Life at The Top – Chapter 1169

Before Jasper could react to Prince’s words, the vice president of Soha sitting beside the latter paled in shock.

‘Since when was Soha about to launch an online payment platform?’

‘As vice president, how do I not know about this?’

‘We have nothing. What are we launching?’

‘We have no product to sell, so there’s no reason for any customer to use a barebones online payment platform! What are we launching it for, then?’

Sitting on his chair, the vice president felt sweat bead and trickle down his forehead. He was frantic.

Yet, Prince showed no signs of interest in this as he glared at Jasper.

“So? Do you dare to take up my challenge or not?”

Jasper merely chuckled in the face of Prince’s aggressive and forceful shouting. The former replied, “I don’t care what you or Soha are going to do. If you think you have the capability then fight for what you want. What’s the point of blowing this into something bigger than it actually is?”


Prince smiled wretchedly and stood up to point at Jasper. He continued, “I’ll commend you for your bravery. But as someone who’s never experienced it for themselves, you’ll never know how terrifying it is to offend me.”

“I don’t need too much effort to get rid of you considering how small your capital is in comparison to mine. If you have a death wish, then I won’t be blamed for being cruel either.”

Mr. Wilcher shook his head at both Prince’s aggression and Jasper’s indifference.

If possible, he truly hoped that these two companies could collaborate and work together to develop this newly emerged industry.

However, from the way things looked now, it seemed like this was a pipe dream.

Not to mention that his identity at this conference was a sensitive one. He represented the government, so no matter how distasteful he found Prince’s arrogance, or how much he appreciated Jasper, he had to remain impartial.

“Alright. Now, let’s move on to the next item on the agenda. Before I do that, let me remind everyone once more that the point of this research conference is to plan for the online payment industry’s future. Please refrain from bringing up topics unrelated to this matter.”

“I would like everyone to try and refrain from adding your own emotions into this conference too, as it will only waste everyone’s time.”

The following discussion was spent with Mr. Wilcher’s research team asking Jasper about how online payments operated, what problems he’s faced or would face in the future, and how to resolve these problems. Overall, this could be considered a scenario where the government was asking for all of Jasper’s opinions in one go.

After all, Jasper was the only person in the entire country and world that was officially running an online payment system. There were similar businesses abroad, but those were of a completely different kind, and there was no way they could invite someone foreign over to conduct an interview.

It was evident that the government had decided to build this online payment industry well. Thus, they decided to resolve all potential problems that could possibly arise.

Naturally, Jasper was glad to help.

Be it within or outside the country, all companies required their respective government’s support if they wanted to grow.

The government planned for the benefit of its people while enterprises only had to worry about profiting, paying taxes, and internal personnel.

The government and enterprises were not enemies. In fact, they were co-dependent and could develop a mutually beneficial relationship.

However, while Jasper and Mr. Wilcher began to benefit from each other, Prince no longer had anything to do with the conference.

Prince might have wanted to enter the industry, but he had no experience in the online payment industry at all before this.

Soha’s vice president was useless in the scenario too, since Soha did not understand the industry either.

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