Life at The Top – Chapter 1175

Business-wise, Jasper was currently Waterhoof City branch’s top-notch VIP. JW Real Estates’ Waterhoof City branch’s account alone brought them a cash flow of billions a month due to the World Financial Center’s construction funds.

As the vice president, Vita had to win over this important client.

Personally speaking, Jasper and Vita had known each other for almost a year and their friendship had always been great. The fact that Vita could be promoted from a small asset management office manager to the most authoritative vice president in a year was also thanks to Jasper’s support.

There was no way Vita could reject Jasper’s invitation for a meal.

That was how their relationship always worked. Despite this, today, Vita’s hesitation and struggle had Jasper’s heart sinking slightly.

He was unsure if Vita had betrayed him yet or not. This was something he had to verify himself.

With that thought, Jasper called Julian over.

They arrived at a normal apartment building in Waterhoof City’s Golden Garden, Open Seas Road, Peace District. As a middle-income area that could be seen from any vantage point in Waterhoof City, it was not an extravagant place. This fit Vita’s current salary as vice president of an ICBS branch.

The house door opened with a creak as a rather attractive middle-aged woman opened the door. She looked at Jasper who held a gift in his hands confusedly.

“You’re… Jasper… Jasper Laine?”

Daphne was Vita’s wife and she had met Jasper during a gathering with John. Thus, she could recognize this dignified guest her husband spoke of.

Jasper smiled and said, “I was in the area so I thought I’d come and visit, Mrs. Layne. I’m not disturbing you, am I?”

“No, no, not at all. Please come in.” Daphne may have been confused but she did not dare to make Jasper wait.

She had heard from her husband how Jasper was more than an extremely wealthy man. He was also someone important who helped her husband get promoted, so she did not dare to inconvenience him..

Jasper looked at the ordinary decorations in Vita’s house after walking in and said with a smile. “I don’t remember there being so many rewards on the wall the last time I was here. Did Valerie get first place again?”

The last time they met was during a family gathering. Jasper brought Wendy with him, and John and Vita each brought their own families.

The gathering was held in Vita’s house.

That was when Jasper met Daphne and Vita’s daughter, Valerie. She was a smart girl.

Daphne beamed at Jasper’s words and replied, “Yeah. Valerie doesn’t disappoint. But she’s playing at her friend’s house tonight so she’s not home. Vita should be off work soon, I’ll call him and tell him to come home quickly.”

“No need, Mrs. Layne. He should be on the way home already so it wouldn’t be wise to urge him while he’s driving. He’ll be back soon anyway, I’ll just wait for him here,” Jasper said with a crescent-eyed smile.

Daphne felt that something was off with his behavior, but she did not go against Jasper’s wishes. Instead, she quickly poured Jasper a cup of tea and sat by his side carefully, chatting with him.

She kept trying to probe Jasper about why he had come to visit so suddenly. She wondered about why he was here, especially while her husband was not home. However, considering who Jasper was, the man kept the conversation about domestic trivia. His mouth was tightly shut when it came to the specifics of his visit.

As of this moment, Vita was not in a meeting nor was he on the way home.

He had actually arrived home long ago and his car was parked in the underground car park. The man smoked furiously in his car.

Beside the car were more than ten discarded cigarette butts. The already horribly ventilated basement was now filled with a mist of smoke, yet Vita and his deeply knit brows seemed unaware of it all.

Just then, a car drove into the car park and stooped beside Vita’s.

An average-looking man stepped out of the car and walked behind Vita’s car over to the passenger side. Opening the car door, he then got in.

“Heh. Even though you’re a vice president of the ICBS, you’re quite down to earth to live in such an old district while driving such a cheap car,” The man said as he pulled down the visor and played with it casually.

Vita tossed away the cigarette that almost burned to its butt and asked grimly, “What do you people want?”

The man smiled and replied, “Simple. Just push for the termination on your branch’s partnership with Jasper.”


Vita’s first reaction was to reject the man.

Disregarding the fact that Jasper was a huge client of his, the man’s help before this was enough to deter Vita from doing such a thing.

“Impossible? Nothing’s impossible in the world. Just like how a dignified vice president of a bank branch like you, a person of the upper class with quite a bit of power at hand and a beautiful family, can also have another child outside.”

“I suppose others wouldn’t believe me either if I told them about this. But it’s the truth, isn’t it?”

Vita’s expression paled at the man’s casual voice. He replied painfully, “It was a careless mistake I made back then.”

“Careless?” The man scoffed, “I don’t think you were careless when you had fun lying on top of that female student’s stomach, though.”

“Mr. Layne, as vice president of your branch, I’m sure you’re very aware that this is an issue of conduct. If no one pays attention to it, then no one cares. But if someone refuses to let it go, then this beautiful family of yours and your position as vice president will come to a premature end.”

“What would your superiors think of you? What about your colleagues? Your wife, your kids? What would they think?”

“Would you still be the greatly envied vice president by then?”

The man’s words were like a curse as they drilled into Vita’s brain. He replied painfully, “Could you change your request? Anything else is fine. But I, Vita Layne, refuse to be a treacherous b*stard!”

The man scoffed and replied, “You’ll never know how powerful my boss is. A small vice president of a bank branch like you doesn’t even have the right to talk to my boss.”

“You think he can’t do other things himself? We just need a bit of effort from your side on this.”

“You don’t even need to suggest a termination. Other people in the branch will. All you need to do is shut your mouth and make the correct choice during the final vote.”

“Oh, right. And we’ll also need all the details of Jasper’s online payment businesses. Their online payment business is conducted with your branch, so it shouldn’t be difficult for a vice president like you to get your hands on it, right?”

Vita’s head shot up as he stared at the man. “Online payment? You’re Prince Chavez’s men!”

Vita was slapped across the face.

“Who are you to call out the crown prince’s name? Do it again and I’ll cut your tongue off!”

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