Life at The Top – Chapter 1178

The truth began to surface as Vita recounted the details of the incident.

The truth would always come out in the end.

Vita thought that he had been stealthy enough, yet Prince’s ministrations had easily detected his little secret. It was like a fly over white snow.

Jasper was relieved to hear Vita’s words.

He was grateful for Gerry’s information before this. Even now Jasper could not be completely certain that Vita would never betray him. This was not a risk Jasper could afford to take.

He could not risk the entire future of online payment and even the whole business of Abbylon’s online shopping platform on Vita’s conscience.

Even if Vita showed no signs of betraying him up until now.

“I don’t have any other choice, Jasper. I never expected Prince to find out and hold this over my head.”

Vita said, pulling at his hair painfully.

“I’ve never planned to do anything against you or your interests!”

“I already rejected his men when they told me what they wanted me to do just now. But they want me to give a final reply tomorrow.”

“I don’t know what to do. I’m well aware that once I listen to them, I’ll become their puppet completely and they’ll never let me go!”

Jasper got up and patted Vita’s shoulder. “It’s actually not as severe as you think.”

Vita looked up at Jasper with a sliver of hope and asked, “You’re willing to help me?”

“Helping you is helping myself too,” Jasper replied.

After some thought, Jasper said, “Can you still contact your ex-girlfriend’s brother’s family?”

Vita nodded. “I can!”

Vita then pulled out his phone without further prompting and asked, “Should I contact them now?”

However, Jasper put his hand over Vita’s and replied, “Not yet. You can’t take the initiative to contact them. Give me their address and contact details.”

Vita had no other plan in mind, meaning Jasper was his only source of hope. Thus, he immediately gave the younger man the contact details.

After jotting down the number and address, Jasper then asked Julian to come up.

Jasper handed the woman’s contact details and address he had written down to Julian and said sternly, “Bring them to a hotel tonight and check them into a room. Make sure that they are safe for the next two days.”

Julian nodded and replied, “If they’re still at the address after this period, then I’ll bring them back safely.”

Jasper smiled. “I’ve never doubted your capabilities. But things won’t be so easy this time.”

“Prince’s men will definitely have a close eye on them. So, in addition to bringing the people over, Jul, you’ll need to find two similarly aged people to impersonate them and have them act as though they’ve never left home.”

Julian frowned slightly. “It won’t be easy looking for doubles.”

“It is.”

Jasper chuckled and handed Julian Gerry’s number. “Tell him what kind of people you need.”

Julian understood.

It would be extremely easy for a local power like Gerry to find two qualified actors.

“The only problem is if Prince’s men are living with them. Things will be difficult if that’s the case,” Jasper said.

Vita quickly replied, “They’re not. I went over this afternoon and Prince’s men were only watching them from downstairs in the district. They made sure that I didn’t bring anyone away.”

“That makes things easier then.”

Julian immediately spoke up, “I have a way of bringing the impersonators up whilst simultaneously bringing the targets down.”

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