Life at The Top – Chapter 1164

“Go ahead. What you choose to invest in is your own business.”

Jasper said calmly, then he ignored Gerry and left with Tiffany and Julian in tow.

Gerry stomped his foot as he watched Jasper leave. He felt the urge to slap himself.

Of all the times, it had to happen now. What a coincidence.

Prince and Jasper just had to become enemies, and the day he decided to treat Prince to dinner, Jasper just had to be there to find out.

Jasper who had no idea of Gerry’s internal turmoil as he soon arrived downstairs.

“Jasper, did I end up causing you trouble again?” Tiffany saw Jasper’s stern expression and asked softly.

Jasper snapped back to reality and smiled. “Not at all. There was some other issue, but it wasn’t your fault… Are you hungry? What do you want to eat?”

“But we agreed that I would treat you,” Tiffany whispered, “But we can do it next time if you’re busy, Jasper.”

“There’s no rush. Work can wait, but we can’t drag on the celebration for your first part-time paycheck. How about this, let’s eat somewhere else.” Jasper smiled.

Tiffany felt conflicted when she saw a gentle smile grace Jasper’s features again.


All the words she wanted to say were condensed into one.

She was not an idiot. She could tell that the man from just now would pose great trouble for Jasper.

Still, Jasper had chosen to eat with her.

Tiffany told herself internally that this would be the first and last time she acted on a whim.

Julian followed the duo as they shopped around Gold Pedestrian Street, then went to a restaurant on the beach with a nice view and atmosphere.

It was not a cheap place to dine in. The three were frugal, yet they had ended up spending more than 400 Somer Dollars altogether.

Jasper had a small smile on his face as he watched Tiffany pull out money for the bill excitedly. Being considerate of the girl’s self-esteem, Jasper did not try to help her pay for it.

The dinner came as a product of her desire to thank him, and it meant more than 400 Somer Dollars to her. Hence, Jasper did not do anything to kill the mood.

After dinner, Jasper had Julian drive Tiffany back to school. Jasper sent her to the entrance of her dorm before he walked out of Hoofmorn University.

Once he got into the car, Jasper’ s smile instantly vanished and he immediately called Hudson and Wayne.

Jasper did not say much and only told them one thing over the phone.

He had to pack their luggage and make their way to the airport immediately, where his private plane would bring them over to Waterhoof City overnight.

After that, the first private Gulfstream airplane parked in Nauritus City International Airport immediately departed upon receiving Jasper’s instruction.

Its first stop was to pick Hudson up from the further distanced Cavern City, then it went to Hervey City to pick Wayne up. It was already two-thirty in the morning by the time the airplane arrived at Waterhoof City International Airport.

After that, Hudson and Wayne rushed over to the hotel from the airport, looking exhausted from the flight. It was three-fifty in the morning when they arrived.

On the other hand, Jasper was still wide awake.

In the study of Jasper’s hotel room, he shook Wayne and Hudson’s hands before everyone took their seats.

Jasper smiled and said, “Sorry for troubling you two into coming overnight.”

Hudson had known Jasper longer, and he replied with a smile, “It wasn’t much trouble, Mr. Laine. But I have to say, that airplane of yours is quite the vehicle. It wasn’t too tiring coming all the way here.”

Wayne, who was currently in his start-up stage, was more realistic and he went asked straightforwardly, “Is something wrong, Mr. Laine? Why did you call us over so suddenly?”

Jasper knocked on the table with his finger and replied, “Since you asked, then I might as well get straight to the point. This is a matter of life and death for Terizone and Abbylon.”

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