca on the side took the opportunity to say: “Feliicity, don’t you understand Fernando’s heart for you? He is now your savior…”

“Mom, I will repay my life later.” Feliicity felt a little depressed and couldn’t help interrupting Rebeca.

Rebeca was not reconciled, and said, “Well, let’s not talk about this first. By the way, our Bai family is going to the Genuine Care Medical Center to discuss cooperation. Yesterday I talked to Fernando and he immediately agreed to help us. Up.”

Feliicity couldn’t help but glanced at Fernando.

Fernando smiled and said, “Ho ho, I am quite familiar with Genuine Care Medical Center. Their host Melissa is a friend of my buddy. I said hello there, and I can go over and sign in the afternoon.”

“Really?” A ray of light flashed in Feliicity’s eyes.

The Bai family was in the medical business. In the early years, the major hospitals and clinics in Q City ( Qena City ) would cooperate with Bai’s enterprises for the face of beauty coming to negotiate.

However, since Feliicity and Wiliam got married, the family has fallen into trouble, the medical business has not been good, and the cooperation with the hospital and the clinic has not been carried out smoothly.

In this cooperation with Genuine Care Medical Center, she asked many people to help intercede.

But that Melissa seemed to be unable to add oil and salt, so he didn’t say anything.

Unexpectedly, Fernando had such a relationship.

If this negotiation succeeds, then I really owe him a great favor.

“Thank you, you worked hard that afternoon.” Feliicity said to Fernando gratefully.

Seeing Feliicity’s attitude towards herself became more gentle, Fernando felt even more proud.

Hey, Xiao Nizi, I’m Fernando, there are no women that I can’t get.

Feliicity was struggling to get up, and suddenly he dialed it out with a oops.

She fumbled under her armpit and found a silver needle!

The top half of this silver needle is still vermilion…

“Huh?” Feliicity couldn’t help but wonder.

Fernando’s eyes narrowed.

He immediately smiled and said, “Ahaha, blame me for being careless and careless. I was busy helping you cure the poison with silver needles last night, but I missed one.”

After that, he took the silver needle in his hand and threw it away in the trash can.

When Feliicity watched Fernando’s careless movements, she suddenly felt a little doubt in her heart.

She politely sent Fernando away and agreed to meet at the gate of Genuine Care Medical Center at 3 o’clock in the afternoon.

After they left the room, Feliicity struggled to get up, but it was like a ghost. He reached into the trash can and took out the silver needle that Fernando had thrown away.

She always felt that this silver needle was weird.

Why are there vermilion silver needles?

She couldn’t think of anything for a while, but carefully put the silver needle into the bag.

At three o’clock in the afternoon, Wiliam showed up at the Genuine Care Medical Center. He called Harper’s Sun Queen Qing Mian at the door. She said that he would be at the hospital soon. Let Wiliam wait a few minutes.

Wiliam’s loss of relatives, coupled with the shock of divorcing Feliicity, overnight seemed to have experienced a lot of vicissitudes of life, and all the scum appeared, and the whole person looked desperate.

He went to the bathroom and adjusted his makeup a little.

However, he suddenly heard a footstep outside.

There was also a triumphant voice, “Hahaha, brother, I got the potion, thank you, it’s up to you to win Feliicity tonight.”


Wiliam frowned, and then listening to the voice, it was Fernando’s.

Fernando has been chasing Feliicity hard for several years, and he didn’t even put Wiliam in his eyes.

Wiliam knew Fernando.

What does this guy want to do to Feliicity?

He stepped into the toilet cubicle.

Fernando walked into the toilet and said triumphantly while going to the toilet: “Hey, I heard that Feliicity signed a divorce agreement with his rubbish husband. Last night, I somehow became her savior. Today, I will help her again. The negotiation of Genuine Care Medical Center was won, so benevolent, she still can’t surrender to me!”

“At that time, I only have to invite her to a candlelight dinner, and then put your stuff in the red wine. She can’t push it halfway and just follow me. I heard that she has been married to that wasteful husband for three years, and it is still a small flower. , Untouched, hahahaha…”

Wiliam heard an anger in it suddenly burning!

This Fernando!

Actually dare to use tricks against Feliicity!


The door of the compartment cracked instantly!

Fernando turned around and saw Wiliam standing behind him. He was taken aback, “Lu, Wiliam…”

Wiliam’s face was as cold as ice, and he rushed over, punching him in the face!

Fernando had been drinking for so many years, and he had already hollowed out his body, where was Wiliam’s opponent.

“Damn! Do you dare to hit me! Do you dare to hit me!” Fernando suddenly became angry, and when he fell on the phone, he fought with Wiliam!

However, he was so insidious to the extreme that he was struggling to be punched by Wiliam before quietly stuffing the bottle of potion he had just obtained into Wiliam’s pocket.

Wiliam’s qi fire attacked his heart, and he didn’t even notice it.

Fernando suddenly exploded with strength, forcibly pushed Wiliam away, and ran outside.

Wiliam chased after him.

But as soon as he arrived in the lobby, Wiliam heard a surprised cry from behind him, “Wiliam! Why are you here?”

Wiliam turned around, and it was a pure and moving Feliicity!

Rebeca is also there.

Fernando stepped to Feliicity’s side and said angrily: “Feliicity, look, what kind of rubbish you know! This guy, I don’t know where I heard that we are coming here, so he hides in the toilet and beats I!”

Seeing Fernando’s nose and face swollen, Feliicity felt a slight movement in her heart.

She looked at Wiliam.

He has a poor look, but his eyes are full of jealous and unruly!

Rebeca was angry on the spot!

“Wiliam! You are inferior to a beast! Did you feel resentful after divorcing Feliicity from my family, so you came to take revenge on Fernando! Or, you chose to be here because you simply want to let our Bai family’s ugliness spread, so that Genuine Care Medical Center Look down on our Bai family and ruin our cooperation! You are so vicious!”

Feliicity felt even more uncomfortable when she heard this!

Wiliam, are you really such a person!

You let me down!

Thanks to me last night…

However, Wiliam didn’t understand Rebeca and rushed towards Fernando!

However, he was held back!

It’s Feliicity!

Feliicity looked at Wiliam who had lost his senses in front of him, and his disappointment was even greater.

Suddenly she raised her hand and slammed it on Wiliam’s face with a “pop”!

With this change, the few people present were all sluggish.

Wiliam covered his face, looking at Feliicity with scorching eyes, as if something was broken in his heart!

As for Feliicity, her voice was choked and her expression unfeeling, “Wiliam! Do you know what you are doing! Are you crazy?”

“Okay! I’m Feliicity, I’m sorry for you! I’ve lost you! You are a man, so come and beat me! What’s the matter with you playing Fernando!”

“He is my savior! Where were you when I was about to die last night! Without you, he saved me!”

“I hope you are full of blood and courage, but that’s definitely not the case!”

“You have changed, I can’t believe it at all! You are terrible…”

And Wiliam, listening to these words of humiliation, the whole person fell into a kind of sadness!

Feliicity, do you know what you are talking about!

Do you know why I beat Fernando!

Do you know who saved you last night!

You don’t understand anything!

You don’t understand anything, just hit me!

Ho ho…

Who am I for these ten years?

Not a woman, but a poisonous snake that will avenge revenge!

Seeing Wiliam’s injured eyes again, Feliicity suddenly felt weak.

Myself, is it too much…

Yes, everyone knows that he loves me…

I was so unfeeling to cut off relations with him, and it was reasonable for him to do anything extreme…

It’s just that, I really like you like this…

Fernando originally watched the show proudly, and scored full marks for his bitterness.

But when she saw Feliicity’s eyes suddenly sad, she suddenly realized something was wrong.

This couple has feelings!


It’s no wonder me!

“Feliicity, today, I will let you see if the dog or wolf is guarding you for the past ten years! Look at what he wants to do to you!” Fernando suddenly rushed to Lin Jiang’s side, from his pocket Drew something out of it.

When Feliicity saw this thing, his whole body was struck by lightning!

Her family is doing medicine, so I don’t know how this is such a trick!

Wiliam, such a bastard!

He wants to…

In the past three years, I didn’t have sex with him, I didn’t think that he was so grudged!

Feliicity’s eyes looked at Wiliam completely changed!

Become spiteful, be cruel!

She snatched the bottle of stuff, threw it out the door, and then slapped it again!

He slammed it on Wiliam’s face!


“Wiliam, from now on, I don’t want to see you again! Go ahead!”

Another slap in the face made Wiliam wake up completely.

He suddenly sneered, with a coldness on his face.

“Feliicity, this is what you said!”

“You can remember clearly!”

“It’s my Wiliam who divorced his wife first! You and I are cut off!”

After Wiliam finished speaking, he strode outside.

Just two steps, a beautiful and graceful beauty hurriedly appeared at the entrance of the hospital.

Fernando immediately got excited when he saw it, “Look, the medical staff is here, let’s go quickly!”

Feliicity was dragged by Rebeca, waking up like a dream, and followed innocently.

Passing by Wiliam, Rebeca squeezed with his body, “Hurry up! A good dog won’t get in the way!”

In this squeeze, Wiliam couldn’t stand still.

And Rebeca whispered to Feliicity: “Fortunately, the coax drama was not seen by President Wang, otherwise it would be really ashamed. It’s all the bastard! I will call some people later and kill him. !”

In the blink of an eye, the three of Fernando and the others had already come to Melissa. Fernando showed a humble smile and stretched out his hand and said: “Mr. Wang, I am Fernando introduced by Xiao Chen. Today is the person who brought Bai’s enterprise. Thank you for coming to sign with you! Those who are busy…”

However, before he finished speaking, he found Melissa passing by him directly, without stopping at all.

She is walking towards a person.

She walked up to the sad person and smiled coquettishly, blooming like a flower.

“Little Master!”

Chapter 5 Deadly Temptation

Chapter 5 Deadly Temptation

The three of Fernando are stupid!


Why would Melissa walk towards a trash!

And showed such a sweet and coquettish smile at that trash!

You know, Melissa’s reputation in Q City ( Qena City ) does not lose Feliicity!

The Feliicity are pure and elegant.

The color of green cotton is cold and charming.

Two completely different temperaments appear on the same woman. This fatal temptation for men is far better than Feliicity!

The iceberg beauty, who is usually unsmiling, now smiles at a trash!

Even with such a smile!

Why is that!

The three of them didn’t hear the young master Melissa yelled out in a low voice, but this smile was enough to make the three of them dull on the spot!

And Feliicity’s heart was filled with inexplicable sorrow.

Wiliam, how did you know Melissa?

Why would such a stunning beauty favor Wiliam!

This feeling is as if I abandon it like a shoe, others protect it like a treasure!

Feliicity’s heart was depressed and aching.

And Melissa, at the instruction of his grandfather, saw Wiliam’s photos last night, so he recognized Wiliam for the first time.

She walked up to Wiliam and called for the little master.

But found that this young master, who was two years younger than himself, was a little dazed, and he was actually a little stupid.

She couldn’t help but laughed, and said softly: “Little Master, is it too dazzling to see beautiful women?”

Qing Mian is such a character, cold and frosty in front of outsiders, a peerless imperial sister.

However, there is definitely an evil little fairy living in her heart.

Wiliam was awakened by her and glanced at Melissa. His eyes were amazing, but he passed away in a flash.

“Qingmian, hello.”

When Melissa saw Wiliam suddenly become calm and calm, he became even more curious about him.

Is this the young master whose grandpa spent an hour full of praise last night?

Am I going to only follow him from now on?

Xiao Wiliam, then you have to be prepared, you’d better be able to control and live with others…

At this time, Rebeca and Fernando had already rushed to Melissa, their faces looked very unnatural.

“Mr. Wang, did you admit the wrong person? This guy is a rubbish from our Bai family. He was just kicked out by us yesterday. Today he wants to come over and destroy our cooperation.” Rebeca said with a strong smile.

But this sentence instantly made Melissa’s face become cold.

is it?

Is that right?

My grandfather admired the most respectable young master, is a waste in your Bai family?

Is your Bai family Longtan Tiger Den?

Young master can’t accommodate this big Buddha?


“Cooperation? What cooperation?” Melissa gave a joking smile.

Fernando hurriedly repeated what he said just now, and added a sentence at the end, “I said it well before.”

Melissa showed a sudden realization, and Fernando was delighted.

Rebeca was also overjoyed.

However, when he saw Wiliam, his face became cold again, and he yelled: “Hurry up! Is this a place where you can stay with rubbish?”

Wiliam’s face was cold, “Ho ho, okay!”

After all, Wiliam is leaving.

However, his wrist was hooked.

Melissa unexpectedly took Wiliam’s arm with incomparable affection in full view of everyone!

This scene stunned three people.


Toad wants to eat swan meat!

Feliicity is even more sad.

Wiliam, you really have changed!

How can you hook up with such a shameless woman!

“President Wang, you guys…” Rebeca was so embarrassed that he didn’t know what to say.

“Let’s talk about your cooperation first.” Melissa said with a smile suddenly.

Rebeca finally showed joy, “Mr. Wang, do you agree?”

Melissa shook his head slightly, and then suddenly leaned his head on Wiliam’s shoulder, pretending to be tender and sweet, and said, “No, I regret it.”

Regret it?

These two words, like thunder, severely cut Fernando and Rebeca into black!

Are the people in the medical clinic so rebellious?

“I decided to give the right to sign today to Xiao Wiliam, who will decide whether to sign today or not.” Melissa smiled again.

This sentence made Fernando almost swear directly!

This is simply humiliating!

This important cooperation has to be decided by a waste!

“President Wang, is this too much for you!” Fernando’s face was very ugly.

But Melissa opened his lips lightly, “Oh? Then you just have to give up, walk slowly, don’t give it away.”

Rebeca is about to explode!

Unexpectedly, the waste that they had been kneading just now, has now transformed into the Hell King who can dominate the life and death of the Bai family!

How can a crow fly on a branch and become a phoenix!

“So, what will you do next? People are looking forward to it.” Melissa’s little goblin exploded again, and the show’s upper body.

Rebeca’s face turned red!

How to do!

What can I do now!

It seems that there is only one way!

Rebeca looked at Wiliam timidly, almost afraid to meet him.

“That, Wiliam, you have a relationship with Feliicity, can you…”

“No.” Lu Yezheng waited for her to finish, speaking straightforwardly.

“You!” Rebeca clenched both fists!

This bastard!

Obviously it is a fox fake tiger, a poor boy, here, what prestige with me!

You better not fall into my hands!

“Wiliam, I beg you! Today’s appointment…”

“No sign.” Wiliam was still cold as water.

Rebeca exploded instantly!

She pointed to Wiliam with a grim face and cursed: “You bastard! I really think I am a king of heaven! I Rebeca pulled down my face to beg you for this kind of rubbish, you don’t know good or bad! Don’t give you shame!”

“Little Wiliam, let’s go, this person is crazy.” Melissa smiled charmingly at Wiliam, twisted his waist, pulled Wiliam and walked towards the elevator.

But at this time, Wiliam suddenly trembled.

He heard a deep cry.

It seems that I also heard the sound of tears.

Is she crying…

He couldn’t help turning his head.

However, Feliicity suddenly slammed the bag in his hand at him!

The bag hit his body, fell, and the contents spilled all over the floor.

After Feliicity lost her bag, she squatted helplessly, crying bitterly.

Suddenly she raised her face stubbornly and looked at Wiliam.

“Once the Feliicity are on the surface, I hope you will feel sorry for each other…”

“Wiliam, I don’t care if I can sign today…”

“I just ask you, are you really…”

“Forgetfulness! There are others in my heart!”

The first line of poem shocked Wiliam.

Looking at the ground again, he was unsentimental for a while and turned into sadness.

In front of him, there is a pear flower with rain.

On the ground, there was a divorce agreement that was torn into pieces at some unknown time, and a piece of…

Long live safflower!

Chapter 6 May You Have Pity and Pity

Chapter 6 May You Have Pity and Pity

Once the Feliicity show up, I hope you will feel sorry for each other…

Wiliam’s head flicked, as if time had returned to the famous wedding banquet in Q City ( Qena City ) three years ago.

He couldn’t get half of the offer, and Feliicity was dressed in a wedding dress, like a fairy descending to the world.

Seeing Wiliam frowning, she smiled mischievously, “It doesn’t matter if you can’t get the dowry gift. Then I will give you a poem as a dowry, so it will be even.”

“Once the Feliicity are on the surface, I hope you will feel sorry for each other.”

Wiliam would never forget it. When Feliicity chanted this poem, Xiafei had a gentle look on her cheeks…

I promised her that I will cherish your love forever…

How did we get to this point…

But at this time, an untimely voice rang.

Rebeca looked at the shredded divorce agreement on the ground, and was almost furious.

“Feliicity, when did you tear the agreement? Are you crazy!”

Feliicity looked at the agreement on the ground like snowflakes, and smiled miserably.

When did you tear it…

Last night.

Last night, I must have been so infatuated with my heart that I wanted to give him another chance…

Today, it seems that I am wishful thinking.

He seems to have a better choice…

The mountains are high and the rivers are long.

But at this time, Wiliam looked at Feliicity deeply and said inexplicably, “No change.”


Everyone was stunned.

However, Feliicity smiled like a blizzard welcoming the spring.


The heart does not change, the love does not change.

People, unchanged!

He has no sense of ignorance, and he has no intention of having others.

“Feliicity, do you want to piss me off!” Rebeca saw that Feliicity actually smiled at Wiliam, and suddenly patted Feliicity.

Feliicity was startled, only to realize that just now, he seemed to have fallen into a kind of demons.

She knew she liked Wiliam.

She didn’t know that she would actually like Wiliam so much!

It wasn’t until just now that she saw Melissa pulling Wiliam’s arm that she realized that her heart was cut like a knife and tears were like rain.

I seem to be inseparable from this useless husband who has been with me for ten years…

How to do……

“Damn! I don’t care, I will draft two more copies later, and you must sign for me!” Rebeca roared.

But this roar seemed to awaken a kind of power in Feliicity’s heart.

With a tear in her eyes, she glanced at Wiliam deeply.

Wiliam’s eyes were frosty, but he was only gentle with her forever.

Very good, this look is enough!

Enough for my courage!

“Wiliam, listen carefully! I will only say this once, to you, to me, and to the whole world!” Feliicity suddenly stood up, and a blood gushed out from his body!

“Wiliam is rich, Feliicity earns it for him!”

“Wiliam has no skill, Feliicity will grow it for him!”

“Wiliam has the courage, Feliicity will carry it for him!”

“Wiliam is a waste, Feliicity! Acknowledge it!”

“This marriage, I will not leave!”

Everyone at the scene, even Wiliam was stupid!

No one would have imagined that Feliicity would say such impassioned words!

But when Feliicity finished speaking, she only felt dizzy.

The dizziness is so much fun!

Finally said it!

“Wiliam, do you know that these words have been held in my heart for a few years!”

“When I was fourteen, I was ignorant.”

“I met you.”

“I like you.”

“At the age of twenty-four, I am considered sensible.”

“I hate you, hate you!”

“But I can’t do without you!”

“I accept my fate!”

“I live so humble, so, are you happy!”

Feliicity became more excited as she spoke, tears were already streaming down her face, her eyes suddenly stagnated!

A chill rushed out of the body!

She softened and fainted directly to the ground.

Wiliam, who was still in shock, fell into a coma after seeing Feliicity showing his heart, and hugged Feliicity.

Rebeca wanted to scold his daughter, but when she saw her unconscious, he became nervous.

However, seeing Wiliam embrace Feliicity, she became angry again.

Fernando’s expression is so ugly that he can see the extreme!

Feliicity actually used a waste to use his affection deeply!

I can’t compare to this trash!

He thought, was about to go up and beat Wiliam.

But at this time, Wiliam suddenly grabbed a vase on the next table and threw it fiercely!

His palm was also cut and blood shed all over the ground.

A loud noise stopped Rebeca and Fernando’s footsteps.

Wiliam slammed his hand, actually throwing a line of blood on the ground!

“The thread treader is dead!”

The two of them wanted to step forward, but after seeing Wiliam’s eyes, they shrank their necks together!

This is how a pair of violent eyes!

Like a giant swallowing beast, it will swallow everything ruthlessly!

Rebeca felt an awe-inspiring killing intent from Wiliam for the first time!

He really kills…

Wiliam picked up the unconscious Feliicity with both hands, Melissa quickly put away the things that had fallen from the white Feliicity on the ground, and then led the way.

Rebeca and Fernando looked at the blood line on the ground, they really didn’t have the courage to set foot!

by! Wiliam! We are at odds with you!

Melissa’s mood was overwhelming along the way!

These two lunatics!

What a perfect match!

All belong to the Lord who is not mad or Buddha.

One, as a sweet girl, she confessed in public with passion. Those words can make the world’s men ashamed!

One, as a trash but with blood as the line, he just draws a ghost gate!

It was myself, under that look at that time, I didn’t dare to take a step rashly!


Wiliam treated Feliicity alone in a ward, and after hard work, Feliicity’s condition finally stabilized.

But Wiliam looked at the Feliicity falling asleep, feeling extremely disturbed.

For ten years, her condition is fairly stable under the control of her medicine soup.

But now, it broke out once last night, and it broke out again today…

Illness and medical treatment have always been a tug of war.

It must be because she didn’t drink medicine yesterday and the cold toxin came back.

In addition, she had been stimulated again and again, and her mood had fluctuated again and again, which caused her to relapse again.

In the following days, if she has no time to accompany her, she is truly in danger at any time…

Thinking of this, Wiliam couldn’t help but recall Feliicity’s words of love just now.

The expression in his eyes also became gentle.

It turns out that Feliicity has such a deep love for herself…

If it is not for love to the heart, how can there be a bitter hatred.

Feliicity, can we start again…

From that stormy night.

From that sentence, I wish you will feel sorry for each other.

Since I fell in love with you for the first time ten years ago…

“They are lovers, do everything mercilessly, are you two stupid?” A joke came from the door.

Melissa twisted his graceful waist and walked in with Feliicity’s bag, eyes full of interest.

“It seems that you are taking over the Genuine Care Medical Center. I want to have a good talk with you.”

Chapter 7

Seeing Melissa, Wiliam smiled reluctantly, and said, “Let the takeover go ahead. I have something to ask you.”

Melissa is full of interest in Wiliam at the moment, “You said.”

Wiliam’s performance just now can be said to be an eye-opener for Melissa.

There are men in the world that can make a woman feel emotional.

Grandpa, I’m afraid you still underestimated the charm of this guy’s personality.

“Why did Feliicity say that? Before, when I signed the divorce agreement, she was obviously disappointed in me…” Wiliam was not very clear about men and women, let alone women, so he asked. .

Melissa sneered, “Hahaha, are you going to laugh at my sister? You really don’t know why she said it at that time?”

Wiliam nodded, saying that he didn’t know.

“It’s not because I took your hand and robbed her.” Melissa said jokingly.

“In the past few years, you and her must be very respectful. She has never thought of looking for other men, and you have never thought of other women.”

“So, she didn’t know how she would feel when you were with another woman. It wasn’t until I hooked your hand that she realized that letting her man fall into the arms of another woman was nothing short of It’s still uncomfortable after a thousand cuts.”

After Wiliam heard this, it suddenly dawned on him.

It turned out to be so.

Over the years, he and Feliicity’s childhood sweethearts have already recognized each other, that kind of love is so vigorous, it seems that there is no time to burn, so it is replaced by family affection.

No wonder Feliicity saw Melissa showing her kindness, she would be so excited, even no matter how bad she was in the past, no matter how deep the misunderstanding was just now, no matter how thorny the future, she would have to say that affectionate words.

Feliicity, I love you, no one needs to understand.

You are mine, so in this life, the love debt I owe you will be repaid to you thousands of times.

“Okay, let’s get back to business. My grandfather told me to obey your orders, but I’m not reconciled, what should I do if I don’t want to listen?” Melissa always looked at ease.

Wiliam held Feliicity’s hand and said calmly, “Tell us your conditions.”

Melissa’s eyes changed, but he smiled again, “Let me see your ability.”

Wiliam nodded, then asked, “How much profit is this medical clinic a year?”

“Five million.” Melissa said triumphantly, “This has just been opened for two years, but I have worked so hard to achieve what I am today.”

Wiliam shook his head directly, “Too little.”

Too little?

Melissa’s face became cold, “Good boy, are you here to find the fault? Do you know…”

“I don’t know, I don’t want to know.” Wiliam said casually.

Only five million a year, when will one hundred billion be saved?

Little, pitiful!

“Ho ho, okay! Then I want to listen to your advice! If you can’t convince me today, don’t talk about me, the hospital won’t give it to you!” Melissa’s pretty face Feishang.

The ability of Melissa is obvious to all in the city!

Genuine Care Medical Center opened two years ago and has a strong momentum of development. It is definitely a potential stock in Q City ( Qena City ).

However, this kid, who is not in charge, does not know that oil and salt are expensive, and he even dislikes me.

“What is the main business of the medical center?” Wiliam asked.

“You don’t even know what the medical clinic is doing? Of course, it is to treat patients.” Melissa suddenly felt that the high regard to him before, really praised him too much.

Perhaps, he has a unique charm in personality, but he is useless in terms of ability.

That’s right, if he is capable, he can’t let the whole Q City ( Qena City ) still laugh at him for being a trash after three years.

“Add one, sell medicine.” Wiliam said suddenly inexplicably.

“Huh?” Melissa was taken aback.

“Practice treatment, sell medicine.” Wiliam said.

“Mainly selling medicine? I really want to be pissed off by you. Do you know that although selling medicine is extremely profitable, it is all those pharmaceutical companies operating. People have already divided the cakes. We rushed in. It is no different Yu has touched the interests of every pharmaceutical company, it is almost a death!” Melissa immediately retorted.

She changed her thoughts, ho ho sneered, “I finally understand, what kind of circle are you going around? It’s for your wife to make love. Her family sells medicine. If you want them to sign an order with the hospital, just go straight Saying that going around this way will only make me look down on you.”

Wiliam shook his head and looked towards Feliicity, “My wife, I have decided to use my life to protect her, and I don’t need to fight with you on this. What I mean is if we don’t have any medical problems. Where’s the guys’ cake?”

“Nothing moved? How could it be? Every medicine on the market, they are…” Melissa said this, suddenly his face became stiff, and the whole person stood up!

“You mean, there are no medicines on the market!”

Wiliam finally smiled this time, “You are not stupid yet.”

Melissa’s heart is going to explode!

The first domineering female president of Q City ( Qena City ), was called stupid by a stinky boy who was two or three years younger than herself?

Does he want to die!

“There are no medicines in the market, you think there are medicines, but those scientific research institutions are always staring at them.” Melissa said depressed.

“We can’t do it ourselves. No, I will do it ourselves. What’s the use for you,” Wiliam said.

Melissa’s head boomed!

This kid has something wrong, right? What’s wrong with me!

Did I plan your ancestor’s grave or?

Do you dare to throw the anger on me just outside?

Will your conscience hurt?

Wiliam didn’t care about Melissa, grabbed a prescription, wrote a dense sheet of paper, and threw it to Melissa.

“Find someone you can trust, develop and test immediately, and produce a hundred bottles in the first batch. Let’s go out.” Wiliam said.

“Oh.” Melissa took the paper and walked out in a daze.

When she reacted, she was so strong that I couldn’t help but curse it out!

What’s the matter with him just now like an overbearing president in command?

Am I really obedient?

Bastard bastard! Let’s play the egg!

Melissa was not angry, so he directly crumpled the piece of paper into a ball and threw it in his bag.

At this time, she received a call and a warm voice rang, “My dear, where is it, I’m hungry, I’m looking for you to eat.”

When Melissa heard this voice, he immediately felt better, “Hey, pig! Come to my house, I must make a good meal and give it off!”

When Melissa returned home, she saw a charming woman in a white coat standing at her door.

Melissa rushed up and gave a big hug, “Lydia, I want to kill you.”

Lydia is Melissa’s college classmate and good girlfriend.

After she hugged, she slapped her waist and muttered: “Sister is exhausted.”

Melissa said as he went to the kitchen, “Let you come to my medical clinic to help, you are fine, you can’t come to death, you know all day long in the research room to tinker with those drugs, and I don’t know what you have developed.”

Lydia went into the house and kicked off the high heels, and said helplessly, “You want to buy me, I would rather die. Hey, don’t mention it, I am going to develop a beauty product recently, but there has been no progress, and I am so sad. .”

Melissa was speechless for a while.

Lydia is a doctor of medicine. After graduation, he has been working in a pharmaceutical research institution. He is exhausted, but he refuses to help him. His sentiment is much stronger than himself.

Lydia was about to turn on the TV, suddenly his face became stiff, and said sadly: “My dear, my aunt is here! Where is your towel?”

Melissa said casually: “It’s in my bag.”

Lydia grabbed Melissa’s bag while clutching his stomach, and went straight to the bathroom.

However, a minute later, Melissa outside only heard a loud “bang”!

The door of the bathroom was kicked open by violence!

Lydia with blood on his body, directed at Melissa, with a frantic excitement on his face, “My dear! Where did you get this beauty prescription! It’s amazing!”

In her hand, she held a blood-stained prescription paper!

Chapter 8 I love you, the world is invincible

Chapter 8 I love you, the world is invincible

When Melissa saw Lydia’s crazy look, he was suddenly covered with black lines!

“You can put your pants on first!”

Lydia ignored Melissa’s arm with blood in his hand, “Quick! Tell me where did this beauty prescription come from!”

Melissa looked at the blood-stained paper, and said blankly: “Oh, what’s wrong with a little bastard’s writing?”

“What’s wrong! You told me that this is nonsense! This is simply the magic formula of the world! You know that I have been worrying about a prescription for beauty medicines recently. I just saw this piece of paper. ! You take me to see that little bastard, hurry! Immediately! Immediately!” Lydia shouted at Melissa excitedly.

And Melissa was also stunned.

She saw Wiliam write Rufei writing this messy recipe with her own eyes. She thought he was writing it indiscriminately, but she didn’t realize that it could make Lydia, a doctor of medicine so excited.

Could it be that this recipe is really not written randomly?

Melissa’s heart thumped, that kid, don’t you really have two brushes?

Thinking of this, she glared at Lydia, “Hurry up and get your body clean and lift up your pants. You want to see that little babe like this.”

Lydia rushed into the bathroom, and came out again five minutes later.

Melissa took Lydia straight to the Genuine Care Medical Center with a black thread.

“No! Let’s go to my company first! I’ll match this recipe out immediately!” Lydia suddenly shouted in the car.

Melissa’s car turned sharply, thinking about who he met today.

A Wiliam Xiaowang eight calf.

A Feliicity domineering.

A good girlfriend is upside down.

One by one, it seemed that they had become abnormal.

This world must change.

When the two came to Linlin Company, Lydia immediately got into the research room and threw Melissa outside.

She fiddled in it for a full hour before she got out, holding a bottle of ointment that looked quite strange in color.

This bottle of ointment is dark green, which makes people wonder what to say.

“Successful?” Melissa felt unsure.

Lydia said awkwardly at this time: “Not successful.”

“Damn! I knew that little bastard was in the pit!” Melissa cursed directly.

However, Lydia blushed, “Well, the paper is stained with blood, the ratio of the next two lines is not clear…”

Melissa almost spit out old blood.

“Hurry up and call that little bastard, can you invite him over, the medicinal equipment is here.” Lydia said embarrassedly.

“I will immediately invite several experts from our company to come and demonstrate.”

Melissa didn’t believe it, “Do you really think this ointment has a miraculous effect?”

“Nonsense! I know or you know? Let me tell you this. If this beauty prescription is successful, it will cause a shock in the beauty and pharmacy circles!” Lydia gave Melissa a white look and then stared. What a genius is that little bastard, this kind of prescription can be imagined, I want to kneel and lick him.”

Melissa saw that her words were so conspicuous, and there was a little old driver’s color in her words, and he got goose bumps all over, so he quickly called Wiliam.

At this moment, Lu Yezheng and Feliicity who had awakened looked at each other, speechless.

Feliicity woke up five minutes ago.

A dream is like a thousand years to be continued.

When she woke up, she found the palms of her hands warm, like the tenderness of life and death last night.

Her face blushed and she broke loose gently.

Wiliam looked at her without speaking.

She also looked at Wiliam with scorching eyes, her heart wandering.

Just now, why did I say those shameful things…

It seems, because of the look in his eyes…

Feliicity, you are really ashamed.

Waiting for ten years, letting down for ten years, one look melted oneself.

Now, it is obvious that the water is hard to harvest, but how can I continue the front?

The two watched this way for five minutes. Wiliam sighed and said, “Let’s have a good talk.”

Feliicity was taken aback and had a good talk.

Yes, I have known each other for ten years and married for three years.

In the past three years, the two of them have not communicated with each other carefully.

It’s time to talk about it, whether it’s a collapse or a continuation.

When Feliicity thought of this, her eyes suddenly turned red.

“Wiliam, these years, I have had a hard time, do you know?”

Wiliam nodded, “I know.”

“You can ignore the eyes of others, but me, I am a woman, I don’t have your indifferent heart, and I also need a man to stand behind me, supporting me all the time…”

“Since I married you, I have always been walking with the malicious gaze of others. Whether at home or in the company, I can always hear people’s ridicule. I’m really tired…”

“I admit that I like you, but I don’t want to like you, I like myself so humble.”

“Do you know that I was going to die last night? Do you know whose name I called before I was dying? Do you know who appeared?”

“Where were you when I needed you the most? Ten years of guardianship is worse than a Fernando appearing in time!”

“So, I love you! I hate you too!”

“It’s you! I owe that man a great favor!”

Wiliam felt bitter when he heard this.

He had a strong urge to tell Feliicity that the person who appeared and rescued you last night was me, Wiliam!

My watch for you has never stopped!

But Wiliam can’t!

He now bears a sea of ​​blood and deep enmity. He is an unknown medical practitioner. He doesn’t want to cause Feliicity to kill him!

Feliicity, I never knew, your heart is so bitter…

In the past three years, I thought that I ignored the rumors around me and naturally became open.

But I ignored your feelings.

Even, because of my indifference, it was me who indirectly passed on to you the harm of rumors.

It’s my fault.

“Give me a year.” Wiliam suddenly took a deep breath and said to Feliicity.

Feliicity raised her head in shock, but met Wiliam’s firm gaze.

“One year, I prove one thing to you!”

“You and I are the best pair!”

Wiliam said in a deep voice, holding Feliicity’s hand tightly.

Feliicity’s heart warmed, and she wanted to pull her hand away, but found that she had no energy.

I and you are the most natural pair…

“Three months, I will let you ascend to the lord of the Bai family!”

“For six months, I let you take charge of the pharmaceutical industry!”

“Within one year, I will let you aspire to the top of Q City ( Qena City )!”

The words are like a moment, and the sound is loud!

Feliicity was dumbfounded.

Looking at the gentle and domineering man in front of him, Feliicity made waves in her heart.

Can you say this, is your own trash husband?

How mad, how unpretentious, as if the entire Q City ( Qena City ), all in his hand!

“Why…” Feliicity couldn’t help asking.

“Why?” Wiliam suddenly stood up and looked at the stars outside.

Body, proud!

“I am the master of unicorns!”

“You are the daughter of destiny!”

“I love you!”

“The world is invincible!”

Chapter 9 No one dares to bully Feliicity

Suddenly, Feliicity was crazy!

I can say this, only my husband of Feliicity!

Wiliam, I don’t believe your rhetoric.

But, I seem to like your unparalleled spirit…

Based on your words at this moment, no matter how hard and tired, I am willing to…

“Let’s go home.” Wiliam stretched out his hand, trying to pull Feliicity.

Feliicity was in a shy mood at the moment, pretending not to see, got up gently, took her bag and walked forward by herself.

Well, go home!

Wiliam had cut off his thoughts of returning to the Bai family, but he found that the Bai family had to go back.

He wants no one in the Bai family to dare to bully Feliicity!

The two of them were speechless again on the road. This time, Feliicity spoke first. She had a few questions, so she didn’t ask any questions.

“Wiliam, what happened to that Rolls-Royce Phantom yesterday?” Feliicity asked.

This question lingered in her mind last night, lingering.

Wiliam said casually: “My friend, pick me out for dinner.”

Feliicity’s eyes suddenly became faint, and her tone was sour, “Melissa, right?”

Wiliam looked at Feliicity’s jealous little cute look, and just wanted to laugh.

It seems that between husband and wife, there is indeed a little bit of fun, before I was too boring.

“I swear, I only met Melissa for the first time today.” Wiliam said.

Feliicity’s face blushed, she knew that her little woman’s thoughts had been seen through by Wiliam.

“Then, why would Melissa treat you like this…” Feliicity was unwilling to ask, and continued to ask.

“Maybe, she just doesn’t want to cooperate with you.” Wiliam said.

After all, Melissa is still standing behind Harper. At present, it is not suitable to expose his relationship with Harper.

“Oh.” Feliicity said, suddenly frowning again.

“Hey, when you go home, you must be making things difficult for my mother again. I am not talking about Genuine Care Medical Center this time, and I cannot avoid being punished with my grandmother. Why do we have such a hard life.”

Feliicity just said casually, but Wiliam listened to her heart, “Everything will be fine, because I’m already awake.”

Feliicity sneered, it turned out to be as beautiful as the stars.

Wiliam was dumbfounded for a while.

“Just brag, I just ask you to be strong in the future, don’t let me stand alone.” Feliicity smiled.

Wiliam shook his head, thinking in his heart, no, not in this life.

After the violent turmoil in the relationship between the couple yesterday, Wiliam didn’t want to lose this silly woman for a moment.

At this time, Wiliam’s phone rang, and he picked it up casually.

After listening, he hung up the phone and said with embarrassment: “Feliicity, you can go in later, I have something to do outside.”

“Is it going to find Melissa?” Feliicity secretly glanced at the phone memo just now, her tone sour.

“Well, but it’s for business. If grandma asks you to go to her tomorrow, I will go with you.” Wiliam said.

Feliicity’s heart warmed.

Wiliam never went to grandma’s house before, and the pressure was always borne by himself.

Now, everything seems to be different.

Feliicity nodded suddenly.

Wiliam sent Feliicity to his door and took a taxi to Linlin’s pharmaceutical company.

Seeing Wiliam approaching, Melissa was about to meet him when he found a black shadow flying out with a whistling sound.

“Oh, you are a little bastard, so handsome and handsome.”

Wiliam was stunned when he saw this woman like a nympho.

This woman, who is beautiful and charming, wearing a white coat, looks very charming.

However, this look of licking a dog is really helpless.

In addition, who is the little bastard?

Melissa sweated, and quickly went over to introduce it.

Lydia put away the nymphomaniac, and immediately went into work, telling the reason why he invited Wiliam over.

When Wiliam heard that his prescription was stained with his aunt’s blood, a black line suddenly appeared.

However, he didn’t have time to care about these things, so he wrote another one and threw it to Lydia.

“Haha, Xiao Wiliam is great!” Lydia gave a kiss and jumped back to the research room again.

Wiliam and Melissa looked at each other.

Half an hour later, Lydia sprang out again, holding two bottles of ointment in his hands, one bottle was green and shiny, and the other was pale.

At this time, someone came in the office.

Five old men walked in with dissatisfaction.

Lydia was overjoyed when he saw several old men, and whispered to Wiliam, “They are the most authoritative medical experts in our company. They are among the best in the entire Q City ( Qena City )! Wait!”

“Elder Wang, you are finally here, look at it, I have got a world wonder formula, and the ointment prepared is more than a thousand times better than the ointment you proposed before!”

When an old man in the Mediterranean heard this, his face instantly became cold!

Wiliam was speechless for a while. This Lydia had low IQ and negative EQ.

In the past two years, Old Man Wang has always seen Lydia very upset.

This little Nizi, relying on her youth, puts forward some wild thoughts all day long, and she always suggests this suggestion to the leader.

As a result, some of their old experts have to be raised by the leaders from time to time, and they have to absorb the ideas of some young people.

Ho ho, young man, what a fart!

In the pharmaceutical industry, we rely on the experience of our older generations.

Randomly come up with a prescription, dare to say that it is a thousand times better than the prescription I put forward through decades of experience?

act recklessly!

The old man thought of this and looked at Lydia, “Where did you get this prescription?”

Lydia said it was written by Wiliam, and handed the prescription to Elder Wang to see.

Several old men suddenly sneered out together, looked at Wiliam, ho ho, a hairy boy, dare to come up with a prescription!

They looked at Lydia, utterly troubled.

“Written by a little boy, you dare to match it!”

“Have you researched the theory beforehand?”

“What is the effect of this medicine? What are the side effects?”

“Have you been dispensed without permission from the company?”

Lydia was stunned for a moment, and his face became extremely ugly.

It seems to be careless.

Lydia suddenly felt that he was too rash before, but based on his experience, he felt that Wiliam’s formula was amazing, and he has indeed not done any in-depth research…

However, if Wiliam can write this prescription, he must have studied it.

She immediately placed her expectations on Wiliam.

At this time, Elder Wang looked at Wiliam again.

“Boy, are you qualified to practice medicine?”

“Are you studying medicine?”

Wiliam shook his head.

The eyes of several old men suddenly became even more contemptuous.

But Lydia’s whole heart was cold!

This kid is not a doctor?

Then he dare to write…

That’s it!

Lydia glanced at Wiliam very depressedly, and apologized to the old man aggrievedly, “I’m sorry, I was careless, I won’t do this again in the future.”

“Hu Hong! What a huh! You dispensed medicines privately and brought unrelated personnel into our company. I seriously suspect that they came to steal company secrets. I will advise the leader tomorrow that you are not suitable for the pharmaceutical industry, so change your career as soon as possible. “Lao Wang said coldly.

“And you, while I still don’t call the police, get out of here!”

Melissa’s face suddenly changed.

I shouldn’t believe this little bastard at will. Now it’s alright. The old experts questioned on the spot. Can the experts say anything false?

“Shame, go quickly!” Melissa whispered towards Wiliam.

Lydia on the side looked at Wiliam with guilt and grievance on his face, and whispered: “Wiliam, I’m sorry, it may be that I am inexperienced. I misread your prescription. I think Mr. Wang is right. Hey, it’s a pity that you can’t explain it. If you know some pharmacology, that would be great…”

Wiliam sneered and walked directly outside.

A group of rubbish only knows that they rely on the old to sell the old, but they don’t know how high the sky is.

Seeing Wiliam leave, the elder Wang suddenly thought that this kid was slanderous and deceived by himself, and his face remained.

He looked at the back of Wiliam leaving contemptuously, and said to Linlin, “You see it? The Huang Mao boy, also wants to make an axe in front of me. My age is enough to be his grandfather…”

Lydia shook his head lightly. Wiliam is after all too young. He doesn’t understand pharmacology, and he doesn’t have experience. It is normal to show timidity in front of the old man…

She just wanted to comfort Wiliam, but suddenly saw that Wiliam’s footsteps stopped.

When my grandpa…

Give me shoes, do you match them!

Wiliam suddenly collapsed and walked towards the old man.

There was a chill in my body!

“You, what are you doing! I tell you, now it’s a society under the rule of law, you dare to move me to try!” The old man was still triumphant, but when he saw Wiliam come back, he was shocked by his tiger-like eyes.

Wiliam hooked the corner of his mouth, and took the bottle of light green and dull ointment in Lydia’s hand. “Is this what you matched?”

When Mr. Wang saw it, he immediately became complacent, “Exactly! This recipe is a major result of my 50 years of pharmacological experience. Once it is put on the market, it will definitely cause…”

Wiliam opened the lid at will and sniffed the ointment lightly.

Seeing this scene, the old man laughed loudly, “Why, you still want to steal the teacher? I am a unique formula, ho ho, if you kneel down and beg me sincerely, I can also consider showing kindness and telling you… …”

The speech was interrupted by Wiliam directly.

“Camellia seeds 2.2%, pelargonium in summer 1.3%, bitter orange leaf 0.3%, autumn lemon grass 3.8%…”

He casually threw this bottle of ointment that everyone regarded as a treasure into the trash can!


Chapter 10 Tomorrow, I will wait for you to kneel to me

Everyone at the scene was dumbfounded on the spot!


The ointment that Mr. Wang painstakingly researched was actually thrown away by a kid like garbage!

Melissa was so scared that he got goose bumps all over, and shouted angrily: “Wiliam, do you know what you are doing! Are you willing to make me angry!”

However, she did not realize that the expressions of the other people had already been horrified to the extreme!

Just now, what did they hear!

This kid just smelled the ointment at random, unexpectedly!

Actually said the ingredients of the ointment!

And, accurate to the percentage!

If they were ordinary people, they would definitely laugh at Wiliam at this moment.

No one in the world can know the ointment formula by just smelling it!

If everyone is like this, what are the exclusive secrets of brand-name drugs on the market!

However, few of them can’t laugh!

I can’t even cry!

Others don’t know the ingredients of this bottle of ointment, do they still not know!

What Wiliam just said, whether it is the types of ingredients or the percentages, there is nothing wrong!

It’s amazing!

Lydia’s heart jumped fiercely, and the look in Wiliam’s eyes changed completely!

Before, I thought he didn’t understand pharmacology.

Now he said casually, proving his ability!

He is unparalleled in pharmacological research!

Wizards, Wizards!

But when the elder Wang reacted, he looked at Lydia with a furious expression, “You actually told an outsider about my secret recipe! I said they were spies! Call the police! Get them all arrested!”

But at this time, Lydia was unexpectedly tough, “Elder Wang, I swear I didn’t tell him the secret recipe, you want to call the police, please feel free to.”

After Mr. Wang listened, his face changed again!

Do you know the prescription in advance?

But it can tell the ingredients with a single smell, unparalleled precision…


Is this something human can do!

Where did this kid come from!

But even if you can tell, so what!

You dare to call the prescription that I have painstakingly studied as rubbish!

“Huh! You told me, where is my prescription and the garbage! If you can’t tell! I bet on the fame of the world, and I will make you frustrated!” The old man was really angry!

“Ho ho, do you know how to treat each other with drugs?”

“Autumn lemongrass and geranium coexist, what will happen? Rose and petitgrain will counteract each other, what will happen!”

“The medicinal substances produced by mutual growth and mutual suppression, and the two regenerate grams, what will happen!”

“When I say garbage, I’m still polite! After all, garbage can be sorted.”

A word made the audience fall into endless silence again!

The faces of Mr. Wang and a few old men have all flushed!

Lydia, with his eyes shining, stared at Wiliam closely!

This kid is amazing!

Before, Lydia faintly felt that there was something wrong with the Mr. Wang prescription. It turned out that the problem was the second, or even the third and fourth generation!

Why does Wiliam emphasize the height of summer pelargonium and the autumn of autumn lemongrass!

Because of the different seasons, the medicinal properties of medicinal materials are also different!

His mastery of pharmacology is so wonderful and desperate!

Lydia also had lingering fears!

Experts like them can’t even see these extremely profound problems. If this drug is put on the market, it will not only cause the company’s reputation to be broken at that time!

In the unlikely event that people were killed, the consequences would be unimaginable!

“Wiliam, you are simply too strong!” Lydia couldn’t help but praise, and said in public.

But Melissa was completely confused.

Although she didn’t understand medicine, she heard Wiliam’s rhetoric and criticized the few experts who were still arrogant just now. She also felt it.

Wiliam, medicine for dragon and phoenix!

After a long while, the elder Wang was relieved, and his heart was beating!

Fifty years of experience and honor were torn off bloody by a hairy boy!

Don’t give me half face!

“You kid, dare to say that to me! What about your ointment! I see your prescription. It also has geranium and lemongrass on it. It’s a stinky guy who can only talk about things on paper!” Wang veteran Wiliam’s prescription was patted on the table!

Wiliam snorted, his eyes more cold, “It’s really hopeless!”

“The same herb, different seasons, different proportions, and the same effect? ​​If you don’t learn or know nothing, the prescription is rubbish, and people are worse than rubbish!”

Old Wang was so angry that his beard was about to fly!

This kid is too arrogant!

Dare to step on my fifty years of fame!

“You will talk about it too! Who knows if your ointment is also useless! Do you dare to prove the effect!” Mr. Wang said viciously.

Lydia immediately stopped in the middle, and said depressedly to Mr. Wang, “Wang, isn’t it difficult for you to be strong! Beauty ointments are slowly effective. Now you want him to prove it immediately, where can I prove it!”

Mr. Wang sneered, “Isn’t he blowing so much? Then prove it to me! As long as he can prove it on the spot, let me kneel and kowtow, I will recognize it too!”

Lydia stamped his feet with anger.

This prince is clearly embarrassing Wiliam!

In fact, Wiliam had already shown his lifeless strength, it was long enough!

This prescription was hurriedly written by him, and there is definitely room for improvement, but with this pharmacological basis, it will be gradually improved, and an explosive beauty product will definitely be created in the future…

However, Mr. Wang wants him to prove the effect immediately, which is simply difficult for others!

But at this time, Wiliam looked cold and smiled.

Smile cruelly!


“Wiliam, don’t care about him…” Lydia pulled Wiliam’s clothes and said aggrievedly.

But Wiliam looked at the elder Wang and asked inexplicably, “Old fellow, are you afraid of pain?”


Everyone was taken aback.

Mr. Wang nodded, “Who is not afraid of pain?”

“Then do you believe me?” Wiliam asked again.

This time, Mr. Wang directly shook his head, “How can I believe the words of a rat!”

Mr. Wang didn’t know what Wiliam was going to do, but his grievances were hard to settle!

This kid has lost his face today.

This time, I will get it back soon!

Beauty products are nothing but moisturizing, acne and scar removal.

These are all effects that can only be achieved by insisting on using products.

As long as he agrees, he will lose!

Later, I will let him lose face and get out of Q City ( Qena City )!

“Ho ho, that’s really great, and I reluctantly proved that one of them works well.” Wiliam suddenly laughed.

Then he grabbed a small knife on the table and stroked Wang’s face with lightning speed!

Yanhong blood suddenly appeared!

This hand stunned everyone!

Wiliam, hurt people in public!

“You! Don’t you dare!” Mr. Wang got a pain on his face and rose in anger!

However, Wiliam threw the bottle of crystal clear ointment casually, and walked out of the office without looking back.

“Apply it yourself.”

“Tomorrow, I will wait for you to kneel to me!”


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