The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2747 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2747)

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2747 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2747


Charlie knew that Hank was a professor, and such senior intellectuals tended to have high self-esteem, 

so they must wear certain colored glasses when they look at people like

 Don Albert.

Fortunately, Hank didn’t entangle too much. After listening to Charlie’s introduction, he let go of his inner entanglement.

Charlie stood up and said to the father and daughter: “Uncle Hank, Ziva, let’s go.”

Hank nodded and stood up. Ziva Hank, who was on the side, had been strangled long ago and couldn’t wait to stand up.

Mainly sitting on the sofa, the feeling of being strangled is too uncomfortable.

In fact, she wanted to stand up a long time ago,

 but Dad and Charlie were both sitting, and she didn’t want to be stuck there alone like a fool, so she could only 

clenched her teeth and insisted.

But Ziva Hank never dreamed that at the moment when she stood up, 

because the upward support force of her hands was a bit too strong, 

she suddenly felt that the hook of the upper body underwear behind her was instantly bounced off!

The tight elastic band suddenly bounced back, causing Ziva Hank to scream in shock!


Hank hurriedly asked with concern: “Ziva, what’s the matter with you?”

Ziva Hank now has the heart to die.

How could she be ashamed to say that the hook of her personal clothing

 was actually stretched alive by herself?

Such words are really hard to tell.

Therefore, she can only bite the bullet and say: “Dad, I’m fine, but I got up a bit too hard just now, so 

my head is a little dizzy.”

Hank hurriedly supported her and asked with concern:

 “How is it? Do you think it doesn’t matter. If the problem is more serious, Dad will take you to the hospital!”

Ziva Hank hurriedly waved his hand and said,

“No, no, no! It’s all right now!”

As she said, she hurriedly put her raised hand down again, because the hook was broken, as long as she raised her arm, 

the underwear was a bit misaligned. If the movement was a little bit larger, the underwear would be completely dislocated and unable to go back.

 Yes, that would be too embarrassing!

Hank breathed a sigh of relief, and said, “I guess you still haven’t rested well. Take a good rest these past two days to make up for your energy.”

Ziva Hank could only follow his words, nodded and said: “Good dad, I know.”

After speaking, she hurriedly looked at Charlie again.

 Seeing that there was nothing unusual about Charlie, 

she was a little relieved.

“It seems that in the embarrassment just now, neither father nor Charlie knows the truth of the matter… 

Otherwise, I really have a dead heart…”

Thinking about this, she looked at Charlie a little angrily, and thought to herself: “Is this lady’s figure so unpredictable to you?

 How could you buy me the smallest… The point is that this size has so many deviations and it is too torturous!”

Although Charlie is as stable as an old dog on the surface, his heart has already been completely messed up!

How keen is his senses!

Just now, when Ziva Hank heard an unremarkable muffled noise from his body, he immediately felt that something was not right.

That sound was like the sound of a tight elastic band suddenly breaking.

However, since the sound came from Ziva Hank’s clothes, when it came out, there was basically no volume that could be noticed.

However, because of Charlie’s sharp hearing, that voice was like an elastic band breaking in front of his eyes.

Therefore, he almost immediately realized that there was a problem with Ziva Hank’s 

upper body underwear.

He was also wondering: “What the hell is going on? Is it because the quality of the clothes

 I bought is too low?”

“But it shouldn’t be! Even if the quality is not good, at best, it will fall off the thread. There is no need to break it, right?”

“Could it be…”

A possibility suddenly appeared in Charlie’s mind, 

and he was taken aback!

He subconsciously looked at Ziva Hank, and suddenly found that the curve of her upper body wrapped in the dress seemed to bulge a little in an instant.

“Is it because the size I bought is too small?!”

Charlie suddenly realized the crux of the problem!

The dress he bought was originally a high-end customized dress, so it showed a good figure.

In other words, wearing this suit, the strengths and weaknesses of the figure will be very obvious.

Looking at the way Ziva Hank puts on this dress before, I can see that there is really no capital in his figure.

 I dare not say that it is an airport, and it is no better than an airport.

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2747 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2747


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