Life at The Top – Chapter 1189

Jasper arched a brow when he heard the chubby man speak.

‘Easy Media?’

‘Isn’t that my company?’

As the largest entertainment company in the mainlands, Jasper had no idea that his company’s business scope had spread to involve partnerships with a small CD rental shop.

At that moment, Bax replied furiously, “There’s no way I’d give you the money!”

“We want official cassette tapes, but instead you’re giving us pirated ones. Most of the tapes can’t even be played. Forget the tapes being completely returned by In y customers, I even lost a few long-time customers because of this. I lost money and reputation, so be grateful that I didn’t seek you out for compensation!”

The few men were infuriated when they heard Baz.

The burly man who spoke just now suddenly pushed Baz, causing the latter to stagger backward. If not for the wall-mounted shelf that was filled with CD and cassette tapes, the man would have fallen straight to the ground.

“What the f*ck did you just say?”

“We’re from Easy Media! Why would we sell pirated cassette tapes, huh? Keep spouting nonsense and I’ll kill you!”

Baz flushed in anger and roared, “You still have the shame to say that? Everyone in Legends that works in this industry knows that you took our order and secretly bought pirated cassette tapes to placate us, Ulric. We know you’re abusing your power as Easy Media’s small agent in charge of the Legends District. I’d rather not do business at all than pay you any money!”

Baz revealed the group’s mental scars.

Ulric, the leader of the group, glared fiercely. In utter fury, the man scolded, “F*ck you, brat! Shut up!” Then, he raised his hand to slap Bax across the face.

The hand was raised, but it never came down.

Ulric struggled and turned to glare at Jasper. He shouted, “This has nothing to do with you, young man! Get lost or I’ll beat you up too!”

“How can someone like you really be Easy Media’s employee?”

Jasper ignored Ulric’s threats and asked.

As far as he was concerned, this matter was more important than anything else.

Ulric sneered and pulled out an employee badge. Shoving it in Jasper’s face, he said, “Open your eyes and take a good look, brat. I’m Easy Media’s Legends District agent. I distribute all supplies of Easy Media’s videotapes and cassette tapes in Legends, understand?”

Just then, one of Ulric’s lackeys even boasted pridefully, “Not only that, but Mr. Sandoval’s cousin is also Easy Media’s Waterhoof City branch’s vice president. Civilians like you will never have the chance to meet someone so formidable.”

Jasper narrowed his eyes and scoffed when he heard the man.

With the maturing of the MP4 and MP5 technology, the market had slowly begun to eliminate cassette tapes.

However, that did not mean an industry that had more than a decade’s worth of history would change overnight.

Still, anyone with common sense would be able to tell that electronics like MP4 and MP5 would be the future.

Easy Media’s current focus was on electronic music. Following the market trend of online advertising, management over physical shops that sold cassette tapes started to become messy.

Because this was an industry that would be completely eliminated in a few years time, there was no way anyone would put much effort and time into managing it well.

This was why a small group of people found the opportunity to exploit it.

Ulric was one of these people.

Thanks to his contacts in the company’s middle-ranks, Ulric had gotten himself a position as an agent.

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