Life at The Top – Chapter 1186

“It’s always better to be more careful. Prince is a little different from the other people we met. He could very well do something rash,” Jasper said seriously.

Henry waved him off in a half-hearted acknowledgment. He did not take the man seriously.

Jasper could only leave the situation alone when he saw the man’s reaction. All he could do was ask Julian to keep a closer eye on Henry when they returned.

This well-prepared ICBS conference that Prince had been confident about had ended in Jasper’s overwhelming victory.

This was something no one had expected.

His victory in this meeting meant that JW Payment would not have to face any follow- up trouble for a short period of time.

Therefore, what Jasper, JW Capital, and its subsidiaries needed to do was try their best to occupy the entire market.

Before the document for the online payment policy had been issued and the market fully opened to the public, Jasper had to take the advantage of his majority control over the market.

He had to do so whilst simultaneously getting rid of Soha Payments.

This was easier said than done.

After all, both Netsy, Senator, and Perfect World were capable companies. Especially Netsy, which was one of the country’s top four web portals. They had chosen to partner with Soha Payments, meaning they would not be gotten rid of so quickly.

Jasper was not in a rush when it came to this either.

Food had to be eaten mouthful by mouthful, and the market could only be obtained step by step.

The official launch of Treasurehunter, coupled with the continued hype over United Legends, meant that people would soon become familiar with JW Payment. It would be almost impossible for other companies to steal customers away from JW Payment.

Jasper spent the following two days in close contact with Wayne to check on Treasurehunter’s situation whilst waiting for Prince to strike back.

However, the strange thing was that up until the third day when Swallow City released the access policy regarding online payment and everything was beginning to take place, Prince still had not made his move.

It was as if the man had disappeared.

Jasper felt slightly lost.

Jasper had not expected Henry to be the reason behind Prince’s lack of revenge.

In a secluded private tea house in Waterhoof City. Prince sat in the grandest private room and touched the earring on his ear. His expression was extremely sinister.

Sitting opposite him with a small smile was no other than the man who had remained hidden for a long while Conrad Monty!

“Crown Prince, anger and fury are useless in many situations.”

Conrad got up and bent over to pour Prince a cup of tea a she said this.

Prince glanced at the steaming amber-colored tea before he looked at Conrad darkly. Then, he sneered, “Don’t think that just because you’re Fabian’s dog it means you have the right to teach me anything. You’re nothing without Fabian.”

Conrad was not angry by what he heard. Instead, he replied with a crescent-eyed smile, “You’re right. I’m nothing without Mr. Atticus. Being Conrad Monty alone doesn’t make me important enough for the prince to know my name, let alone teach him a lesson.”

Prince touched his earring and replied, “So you’re not stupid.”

Conrad gave a small smile. There were no signs of displeasure or fury on his face as he leaned in to ask, “Then, Your Highness. What is your decision on Mr. Atticus’ suggestion to work together?”

“Work together? Sure! As long as Fabian gets rid of that f*cker Henry, Jasper is nothing at all!” Prince clamored arrogantly.

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