Life at The Top – Chapter 1179

“Alright then. Go quickly, this is very important,” Jasper told him sternly.

Julian nodded and left immediately.

After Julian left, Vita then looked at Jasper hopefully and said, “So the issue is resolved, then?”

“It won’t be that simple,” Jasper shook his head.

“Your franticness blinds you. Prince definitely has direct evidence of you and that child’s contact, meaning he has information that proves that the two of you are related.”

“All I can do now is guarantee her brother’s family and the child’s safety. You’re still at risk.”

Vita suddenly understood what was going on. “Then what should I do?”

Jasper paced in the study for a moment before he replied, “There’s only one way to handle this situation now, and that’s to drag it on.”

“Prince’s final target is me, after all, not you. So just agree to everything he asks.”

Vita was stunned by Jasper’s words and asked, “But what about you?”

“All I said was agree to his requests. The point of all of this is to buy time, I never said anything about carrying out what he asked.”

“He wants to bring up the termination of my partnership with the branch, but you need time to talk to people and convince them, right?

“If you’re going to follow his requests and give him my account data, that’s also going to take time, no?”

“If we have time, then I’ll be able to create a new copy of data for you to hand over to him. The moment he brings up termination of my contract with the bank is when I will truly face off against him.”

“By then, all that will matter is who wins between him and me. What happens to you won’t matter anymore.”

“If I win, then all is well. If he wins, then we’re both in trouble.”

Vita nodded bitterly when he heard Jasper and replied, “Indeed.”

Jasper sighed again and patted Vita’s shoulder before saying, “Don’t blame yourself too much, Vita. Many things are beyond our control.”

“It’s my fault… I planted the seed for today’s trouble. I had this coming,” Vita said with a sorry smile.

“Think about your wife. Even if I win against Prince this round, you’re still going to have to resolve the issue with that child. Are you planning to hide it from your family for the rest of your life? Is it fair to them?”

Vita looked down silently upon hearing Jasper’s words. At that moment, the house door opened from outside and Daphne returned from doing the groceries.

“There weren’t many groceries left at the market, so l got a few dishes to cook some food. I had the restaurant prepare a few dishes too which they’ll deliver in no time. Do you two want to come out and eat something first?”

Daphne’s voice drifted over from outside.

Jasper glanced at Vita and said, “Mrs. Layne is a great wife. Don’t hurt her.”

Jasper then responded to Daphne, who was outside the study, and opened the doors to leave.

Vita let out a deep sigh.

He was still frantic and at loss, but his chest felt significantly lighter now that he had told Jasper everything.

“Thank you, Jasper.”

At the dinner table, Vita raised a glass of white wine as he thanked Jasper, then he tilted his head back and downed the glass.

“Hey, why are you drinking it like that?”

Daphne quickly shouted, not knowing what had happened.

Jasper smiled. “Let him drink, Mrs. Layne. He and I are happy tonight.”

Jasper also grabbed his wine glass and toasted Vita, “Cheers. We’ll drink until we drop.”

“Yes! Drink until we drop!”

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