Life at The Top – Chapter 1170

All they could do was watch as Jasper and Mr. Wilcher grew even closer.

Many people believed that with Prince’s temper, there was no way he would accept being discarded like this.

Surprisingly, Prince did not cause trouble throughout the rest of the conference. It was almost as if he had accepted the role as a bystander.

It was only his sinister gaze sweeping over Jasper from time to time that gave him away. After all, nobody would believe that this quiet man sitting at the conference desk could look as arrogant as he did at the beginning of the conference.

An hour later, the meeting ended.

Outside the conference room, Mr. Wilcher shook Jasper’s hand and said, “Thank you for so many of your suggestions, Mr. Laine. I’ll compile and hand this up as soon as possible. I’m sure that the official document will be issued in no time.”

Jasper smiled and replied, “I’m just doing my part.”

After their chat, Prince also walked out of the conference hall bossily.

He made a beeline for Jasper and snickered.

“I really want to rip your face off so I can send it to you and let you admire it, Jasper. Because it won’t be long before you’ll never get to smile again!”

Prince’s eyes shone with a venomous glint.

“I used to think that you were a prideful ant, but I realized that I was wrong. Rather than prideful, you’re just a scheming ant who has a bit of luck.”

“Not that it matters, since you’ re just an ant at the end of the day. It’d take no effort for me to crush you.”

Prince sneered and lowered his voice to continue, “You’ve never faced Clear Seas Industrial, so you’ll never know how powerful I am. I am the crown prince of Clear Seas Industrial! Just you wait, Jasper. I’ll make sure to kill you!”

Staring at Prince, who was mere inches away from him, Jasper replied calmly, “Let the results do the talking. What use is being ruthless with your words? Do you see me getting affected by them?”

Prince glared at Jasper and replied icily, “You sure have a way with words!”

“But I do hope that you can still joyfully rebut others in the future. Not that you’ll have the chance, though.”

Prince gave Jasper one last sinister look after he finished speaking, as if trying to memorize Jasper’s current expression before he turned his head and left.

Jasper watched Prince’s figure leave calmly.

However, no one seemed to realize that most of Jasper’s attention was not on Prince. Instead, it was focused on Soha’s vice president who stood beside Prince and whom had held an insignificant presence throughout the conference.

Jasper could clearly remember that when Prince first said that Soha was about to launch an online payment platform in the conference room, the vice president looked shocked and helpless. It was almost as if he had been told that aliens had invaded earth.

So why did he look overjoyed and confident now?

Excluding the few minutes Jasper and Mr. Wilcher had spent conversing outside after the conference was over, Jasper and Prince had been in the same venue the entire time.

‘Prince and that vice president were alone in the conference room only for those few minutes.

‘What did they talk about?

‘What was it that turned the vice president from a desperate mess mere moments ago, to an extremely confident man in the next?’

Jasper refused to believe that Prince had simply given the vice president an empty promise to console him.

The man had managed to become Soha’s vice president. Without seeing some tangible benefits, there was no way he would buy into a rich kid’s baseless plan.

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