Life at The Top – Chapter 1180

It was already midnight when he left Vita’s home. Jasper did not ask Julian to fetch him, opting to hail a taxi back instead.

He knew that no matter how heartless and crazy Prince was, he knew better than to pay gangsters to cause bodily harm.

This was an unspoken rule in formal business fights.

People could fight for their own interests and benefits. However, everyone was also part of the upper-class society. It would be against this unspoken rule to physically harm someone under the table.

Jasper had people supporting him too, so Prince had to first think of the Law family’s stance on the matter before he could do anything. Not to mention that even without the Law family, Jasper was no longer the nobody he used to be.

Many people depended on him to make a living, and his properties were responsible for a lot of economic development. Besides this, a majority of his subsidiaries were also leading enterprises in their respective industries.

If anything happened to Jasper, many companies and industries would erupt into chaos.

These factors ensured Jasper’s personal safety and made sure nothing would happen to him under normal circumstances.

Jasper smiled once he returned to the hotel, as he saw Julian waiting for him at the door.

There was no way this man would relax unless he saw Jasper return safely in one piece.

Julian smiled as well when he saw Jasper.

“Did you fetch them back too?” Jasper asked.

Julian nodded and replied, “Everything went well. They’re currently staying in a room next to mine. Nothing will happen to them.”

“Good. ”

Jasper nodded. “This façade won’t last for long and Prince isn’t an idiot that would easily fall for this lie. But we won’t have to keep lying to him either. The results of our little ploy will be out in another two days, and the victor will be determined by then.”

The following day, the release of a few announcements silently triggered many hidden movements.

Abbylon Inc’s new c2c shopping platform, Treasurehunter, was officially launched.

There was nothing new about this piece of news though, as huge Internet companies in the country like Sena and Terizone had already advertised this a few days ago.

It was worth noting that with Jasper’s all-around support, Treasurehunter had attracted much attention right after it launched.

This completely new method of purchasing and selling of goods had attracted the attention of many people.

Coupled with the support of Terizone and Sena, the platform’s business volume skyrocketed moments after its announcement

This completely new shopping method made it extremely convenient for both buyers and sellers. The trading volume had exceeded 100 thousand Somer Dollars on the day of its launch.

In comparison to the future trading volume that would amount to hundreds of billions, this 100 thousand was very insignificant. Still, it was a perfect first step.

Meanwhile, another announcement was made by JW Capital about the establishment of a new subsidiary.

JW Payment Co., Ltd.

This company only had one business, and that was the JW Online Payment System.

As things stood, JW Payment’s platform only supported payment of bank cards from ICBS. The platform was launched at the same time as Treasurehunter, and it supported all payment businesses within the three companies Treasurehunter, Sena, and Terizone.

These three companies also simultaneously announced that JW Payment would be the only online payment channel they officially recognized.

Ordinary citizens would focus more on Treasurehunter, while people within the industry knew that JW Platform was Jasper’s true primary attack.

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