Life at The Top – Chapter 1162

Roy’s tragic pleading did not evoke Jasper’s compassion.

If it were any other person, Roy might bully them badly such that no one would pity them. At the end of the day, people like Roy would only take advantage of others’ kindness.

Hence, it would benefit society to get rid of these people early.

“Enough! Stop shouting!”

Seeing that Jasper remained unaffected by Roy’s pleas, Gerry did not dare to let the man continue. He glared and shouted at Roy, “What’re you still here for? Get lost! There’s no place for you to talk here!”

Roy did not dare to leave. Staying meant he still had a shred of hope, but his life would be over if he left.

Gerry saw through Roy’s intentions and said coldly, “I’ll give you a chance to leave, which you’ll take if you’re smart. Mr. Laine isn’t the kind to kill you off.”

“But if you choose to continue and anger Mr. Laine, then don’t blame me for turning against you, Pearce!” Gerry was truly frantic.

Only he knew the fear he felt toward Jasper.

Getting rid of the Haddock’s Chamber of Commerce’s Waterhoof City branch was one thing, but what terrified Gerry the most was the news he had received.

Norman and his daughter had sold all their property this morning and had taken the earliest flight out of the country.

Others might now know about this, but Gerry was well aware of this piece of information.

He also knew that Norman had contacted the little prince, and the Royal family, to protect his property.

The little prince had stood up for Norman as well. Despite this, Norman had been forced to leave


The implications behind this terrified Gerry.

It meant that Jasper had met the little prince and the two had come to a compromise.

There was no way Gerry would know of the exact contents of the meeting, but he could clearly see that Norman did not get the protection he wanted.

Norman and his daughter might not have died, but Jasper had never intended to take their lives in the first place.

Therefore, from what Gerry could see, he believed that Jasper had forcibly made the little prince give in to him.

The terror Gerry felt when he found out that the little prince had stepped aside to give Jasper access to Norman was no less than the respect he had for Jasper.

If Roy continued to yap on and cause Jasper to divert his anger to himself, then Gerry would truly take Roy’s life.

Roy shuddered when he saw the furious glare Gerry gave him. He clenched his jaw and remained quiet. Roy knew that he would not be allowed to live if he completely angered Gerry.

Utter regret filled Roy for being driven by sexual desires, as it had gotten him into real trouble now.

After the emotional rollercoaster he had gone through, Roy looked devastated as he kept his head down as he left.

Gerry turned to Jasper politely after Roy left and said, “This is all a misunderstanding, Mr. Laine. Really. How about this, since we’ve coincidentally met, how about I treat you to a meal, Mr. Laine?”

Jasper glanced at Tiffany and waved him off. “No need. I came here today to have dinner with my sister.”

Gerry was a smart man and he immediately substituted ‘sister’ with ‘lover’. He chuckled and turned to Tiffany, “What a pretty sister you have, Mr. Laine. I didn’t prepare any meeting gift, but here, for you. I hope you like it.”

With that, Gerry pulled out a diamond necklace from his breast pocket

From the exquisite packaging, one could tell that this might have been a gift Gerry had bought to win over a woman.

Tiffany had been in such a situation before, and shook her head with flushed cheeks. Then, she hid behind Jasper.

Jasper replied calmly, “You’re too kind, Mr. Heron. Thank you for the thought, but there’s no need for gifts.”

Gerry let out a sigh of relief when he heard Jasper speak.

He was truly afraid that Jasper would hold today’s events over his head. He would be in great trouble if that were the case.

He might have lost a bustling seafood restaurant today, but the restaurant was not completely his own. He had only invested a little bit of money in it, so he did not care much about the loss.

However, if Jasper made him an enemy, Gerry did not believe he would end up any better than Norman.

It was great that Jasper declined dinner since Gerry had come today to meet another distinguished guest. He would be troubled if Jasper decided to stay.

Gerry was about to say something when a group of people arrived.

These people were currently chatting happily among themselves.

In the middle of the crowd was a handsome man in his twenties, donning a sharp red jacket and wearing a silver shiny earring on his ear.

The group walked over, and Gerry’s expression changed when he saw the young man. He quickly went over to greet him, “Mr. Chavez, you’re here early.”

‘Mr. Chavez?”

Jasper was intrigued when he heard the rare surname, and turned to look at the group of people.

The young man by the title Mr. Chavez replied calmly, “Why? Do I have to tell you what time I arrive too?”

Gerry bowed slightly and quickly smiled. He replied, “Of course not. What I meant was that I could have met you downstairs if I knew the time of your grand arrival, Mr. Chavez.”

At that moment, Mr. Chavez also spotted Jasper.

Despite being the first time the duo met, this Mr. Chavez seemed to recognize Jasper.

“Jasper Laine?” Mr. Chavez arched his brow and asked casually.

From Mr. Chavez’s reaction, Jasper knew that he had guessed the identity of this man correctly.

Prince Chavez, also known as the crown prince.

He was the heir, as well as the most important member, of Clear Seas, an extremely strong company among the country’s capitalist circle.

“Prince Chavez,” Jasper greeted calmly.

Prince chuckled and raised his hand to touch the earring on his left ear as he replied, “I much prefer being referred to as the crown prince.”

“Might as well use Your Highness, then,” Jasper commented.

“Haha,” Prince laughed out loud and said, “I have no qualms with that either.”

Prince’s arrogance could be seen in how he referred to himself.

“The last imperial dynasty ended long ago. There are no crown princes in the country anymore.”

Prince’s gaze turned sinisterly cold upon hearing Jasper’s remark.

“That depends on where we are. As long as I’m around, then there will be a crown prince!”

Jasper shrugged and replied, “This is a modern society where everyone has freedom of speech. You can call yourself a king if you want.

“Of course, but remember not to take it too seriously. It wouldn’t be worth it to get charged with the crime of dividing the country. You’re a law student, Tiff. What is the punishment for such a crime?”

Tiffany was familiar with her curriculum, and she immediately replied, “At least three years jail-time. If the circumstances are severe, the first offense can even be charged with life imprisonment.”

Prince’s smile began to fade upon witnessing Jasper and Tiffany’s coordination. His expression turned sinister as well.


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