Life at The Top – Chapter 1181


The sound of things breaking were heard from inside the study. The interval between each smash was filled with Prince’s indignant shouts.

“Who the f*ck does Jasper think he is? The bullsh*t JW Payment has only been launched for a day and it’s completely stolen Soha Payments’ glory!”

Prince stood in a messy study with reddened eyes. His aura spoke volumes of how pissed and murderous he felt.

Also in the study were Soha’s vice president and Gerry. They both shuddered and dated not breathe too loud in fear of attracting Prince’s attention and have his anger redirected at them.

Still, Prince vented his anger at the two.

Prince slapped Gerry across the face harshly.

“Didn’t I tell you to spread negative rumors about JW Payment? How did that go? Is this how you do things?!”

Gerry forced himself to ignore the pain on his cheek and the resentment in his heart With a terrified expression, he replied, “You really can’t blame me for this, Crown Prince. You need time for rumors to spread and take effect, but Jasper moved too fast and acted before the rumors could do their part.”

Prince glared at Gerry and said icily, “Get lost! I am the crown prince and I don’t need useless trash like you!”

Gerry’s complexion was ashen but he did not dare to refute the man. Cupping his cheek, he turned and left.

However, no one saw the elation and glee in his eyes the moment he turned around.

He had decided to take Jasper’s side to begin with. Thus, seeing Prince being screwed over brought him glee!

After Gerry left, Prince directed his harsh gaze at Soha’s vice president.

Soha’s vice president shivered. Unlike Gerry, who would still have his own businesses to attend to after being told to get lost, the Vice president’s career would instantly be over.

“Crown Prince, Jasper’ s actions were just too quick and decisive. Our plan was hasty, so it’s only normal that we were caught off guard. Please give me some time, Crown Prince, I promise business-wise we won’t lose to Jasper.”

Prince narrowed his eyes. No one knew what he was thinking.

This silence of more than ten seconds was extremely torturous to Soha’s vice president.

Thank goodness Prince seemed to have vented all of his anger, as he did not make things difficult for the vice president anymore.

“I suppose your words make sense to some extent. I’ll give you one last chance.”

Soha’s vice president sighed deeply when he heard the man. Relief flooded through him.

“We can’t wait any longer. Immediately start the plan! Before Jasper completely crushes everything we’ve prepared!” Prince suddenly said.

Soha’s vice president was stunned. As someone who’s been by Prince’s side all this while, he naturally understood what plan Prince was referring to.

“But Crown Prince, Vita still hasn’t replied yet…”

Prince sneered and waved to interrupt Soha’s vice president. “He’s a smart man. He’ll know what decision to make.”

“Al.. Alright then,” Soha’s vice president sighed and replied.

“Immediately contact our people in ICBS. Have them bring it up during the agenda for tomorrow’s conference and invite Jasper. I’ll be there too!”

“Tomorrow. Tomorrow I’ll make Jasper regret and lose everything!” Prince growled wretchedly.

Time ticked by and the following day arrived with the sun shining brightly above.

Jasper walked out of the hotel room only to see Henry walk out of the elevator casually.

Henry grinned mirthfully when he saw Jasper. “It’s been a few days since we saw each other. Did you miss me?”

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