Life at The Top – Chapter 1183

The president of the branch frowned slightly when he heard Prince.

They were in ICBS and he was the president here. He was the host of this meeting.

No matter how powerful Prince was and how influential his family was, he should still show common respect for the president of this branch instead of making the situation awkward for him.

Despite being furious, the president thought about Prince’s character and ended up Sighing instead.

“Mr. Laine, I’m sure Vice President Vita already told you that today’s meeting was suggested by the other two vice presidents. They’ve requested that we temporarily end our cooperation with you before the online payment policy is issued by the higher-ups.”

“I am well aware.”

Jasper looked meaningfully at the two other vice presidents who dared not meet his gaze and said calmly.

As a first-grade branch, the ICBS Waterhoof City branch operated with one president and three vice-presidents.

Unsurprisingly, Prince had long won over the two other vice presidents. Otherwise, they would never dare to make a suggestion that would offend Jasper.

The president of the branch knew about the shady business underneath, and he also knew that this was Prince’s way of attacking Jasper. He sighed and continued, “Our job isn’t easy either, Mr. Laine, and I hope you can understand where we’re coming from.”

“Of course. You have protocols to follow, after all. It’s only normal that you decide to hold a meeting when two vice presidents have suggested the same thing at the same time,” Jasper said with a crescent-eyed smile.

Before this he had to deal with Prince’s arrogance and domineering attitude, now he was faced with Jasper’s understanding and generosity.

Comparing the two, the president’s favor toward Jasper increased exponentially.

‘See, this is how successful people should act. It makes sense that he’s achieved so much despite being so young. Unlike some trust-fund children who only know how to be arrogant.’

Despite what he sincerely thought, the president did not dare show any of it on his expression.

“Haha. I don’t know whether to call you brave or stupid, Jasper. You know that you’re going to lose, but you’ve still come here to let yourself be humiliated.”

Prince glared at Jasper and laughed out loud.

“I’d hide at home and never come out if I were you. At least use your brain and think. The fact that I can sit here today means I’m one hundred percent certain that I’d get your partnership terminated. When that happens, your bullsh*t JW Payment will be nothing more than a huge joke!”

“JW Payment that had only been officially launched for a day immediately loses its partnership with ICBS the next. How are you going to keep your head held up after this, Jasper? Hahahaha!”

“You’re so certain that you’ll win?” Jasper asked.

Prince glanced at Vita’s expressionless face meaningfully and laughed out loud. “You’re still too young, Jasper. So what if you were lucky and you made a bit of money? The most complex thing in society is still the human psyche. Who do you think you are to play mind games?

“Don’t understand what I mean? That’s alright, I’m sure you’ll understand soon enough. I can’t wait to see the interesting look on your face then.”

“You’ll find out very soon that I’ve already got you right in the palm of my hand without your knowledge. You think you can escape my control? You must be naive to think so!”

Prince then turned to the president and said indifferently, “What are you waiting for? Get to it already!”

This chiding tone instantly caused the president’s anger to spike to its limits. He pushed his distaste down and said solemnly, “If that’s the case, then let’s not waste any time. Let’s get to voting then.”

“Please raise your hand if you agree to terminate the partnership with JW Payment.”

After the president spoke, the two vice presidents bribed by Prince raised their hands.

However, despite having their hands in the air, the two did not dare to look at Jasper at all. Instead, their eyes were trained on the table in front of them as if it was some sort of treasure.

According to the branch’s rules, more than half the votes were necessary if the bank wanted to terminate a contract that was operating normally and did not cause any losses.

Each vice president was one vote, while the president held two.

According to Prince’s plan, he just needed to bribe the three vice presidents, and the president’s stance could be disregarded.

After all, the president was much more difficult to bribe than his vice presidents.

Most importantly, Prince also knew that the Waterhoof City branch was unlike the other branches. The president of the Waterhoof City branch was also of a higher status than the presidents of other provincial branches. It would not be easy to bribe such a person.

Thus, he never planned to corrupt the president in the first place.

However, this was also why his eyes were blown wide when he only saw two raised hands.

Prince glared at Vita an extreme unease grew in his chest.

“Vice President Vita, it’s time for you to raise your hand!”

Prince clenched his jaw and spat out.

Each word he spoke was laced heavily with venom. Sitting silently all this while, Vita’s eyelid twitched, and he finally thought it through.

He had planned to side with Jasper, meaning he had already offended Prince no matter what the outcome of this meeting was. There was nothing to fear now.

After understanding this, Vita replied icily, “Why do I have to raise my hand when I don’t agree to the termination?”

Prince slammed his hand on the table and shot to his feet. He glared at Vita and roared, “Do you really want to die, Vita Layne?!”

“Prince Chavez!”

Vita’s head shot up to look at the man icily.

His anger that had accumulated over the past few days instantly exploded and he shouted as if letting go of all his inhibitions, “This is the ICBS meeting room! It’s already against the rules to let you attend this meeting. Are you actually trying to interfere with ICBS’ internal voting decision too?!”

Prince did not expect Vita to go against him. Both angry and frustrated, he was just about to start scolding people when he heard Henry say ambiguously, “Exactly. You really think you’re the crown prince? “F*cking idiot.”

“Vita Layne, was it? Good job. I like the words you just said. Scold him, yes. If this f*cking dumb*ss dares to stamp his foot and throw a tantrum here then I’ll break his f*cking foot.”

Prince did not even pay Henry’s words any attention now. He glared at Vita and grit his teeth, “Have you no fear that I’ll completely destroy you for life with what I have on hand, Vita?”

Vita was expressionless as he replied coldly, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

At that moment, Prince would truly be a moron if he still had not realized that Jasper had played him like a fool.

He turned his head abruptly and stared at Jasper. Prince shouted, “You’re the one who ruined my plans, Jasper! You knew all along, didn’t you?”

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