The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2725 (Charlie Wade)

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2725 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2725


   The relatively slow military development, the relatively weak military strength, and the relatively low military quality are common problems in some small war-torn countries.

    There is a huge disparity in economic strength between countries, and the disparity in military strength is even more shocking.

    Hunter (Hamid) himself is not a real military school background, and he is in a relatively backward and chaotic environment, so he has no strategic mind at all.

    The strategy he can think of is to live as long as possible.

    In the encirclement and suppression the previous two days, the reason why he was not wiped out was also due to government intelligence errors.

 They thought that the village was just a small stronghold, but I didn’t expect it to be Hunter (Hamid)’s

 base camp, and Hunter (Hamid)’s base is easy to defend. Attack, so it will fail.

    However, being easy to defend and difficult to attack does not mean that you cannot attack.

    The first time it was the opponent despised, but if the opponent prepares and makes a comeback, and Hunter (Hamid) 

does not care about defending, then there is a high probability that he will be dumped.

    Although Charlie had a shallow friendship with Hunter (Hamid), he didn’t want to hear the news that he was killed someday.

    Besides, Zayne immediately sent it over. In case he had just arrived in Syria and didn’t die in his own hands, 

but died in the hands of Hunter (Hamid)’s opponent, it would be more or less embarrassing.

    After all, Charlie still wanted to stay as a backhand.

    In case Zara is unable to inherit the Banks Family, he can still let Zayne come back.

    As for what conditions Zayne had to pay by then, all the initiative was in Charlie’s hands.

    So in other words, a considerable part of Zayne’s billion dollars is also used to strengthen his personal safety.

    But Zayne’s billion dollars was a great favor for Charlie.

    Because this billion dollars, and the series of strategic 

guidance Charlie gave Hunter (Hamid), are of great significance to Hunter (Hamid).

    Therefore, while being moved, Hunter (Hamid) asked Charlie very modestly: “Brother Wade, I understand the 

importance of infrastructure, but according to what you said, how should I implement it? Is there a relatively detailed plan? With

    that, Hunter (Hamid) said apologetically: “I’m sorry, most of the soldiers under my hand have not read any books,

 let alone let them make suggestions. “

    Charlie smiled and said:” This situation is understandable.

    Having said that, he further explained: “When I went to your place, I probably observed the topographic features of your 

place. Except for the relatively narrow entrance to the mountain each in the north and south, the others are almost all

 surrounded by mountain peaks, at least seven or eight. Is it a mountain?

    “Yes!” Hunter (Hamid) hurriedly said, “There are eight mountains in total. The two mountains on the east and west are the highest. 

The others are relatively short, but they are all steeper. Heavy equipment and armored vehicles definitely run. not up

    Charlie smiled and said: “that could not be better, depending on your situation, you put the infrastructure projects into three phases,

 the first eight to be in this mountain fortifications built eight positive and eight The reverse slope fortifications, to put it bluntly, are two fortifications on each mountain,

 one front and one back, and then two frontal fortifications are added separately on the mountainsides on both sides of the north and south entrances.

    “The construction of fortifications must be as strong as possible, relying on the structure of the rocky mountain, and then using

 reinforced concrete to create permanent fortifications to ensure that ordinary artillery fires cannot be destroyed.

    Hunter (Hamid) hurriedly asked: “My brother, the second and third stages What?

    Charlie said: “In the second stage, you must at least double the fortifications. 

Make sure that at least half of your soldiers can hide directly in the permanent fortifications. 

In this case, the opponent’s artillery fire and intensive attack, your soldiers It can be preserved in the permanent fortifications.”

    As for the third stage, you need to ensure that all soldiers can survive in the permanent fortifications for a long time.

 The fortifications on the mountain can all communicate internally. The permanent fortifications can not only defend and live, 

but also be used to store strategic materials. To achieve this, you can sit back and relax!

Hunter (Hamid) said without hesitation: “Okay! Just follow the old man’s method!

    After finishing speaking, he hurriedly asked again: ” My old man, what suggestions and instructions do you have?

    Charlie said: “Besides, you still It is necessary to purchase a large amount of food and medicine immediately and store it in a dry and safe environment. For the first time, we must store a total of more than three years of rations!

    Hunter (Hamid) exclaimed: “Three years?! So many?! An adult People, at least two hundred kilograms of grain a year, for two thousand people, it would be 400 tons, and three years would be 1,200 tons!

    Charlie asked, “Then I ask you, how much is 1,200 tons of grain?


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