The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2724 (Charlie Wade) part 1

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2724 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2724

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 then purchase a number of mining equipment, in the mountain, the mountain use as cover to build positive fortifications, as well as the inverse slope of fortifications.

    ” In this way, the other As long as you bomb, you can hide in the fortifications, and you can minimize the loss whatever the opponent hits.

    “Moreover, once you have the reverse slope fortifications, it will be even more difficult for the opponent to lay down your base area. 

Even if they can break into your valley, your soldiers can directly cover the entire area with firepower from the reverse slope fortifications halfway up the mountain. 

The valley, let them come back and forth.

    Hunter (Hamid) on the other end of the phone, when he heard these, his eyes lighted up.

    Charlie continued at this time:’You strengthen your defenses and turn yourself into an iron bucket. ,

 Then they will not be able to defeat you, and then they will definitely give up dealing with you and choose to go to war with other opposition forces,

 and you, try not to take the initiative to attack, just shrink in your base area, the enemy will come and we will block, the enemy will withdraw and we will raise, In that way, 

you can not only preserve your strength very well, but also have the opportunity to continuously absorb the defeated skirmishers

 with your strong defensive ability.”

    Hunter (Hamid) said excitedly, “Brother, where do you learn from? Yes? It sounds very reasonable!

    Charlie smiled and said: “Learned from our ancestors in China, let you do a good job in infrastructure and 

defense construction, and at the same time don’t take the initiative to attack. This is

 called digging deep holes, accumulating food, and slowing down. To be king. “After

    speaking, Charlie said again: “Let you wait for the stragglers who are armed by other opposition factions. 

This is called watching the fire from the other side, in other words, it is also called the dead dao friend not the poor dao.

    Hunter (Hamid) said with emotion: “I can further enhance my defense ability based on the experience taught by my brother, 

but if my brother’s army asks me for help, then how am I embarrassed to really watch the fire from across the bank?

    Charlie smiled and said: “What’s the matter with this 

Excuse me? If someone beat someone else, just look at it.

    Hunter (Hamid) said embarrassingly: “I’m afraid that will spur the entire opposition camp.

    Charlie said seriously: “It doesn’t matter to spurn, the most important thing is to survive. 

We don’t take the initiative to look for things, and we don’t get too close to other opposition parties.

 We do our best to preserve our strength, so that in case the opposition party fails one day, you Here is another piece of hard bones.

 The other party can’t chew, so they have a great probability of recruiting you. Once they recruit you,

 it will be easier to do so, so that you can negotiate terms with them and change the position. After all


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