Life at The Top – Chapter 1182

Jasper was indeed surprised to see Henry.

“Didn’t you say it’d be a few more days before you got back? Why so soon?”

Jasper asked, ushering Henry into his room.

Henry’s expression immediately darkened and he said irritably, “All these women are crazy. I haven’t even started complaining about how dry and boring it is going all the way to Swallow Capital just to watch her train before she started complaining about me first.

“She just got angry at me for no reason yesterday and she’s not even willing to talk to me. I went to ask last night but she said she’s focusing on training and refusing to see anyone. Fine. I’m not going to stay there and let her take it out on me, I’ll think about it again in a few days.”

Jasper replied playfully, “You haven’t even gotten together yet and you’re already fighting. What happens when you do get together then?”

As if finding his soulmate, Henry nodded vigorously. “I know right? You think so too, huh. F*cking Hell, you just can’t be too good to women. I can have any woman in the world I want, it’s a blessing for her that I chose her out of all of them. And yet, here she is with this temper. As if I’d stay and let her take it out on me!”

Jasper was unsurprised by Henry’s thoughts.

Henry was a son from one of the richest families, the man was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He had always been surrounded by women who tried to gain his attention, so the man had never had the need to coax someone else.

Jasper patted Henry on the shoulder and said solemnly, “Jill’s different from those girls. Those girls are just bedwarmers and outlets for your sexual frustrations. Let’s be honest, have you dated anyone seriously?”

Women need to be coaxed.

“Take it slow.”

Henry was evidently annoyed and he did not want to bring up this topic again.

“Do you have anything fun? I’m very pissed and I need a stupid f*cker to bully.”

Jasper was about to say something when his phone rang.

Seeing that it was from Vita, Jasper accepted the call.

After a moment, Jasper hung up the phone and smiled a t Henry. “You’re just in time. The stupid f*cker you’re looking for just sent himself over on a silver platter.”

At a small meeting room in ICBS’ Waterhoof City branch.

Every senior executive was present; They sat up straight and solemnly.

Excluding employees of ICBS, Prince and Soha’s vice president were also present.

The atmosphere in the quaint meeting room was dense and heavy.

No one said a word.

Prince looked up to glance at Vita not too far away. The former sneered; the sinister look in his eyes was blatant. Vita quickly averted his gaze when it met Prince’s. He seemed rather guilty.

Prince turned his body slightly to ask Soha’s vice president, “How’s the monitoring operation of that woman and the child? Is everything normal?”

Soha’s vice president quickly whispered a reply, “Nothing special’s happened. They’ve been obediently staying at home and didn’t go anywhere.”

Prince nodded in reassurance and his smile brightened further.

At that moment, the meeting room doors were pushed open.

Jasper strolled into the room with Henry in tow.

Jasper had just walked inside when Prince immediately mocked him impatiently, “You really dared to come, huh? And here I thought you’d hide away like a coward.”

Jasper replied calmly, “Why do I have to hide?”

As he asked this, Jasper and Henry also took their seats. Henry sat on the chair and looked at Prince.

He did not recognize the man, but years of experience stepping over morons told Henry that Prince was the prime target to vent the frustrations he had accumulated from Jill.

Henry was blatantly looking Prince up and down. Rather than looking at another person, it was as if Henry was looking at a prop-a sandbag to vent on.

Prince was extremely displeased with his behavior.

He narrowed his eyes on Henry and sneered. “This is the ICBS’ meeting room, Jasper. We’re holding a very important meeting here. You can’t just bring intellectually stunted people into the room.”

Henry’s smile instantly turned cold and he stared at Prince icily before he replied, “This alone is enough to make me beat the sh*t out of you, you f*cking idiot.”

Prince might be just as arrogant, or even more so, than anyone he had met before.

Therefore, Henry’s statement had his expression immediately darkening.

“Haha. Wow. Very well, then.”

Prince raised his voice. “It’s been ages since anyone dared to speak to the crown prince like you did.”

“This crown prince?”

Henry was stunned. Then, he pointed at Prince and turned to ask Jasper, “Is there something wrong with his head? Who even calls themselves this crown prince in this time and age? He’s not right in the head, is he?”

Prince stood up to point at Henry as flames of fury filled his chest. “I dare you to f*cking repeat yourself.”

“I said something’s wrong with your brain, Your Highness.” Henry laughed out loud gleefully and casually crossed his legs.

He was not done mocking Prince. Hooking his finger at the man, he continued, “Why? Are you angry? Come on and hit me, then. Crown prince your foot, f*cking idiot. You give me goosebumps of disgust.”

“Everyone here should be careful. Who knows if idiocy can be transmitted? This man might even be crazy for all we know.”


“I’m going to kill you! I’ll kill you!”

Prince was utterly enraged.

The truth remained that in order to deal with an arrogant trust-fund child like Prince, the best solution was always to look for an even more arrogant and powerful trust-fund child.

Henry was the best way of dealing with all this indignance.

Seeing how the situation was about to get out of hand, the branch president mustered up the bravery to say, “Please calm down, gentlemen. We came here today for a meeting, so perhaps we should start on that. If possible, please do resolve your personal conflicts afterward and in private.”

The president was exasperated too. He could not afford to offend either Jasper or Prince.

If possible, he truly wanted to just turn away and leave. He did not want to be involved in this at all.

The president’s words were not completely useless.

Prince glared at Henry icily, causing the latter to snort.

Prince suppressed the fury that threatened to surface again and slammed the table to say, “Fine, let’s start the meeting! There’s no need for any nonsense, just straight-up start voting. I request for termination of all partnerships with Jasper! That is the purpose of today’s meeting!”

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