Life at The Top – Chapter 1159

“Motherf*cker! Who are you?!”

Mr. Pearce was enraged when he realized that his plans have been foiled.

“Her friend,” Jasper replied calmly.

Mr. Pearce took a look at Jasper’s outfit. The man was dressed simply at there was no sign of how outstanding he was from his clothes.

Mr. Pearce scoffed and said, “Let go of my hand. Or I’ll make your life not worth living!”

“How will you make it?” Jasper asked.

Mr. Pearce’s gaze chilled and he said icily, “Are you here to cause trouble?”

“My friend came here to eat. It’s enough that you’re not willing to serve her, but what are you trying to get by making her uncomfortable? Have you no sense of shame?”

“F*ck you!”

Mr. Pearce flung Jasper’s hand off and pointed at the latter’s nose to say, “Since when do loafers like you have the right to control what I do? Take a look at where you are, at least! Do you want to die?!”

Jasper glanced at the rambunctious interior of the seafood restaurant and said, “Where I’m at? Isn’t this just a restaurant? Why, or perhaps I’m looking at a forbidden area in a palace?”

“To people who can afford to pay, yes, this is a restaurant. For broke losers like you, then this is a forbidden palace!” Mr. Pearce said harshly. Greed and envy flared in his eyes as he glanced at Tiffany who stood beside Jasper like a kitten.

If he wanted this beautiful girl, then he had to get rid of this annoying man first.

By humiliating him in front of her, he would let her know that women had to look for powerful men in society. Trash like this could not protect her.

Most importantly, Mr. Pearce had an extremely dignified guest to receive and he did not have time to waste with Jasper.

Mr. Pearce was enraged when he thought of that and his gaze turned unkind as he looked at Jasper.

“Where’s security? Get over here!”

With Mr. Pearce’s shout, three to five security guards surrounded them.

“Beat this troublemaker up and throw him out!” Mr. Pearce said gleefully.

Hearing him, the security guards immediately made their way to Jasper.

From how practiced their actions were, it seemed like this was not the first time such a thing happened.

Just then, a figure approached from the entrance and stood in front of Jasper. It was Julian who had just arrived.

Julian’s gaze was icy as he stared at the few security guards. If any dumb guards took another step, then he would attack them.

The security guards were just ordinary people who could read the situation. They could tell that Julian, radiating with an icy aura, was not someone they could win against. The guards immediately shared a look and no one dared to make the first move. They had all frozen.

“What are you doing just standing here?” Mr. Pearce was frantic and he shouted, “Go attack him right now! Whoever runs away can get lost! Get rid of them and I’ll reward you with bonuses!”

Under the temptation of reward, the security guards saw that they had numbers and mustered the courage, and pounced on Julian.

Julian’s gaze was indifferent. Dealing with security guards that were essentially normal people was a waste of his talent.

With a few attacks, the few security guards yelped in pain and knocked against each other before falling down.

Still prideful a moment ago, Mr. Pearce was now stunned when he saw the sight.

This was real life, after all, not an action movie. Normal people have hardly seen cases where one man won against three to four others.

“How, how dare you attack people here?!” Mr. Pearce screamed.

Jasper replied calmly, “You were the one who ordered to hit people first. How is this my fault now?”

Mr. Pearce’s expression was wretched yet he feared Julian’s horrifying skill. Just as he was conflicted about what to say next, a sound rang out by the seafood restaurant entrance.

“What’s going on here? What’s with all this commotion?”

Mr. Pearce’s expression lit up when he heard the voice.

As if meeting his savior, Mr. Pearce ran out and greeted the person respectfully. “My apologies, Mr. Heron, I’ve been dealing with a mess. There were two f*cking idiots that came to cause trouble so I was dealing with them.”

Then Mr. Heron frowned and said coldly, “I invested in this seafood restaurant, Roy. I had you manage it because I didn’t want people to cause trouble. Why, has the name Gerry Heron lost its effect in Waterhoof City?!”

“You’re right, Mr. Heron. But there are always reckless people who just want to die. Here, it’s these two f*ckers. I’d say, just waste them and get it over with, Mr. Heron.” Roy reached out to point at Jasper and Gerry’s fierce gaze followed.

Gerry was stunned when he saw Jasper.

Mr. Heron, who was still extremely powerful the previous second, was stunned in place the next. As if he had been stricken by lightning, the man could be seen trembling where he stood.

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