Life at The Top – Chapter 1177

“Hey, there’s no need to be so polite. You two talk first, I’ll go buy groceries downstairs.”

Daphne said while nudging an abnormal Vita. Then, she took her wallet and keys and went downstairs.

After Daphne left, Jasper’s smile vanished as he looked at Vita calmly.

Vita was not an idiot. With the situation progressing to this point, he knew that he could not hide it from Jasper anymore.

Sighing deeply, Vita turned to the other man. “Will you come to the study?”

Jasper got up and followed Vita there.

After closing the door, Vita patted his pockets for a smoke, only to pull out an empty box of cigarettes. Jasper then pulled out a pack of his own and tossed it to Vita.

Vita smiled wryly when he looked at the exquisitely packed 1916. “What a nice brand of cigarettes.”

Jasper sat on the chair and said calmly, “Look, Vita. I came here today to do one thing only, to hear the truth from you. If you’ re facing difficulties or you need help, then tell me. We’ll deal with it and come up with a solution together.”

“But, if you say there’s nothing wrong at all, then I’ll get up and leave.”

“I see you as a friend but if it’s not mutual, then I’ll take it as me being over passionate. I don’t have many friends but you are one of them. Still, the basis of friendship comes down to being genuine and sincere. There’s no reason for me to continue to act dumb when you’re evidently setting me up, correct?”

Vita smiled wryly when Jasper showed his hand. The former replied, “I already made my decision when I saw you sitting in my home.”

“Whether you choose to believe me or not, I’ll come clean, Jasper. I’ll tell you everything as it is since I’m older than you and I see you as my friend too. I’ve never done anything that could cause you harm.”

Jasper narrowed his eyes slightly and looked at Vita. He realized that the other’s cheek was slightly bruised and Jasper replied calmly, “Go ahead then. Tell me everything you want to say.”

Vita clenched his jaw and spoke slowly, as if letting go o f all his inhibitions, “Three years ago, I found out that my girlfriend from university died of cancer.”

“I also found out that she had a child, and that it was mine!”

“But I’d already gotten into a shotgun marriage with my wife by then. She’s never told me about this before, and she’s been taking care of the child until she died.

“After her passing, her brother and his wife took custody of the child.”

“I felt like I owe it to her, but I can’t lose my own family in the process.”

“So all I could do was help the kid out financially. I helped her brother’s family set up an account in Waterhoof City and I got them a home to live in. I’ve also been visiting the child over the past three years…”

Jasper nodded after hearing the story and said, “That’s a very dramatic plot.”

Vita smiled wryly. “You don’t believe me?”

“I do.”

Jasper replied without hesitation.

“Considering your character, I believe that you would do such a thing.”

Vita did not care whether Jasper was mocking him or if he meant it in another way. He simply sighed deeply and continued, “I thought that I’d be able to keep doing this peacefully…

“But someone suddenly found me two days ago and wanted to report me for extramarital affairs. You know how sensitive the nature of my position is, I don’t want to lose my business and my family.”

“It’s Prince, isn’t it?” Jasper said calmly.

Vita nodded and replied, “One of his men came to look for me downstairs. They ordered me to help them terminate the branch’s partnership with you, and give them all of your online payments’ important information and account data.”

Jasper narrowed his eyes as they filled with a certain fire.

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