Life at The Top – Chapter 1168

Prince’s anger was only natural.

The man was in a rush to prove himself to his family. He was optimistic about the online payment industry, and he had invested a lot of time and effort to make it come true.

To Prince, this incident was like a trial for him. If he passed, then he would be given more say in the family enterprise. If he failed, then he was to do his part and be an obedient son of his wealthy family.

Prince was indignant.

After paying the price in an immeasurable amount of effort, Prince’s most basic goal was to monopolize and enforce a blockade on the market so that only he alone was allowed to operate it.

The situation had been going great until Jasper suddenly appeared. After Jasper figuratively flipped the dinner table so that no one could eat anything, Prince now hated the man to his very core.

However, it had never occurred to him that Jasper had already stepped foot in this industry before he could. If he wanted to control the entire market, he had to throw Jasper out.

Jasper ignored all of Prince’s scolding and complaints. After all, he had more important things to do than deal with Prince’s disgruntlement.

“Mr. Wilcher. I also brought something this time.”

Jasper then pulled out a stack of papers. Mr. Wilcher looked at it then waved his hand, and someone immediately distributed the papers to everyone.

Prince received a copy as well.

“I’d like to see what tricks he has up his sleeve!”

Prince scoffed and flipped open the document.

He had only taken one look when his pupils constricted.

As the sound of flipping pages sounded filled the conference room, Jasper began to elaborate on his plan.

“I’ll announce the establishment of a whole new company very soon that will continue development of the online payment platform initially run by Terizone Inc. The company will also arrive at an in-depth strategic cooperation agreement with the three companies Terizone, Sena, and Abbylon.”

“This new company will only be in charge of one business, online payment.”

“For this, in addition to the 1 billion Somer Dollar security deposit with the central bank, I will also put in an extra 1 billion specifically for compensation purposes. This way, anyone who uses my online payment business will not have to worry, as any loss of funds will be compensated for in full without failure.”

Prince’s hand shook when he took in the contents of the document.

He knew that this would be the nail in the coffin.

Should Jasper begin to execute this, no one in the country’s online payment industry would be able to defeat Jasper.

Prince passed the document to his team of research consultants that had followed him here, then turned to glare at Jasper with extreme hatred and iciness.

He realized that he had to do everything possible to stop Jasper.

Otherwise, it would be over to him.

In stark contrast to Prince, Mr. Wilcher and the rest became more terrified and satisfied as they read on.

“Mr. Laine, if you don’t mind me asking, is this entire operating concept and framework, as well as what you said just now, true?” Mr. Wilcher asked.

Jasper chuckled. The contents of the document were something he had come up with Hudson and Wayne overnight.

The concept was something he had introduced from the future, it was something that was proven to be feasible as history had proven. Hence, Jasper had no fear that it would fail.

“I wouldn’t make a joke in such a situation. I’ll make my words come true.”

Mr. Wilcher shouted after hearing Jasper’s reply, “Good!”

“We were still worried before about this completely new industry. The government might have come up with a policy and standard, but we’ve never encountered something like this before. There is no relative experience for this overseas either, so we were worried that a problem would arise somewhere along the process.”

“But with you leading the way, Mr. Laine, I’m confident that there won’t be any problem at all.”


Prince’s voice interrupted Mr. Wilcher’s joyful conversation with Jasper.

Mr. Wilcher frowned irritably as he looked at Prince. He said patiently, “Is there anything you’d like to add, Mr. Chavez?”

Prince sneered and stared at Jasper before saying, “You’re about to establish a new subsidiary, right, Jasper? Great Then I’ll use this setting and opportunity to announce something as well.”

“Soha’s about to launch its own online payment platform too, very soon!”

Prince then stared daggers at Jasper and spat icily, “Since we’ve come to an agreement on the policy, Jasper, let’s decide the true victor on the market. Whoever dies will be forced to pull out from the market. Do you dare to accept my challenge?”

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