Life at The Top – Chapter 1163

Prince stared at Jasper expressionlessly and said coldly, “Looks like rumors were right, Jasper. You are indeed very arrogant.”

“There are many rumors about me but I always thought of myself as humble and cautious. I don’t know when the word ‘arrogant’ began to be associated with me, but perhaps it’s because people don’t know me very well. I’m sure that once they get to know me, they’d find that I’m a really easy person to get along with.”

Prince harrumphed at Jasper’s claim and said, “Cut the nonsense with me. It’s useless.”

“Since you know who I am, Jasper, then I’m sure you know about the situation there too. So, stop playing dumb.”

“I’ll tell you straight up. I have my eyes on the online payment industry.”

Then, Prince smiled and stepped out of his small crowd toward Jasper. Once he got close, Prince grinned wretchedly and said slowly, “You, get lost!”

Beside them, Julian narrowed his eyes at Prince’s taunting words.

All he needed was a glance from Jasper, and Julian would crush Prince’s head without hesitation, crown prince or king.

As far as Julian was concerned, no one was allowed to provoke Jasper.

Yet, Jasper only looked at Prince calmly.

Ever since he started his business, Jasper had been faced with countless enemies.

As he began to climb the ranks, the enemies he had to fight against also gradually grew stronger.

His enemy Fabian had already caused him a multitude of problems even though they had yet to meet.

His so-called ally, the little prince, posed a danger that surpassed anyone he met.

Prince, who stood before him now, was not an easy opponent to deal with either.

Jasper could tell there was a scheming man beneath all his arrogance.

Not that it mattered.

“We shall see, then,” Was all Jasper calmly replied.

Prince laughed out loud, yet his gaze was exceptionally dark.

“No one’s ever dared to steal what Iwanted ever since I was a child. I’ve already got my eyes on the online payment industry, so there’s no way I’d let anyone else touch it. There are plenty of people vying to go against you, Jasper, but I’m not going to sink to their level just to get rid of you together.”

“Still, be smart and back out of the online payment industry. I have nothing against doing something many other people would like to see.”

Prince stared and sneered at Jasper after he finished speaking, then he turned his head away. “Let’s go. It’s dinner time.”

With that, he left arrogantly.

Jasper narrowed his eyes as he watched Prince leave. A spark flickered in his eyes.

“Mr… Mr. Laine?”

Gerry’s cautious tone caused Jasper to look over.

“Not going to serve Prince?” Jasper asked.

Gerry’s expression was dark.

He had used all kinds of contacts and methods to finally seem of slight importance in front of Prince. The man was the distinguished guest he was supposed to be treating to a meal today.

However, after what had just happened, even an idiot could tell that Jasper and Prince were at each other’s throats.

Gerry immediately felt as if he was being grilled over high heat. He did not know which side to join.

He was afraid that Jasper would direct his anger onto him, and terrified that Prince would be able to tell that he and Jasper were acquainted. The latter would get him into grave trouble.

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