Life at The Top – Chapter 1188

Depite how displeased Henry was with the arrangement, he ended up giving in to Jasper.

Excluding the two men in the Law family and Anna, the only person in the entire world Henry would bend to was Jasper.

Jasper left as well after he sent Henry away.

Jasper had been extremely busy the past few days so now that he was slightly free, he decided to go somewhere.

With JW Capital’s business model growing larger, Jasper was also badly lacking talents.

The only difference from before was that JW now had a comprehensive enough human resources reserves, so Jasper did not need to seek people out anymore. However, Jasper still decided to look for this man himself.

This man’s identity was too unique.

It was Baz Willis, Jasper’s superior in his past life. Sharing the same first and last name as a historical general, this Baz Willis was an absolute master in the financial circle.

Baz, this ex-superior of Jasper’s, was someone with quite the legendary history.

The man had been living on the streets from the time he was twelve, and he had endured many hardships before he returned to Somerland at the age of twenty. After working in the kitchens and manning street stalls, the man finally entered the financial industry.

Quoting what the man told Jasper in his past life, all thirty-five years’ worth of talent had fully taken flight when he finally encountered the financial industry.

It had only taken the man a few years since he began his entrepreneurship journey for him to achieve a net worth of hundreds of millions.

Jasper knew in his past life that his superior could have achieved much more if not for the huge change in his family.

Jasper had been the man’s subordinate for more than a decade in his past life, so he knew very well that JW Capital needed a hands on talent like Baz.

Naturally, Mr. Laine would like to clarify that he was not purposefully employing his ex- superior to work for himself out of some distasteful fun.

Though, he had to admit, it was an interesting concept.

According to Jasper’s memory of idle chats with Baz in his past life, the man should be working in a relative’s shop in Legends District.

26th Golden State Street.

Alighting the taxi, Jasper looked up to see a video product store. Jasper’s expression changed instantly.

He did not remember Baz saying anything about a relative that sold CDs.

Eighties children were no strangers to CD and cassette tape rental shops. In fact, this used to be an extremely lucrative business more than a decade ago.

However, with the passage of time, it was only a matter of time before these shops would be eliminated.

However, since he was here anyway, he felt that he might as well go in to look around.

Jasper pushed through the door and looked up, only to see three to five men getting physical and being noisy in the shop.

Surrounded by them whilst being scolded and pushed around was Jasper’s superior in his past life, Baz. Albeit more than a decade younger.

Jasper felt moved by the huge change in the man’s features.

“Tell your uncle he’ll regret owing our Easy Media’s money, little brat You better pay up tomorrow, or hehe, I’ll wreck your shop!”

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